Monday, May 15, 2017

Am I Still Blogging?

Again, I've been absent from my blog.  My lame excuse is that I'm just too busy around here. That's a sad excuse, isn't folks? I hate it when someone gives me that excuse "I'm just too busy."  But here I am doing that very same thing.

So here you go folks. It is springtime and I'm outside a lot, doing yard work. We're having a wonderful spring here (cool temperatures with sun and rain evenly distributed) and I'm enjoying working here at Casa Tipton-Kelly.

When I'm not outside on our one acre sylvan oasis, I'm following the latest outrages of Donald Trump.  I have to say I'm not surprised at the way the Trump Presidency is turning out to be an unmitigated disaster but what really surprises me is the silence of the Congressional Republicans. They are looking the other way and letting the raging orange monster in the White House get away with his temper tantrums.  I have to say this is a "show" that I am enjoying.  It's just a matter of time folks before the guys in the white jackets take the Child in the White House out in a straight jacket.  That folks I am SOOOO looking forward too.

So here is what is on my agenda.  This time next Monday I will be under anesthesia for my shock wave therapy to remove my kidney stones.  My Travel Buddy Pat will be coming down early from his home in Toronto next Sunday to drive me to Dover for this procedure.  Bill normally drives me to these medical procedures but he lost his license last summer because of his cataracts.  He has one eye done but his other eye isn't scheduled until June 22nd.  Thus I roped Pat into hauling my carcass up to Dover for this medical procedure.

Another good example of my hectic schedule is that I just got a call from one of my co-workers to come into work two hours early today.  There goes my schedule again.  Sometimes I feel like a substitute front desk agent instead of a part-time front desk agent. But I am off next Monday and one of my co-workers is filling in for me so I guess I should be flexible.  Check that previous statement:  I SHOULD BE FLEXIBLE.

Pat will be visiting for ten days. Five days here and five in Philadelphia at my friend Don McK.'s co-op in center city.  So looking forward to visiting Don and Philly again and checking out new venues with Pat.  Pat and I get together four times a year.  My next get together with Pat will be after Labor Day at his new home in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Well, I'm rambling now but I did want to let you all know where I've been.  I'm still here folks and will keep blogging.


Raybeard said...

Must confess that I WAS starting to get a bit anxious, Ron. It even crossed my mind to send you an e-mail just to check that Bill was okay, thinking this could be the reason. Much relief that you're fine and pottering about - and as keen as ever to witness the surely inevitable ignominious exit of D.T. Bring it on, Fate!

pat888 said...

Ron - I always look forward to my trips to the USA! And while we make fun of the idea that our hi-lites in Milton Delaware are visiting Walmart, BJ's and maybe Peppers for something to do - Delaware has our favourite restaurants to take in with your friends and neighbours - as well as taking in the boardwalk ocean side. Altho I must admit - when I see the incoming waves it doesn't appear different than the mass of water we have up here with Lake Ontario. But your boardwalk and surrounding area of Rohoboth has much much more going on.
I don't know if any of your blog readers are from Philly - but if you are there - make sure you check out the tomato soup at Fuel. Have never had anything like it before. Hip City Veg has scrumptious Philly Steak sandwiches which are unbelievable and totally plant based.I know we'll find some new places on this next trip as well. And with so much of the entertainment industry, historically and now, based in Philadelphia I hope we can, perhaps, catch a concert or event.

Ron said...

I am touched by your concern. Thank you for thinking of me. Nice to know somebody cares (smile). The latest about DT is that he shared classified secrets with the Russian ambassador and foreign minister while they were visiting the Oval Office. This is unbelievable. Maybe this is what finally gets the congressional Republicans to start putting our country first instead of their party. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of the Trump Experiment.

Ron said...

And don't forget Pat, our Olde Time Photo! Plus there are some new restaurants to check out in Rehoboth and environs. Now just to get my operation out of the way.

Raybeard said...

False alarm about this Russia/secrets business, Ron. I've just heard that it's all "Fake News". Drat! ;-)

Geo. said...

Glad to see your blog on my reader. Glad also to see your clip of birdbath maintenance. You move faster than I do! All my best wishes and thanks for a positive and uplifting post.

Elle Clancy said...

Glad to hear you and Bill are doing well! Good thoughts on your upcoming surgery.

I echo your thoughts on Trump...this latest nightmare w/giving out classified information is just the topper. And you know it's true; the exact type of thing he would do (evidently he was bragging about something and told his "guests" in order to impress them). The silence of the Republicans, however, is almost as awful. Such double standards. I keep my fingers crossed that not only will Trump get booted but Ryan and McConnell will also. Or at least something...

End of my rant!

Ron said...

Always good to see your comments on my blog. I don't move as fast as I used to though. My longtime friend Mar, who is the same age as I am did tell me yesterday, after viewing my video, that I was "unsteady on my feet." That I am. I have to be very careful that I don't fall.

Ron said...

Good to hear from you! Rant all you want to about Trump and the spineless, opportunistic Republicans and their hypocrisy. If Hillary Clinton was president and did one percent of what Trump is doing now, those same Republicans would be on fire.

Ur-spo said...

Oh I don't worry when you disappear; i figure you are busy. Blogging is a hobby not a job.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Exactly right. A hobby that I love though! I'm glad you understand.

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