Sunday, April 16, 2017

Male Restroom Etiquette


I've posted this before but it bears posting again, in case anyone missed my original posting. 

Happy Easter everyone!


Geo. said...

Ron, proper restroom etiquette is SO important and I am convinced there is no exaggeration in this film's projection of what may happen its absence. Hilarious and appreciated. Thanks!

Practical Parsimony said...

That was just beyond funny! Did you know that women do talk in the restroom without dire consequences?

Jon said...

This is not only funny, it's so true! I've never seen it before - so thanks for sharing it and providing me with some much-needed laughs.

(I probably shouldn't mention that I've had some incredibly good times in public restrooms.....)

Larry Meredith said...


Pretty funny. Has this come from some recent breaching of the etiquette?


Ron said...

This was a humorous presentation but all so true. There is absolutely restroom etiquette.

Ron said...

This presentation is funny but very true. I hate public restrooms. I must have been spooked when I was a young child in a restroom which is probably the source of my fear. Never had any activity in a public restroom.

Ron said...

Oh Lar, many "breaches of etiquette" in my past history with public restrooms. Perhaps that why I dislike them so much.