Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Hotel Front Desk Agent

Me at my desk as a sales associate at the Hampton Inn, Lionville, PA 2000

Yesterday I marked my tenth anniversary as a hotel front desk agent at the hotel where I work part-time in Lewes, Delaware.

Wow, time flies when you're (I'm) having fun.

I began my hotel career as the first job I had when I was discharged from the Army in January of 1963.

My first job was as a night auditor at the Pittsburgh Hilton Hotel in Pittsburgh (of course) Pennsylvania.  I was paid $250 a month, payable on the 15th and the 30th.  I could hardly survive on that pay, which was less than my Army pay of $389.00 a month which was payable once a month. And in the Army I had my housing, food and medical care provided free of charge. 

I only had that job for three months before I quit and moved back to my family home in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.  There I got a job for $80 a week as an accounts payable clerk at a local scrap yard.

I had that job for two years then I got a job at Girard Bank in Philadelphia which I kept for the next twenty-two years.  

Then came the bank mergers.  I left Girard Bank and worked at Fidelity Bank for the next seven years. I left that job because I was tired of working in the city and homophobia on the job.  

I got another job in my hometown of Downingtown for the next four years. However, I ran into homophobia again and was fired from my job when a new boss (the homophobe) took over.  That's when I returned to my hotel roots.  

I applied for a part-time job at the Hampton Inn in Lionville as a night auditor.  That job turned into a full time job as a front desk agent and sales associate.  I had that job for four years also until we sold our house and moved to Delaware.

Me with one of my co-workers at the Hampton Inn, Lionvville, PA - Angelo Vasquez - 2000

After we got settled in Delaware I applied at all the hotels in the area and was very fortunate to get a job at a boutique hotel in historic Lewes, Delaware. And that folks is where I have been working for the last ten years as of yesterday.  

The Hampton Inn, Lionville, PA - where I worked for four years - 2000

A few weeks ago one of my co-workers asked me how long I was going to work at the hotel.  My answer was "As long as I can walk into the hotel and I know what I'm doing."

I enjoy hotel work.  I like to meet people and I enjoy the challenge. 

Me with "Barbara and Bonnie" from NYC - two very difficult customers of the Hampton Inn but who LOVED me! - 2000

I also like working part-time.  I could never work full-time again. I do have do recognize my age limitations after all.  

Some of my co-workers at the Hampton Inn, Lionville, PA 2000

So yesterday, as I was checking in guests last night and taking phone calls for reservations I remembered that I've been at this hotel for the past ten years.  Where DOES the time go?  This means I've been working at hotels for the last nineteen years.  Wow.  

One thing about working at hotels, you'll never get rich.  I make $12.00 an hour.  I started at $9.00 an hour.  Not much increase for nineteen years of hotel front desk agent employment but I make enough to pay for my trips to California and Canada.  

Life is good folks.

Me with my co-worker "Robert" at where I work now - 2015


Practical Parsimony said...

It's good to have a job you love and have good working conditions. I am solidly and devotedly heterosexual, but from the time I knew what "gay" meant (15), I could not figure out why anyone cared who slept with whom. I live in a small town and was shunned by a local doctor at a church and told not to come back since they don't want to "support [your] lifestyle." I had been bringing a young woman who is autistic to different events, so they just knew I was gay. At the same time, if I meet a friend at a church dinner or other event in town, everyone assumes I am sleeping with this married man! If a guy is single, people ask who my new boyfriend is and do we live together. I am not dating or sleeping with anyone! I cannot win!

Larry Meredith said...


Time do fly! I can't believe it is almost 16 years since I left Wilmington Trust. 5 more years and I will be out of there as long as I was working there. By the way, I have a friend named Angel Vazquez. Similar name, unfortunately he has liver cancer.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on reaching that milestone, Ron! It is a shame the hotel didn't at least present you with some certificate they found online and printed out, but you know you put in those years of service. Might not hurt to bring that decade up at your next employee evaluation, though. By the by, how is Bill's eye? ~~ NB

Ron said...

I've never had an employee evaluation at the hotel where I work. Ten years and no evaluation. Just as well. I don't like employee evaluations anyway. Thanks for the reminder about Bill's eye. That's my next post.

Ron said...

Practical Parsimony,
So many people in small towns and "church people" are way too concerned with other people's sex lives. That's why I don't live in Middle America. I prefer the coasts where the homophobia isn't so rampant. Even so, homophobia and concern with other people's private lives is still concerns for nosy busybodies.

Ron said...

We are having fun aren't we? What a trip we've had.