Friday, April 14, 2017

United Airlines - Fairness, Respect and Dignity For Your Customers?

Normally I'm not a fan of lawyers but this lawyer for Dr. David Dao, the paying airline passenger who was forcibly and violently removed from his seat on a United Airlines plane, has it exactly right. For too long we have let some airlines and some other businesses who have a monopoly (hear that Comcast?) to treat us with less than fairness, respect and dignity.   

Recently when I made an appointment with my urologist I was treated rudely and dismissively by a person in his office.  I called because I was in distress from passing a kidney stone, one of many I have passed in the past few years.  This person barked at me, didn't listen to what I was saying and dismissed me.  I was so angry that I called her back and gave her an earful.  I told her not to talk to me like I was a child and to talk to me like an adult.  I told her she was doing me no favors and to "drop the attitude."  I don't like to be this way, confrontational, but sometimes you just have to stand up for yourself or else people will walk all over you or drag you out of a plane, breaking your face in the process.

What especially galled me about the United Airlines incident was the United CEO's Oscar Munoz's

Oscar Munoz, the clueless CEO of United Airlines. Proof positive that the fish rots from the top.

initial response.  He didn't apologize to the customer that they wrongly and violently removed from plan but for "re-accomodating the passenger." 


And this jerk just receive a COMMUNICATIONS award the previous year?  What planet does he live on?  Talk about tone deaf. 

It took him three times to issue statement until he finally apologized to Dr. Dao.  And even then the apology didn't sound sincere. The apology sounded like it was crafted by a committee.  I guess Oscar didn't want to apologize to Dr. Dao because he was afraid of acknowledging wrong and being sued.  Well, I have news for his dumb ass, he and his company will be sued big time. Then he's on a morning TV talk show and he's asked if Dr. Dao "was at fault in any way" and this clueless, arrogant bastard , wait for it, 


Man oh man, what a total jerk. And he is the Communicator of the Year?

Hopefully this is a wake up call to the airline industry that has been riding roughshod over its customers since 9/11 gave them unbridled power under the umbrella of "airline security."  

There is literally no way in this world that an airline has the right to forcibly remove a paying customer from their airline. NO WAY.

This past week I kept my appointment at my urologist's office after my blowup on the phone. I wasn't looking forward to the appointment and another confrontation but I wasn't going to take any more "attitude" from the staff.  I don't care if they are the only game (urologist) in town.  That is no way to treat their customers/patients the way that office person talked (barked) to me on the phone.  

All was quiet when I went into the office. Could hear a pin drop.  I didn't bring up the phone call and no one else did either.  We went through the normal procedure (filling out multiple forms - again) and then the doctor saw me. Again, no mention made of the "incident."  However, he did schedule me for a cystoscopy.  

Hmm, maybe this is the payback. The cystoscopy is scheduled for June. I'm not sure if I'm going to take it. He thinks my kidney stone is in my bladder. I think it is too because I don't remember passing it. I haven't made my decision yet but I do want to get rid of this kidney stone if it is in my bladder. 

Yes, it is very invasive. What's worse? Being dragged off a plane and having your face smashed or having a rigid instrument shoved up your penis?


Harry Hamid said...

After many, many years of working at a legal aid-type organization, I have "cracked" a couple times in the past year or so when confronted by clients who are just awful, disgusting people.

In both cases, it became obvious quite quickly that the client had realized that how they were treatingme was wrong. They needed to get called on it. People continue their bad behavior until they care called on it, and most of us are too polite to do so.

Yeah, that procedure seems,um, a bit invasive, but at a certain point, you start to weigh your options differently.

Jon said...

Ron, I have learned - much too late in life - that it's a SERIOUS mistake to let people walk all over you. My biggest flaw is that I've always been too nice - - and consequently I have often been used as a doormat. If you're passive, quiet, and non-confrontational, people will eagerly pulverize you.

In Texas - prior to my move to Tennessee - I was FAR too passive with the realtors and the movers, and - to put it bluntly - they screwed the shit out of me. I'm still regretting my passivity.

My motto: Goodness will get you nowhere.
Did I just turn this comment into a rant?
Anyway, have a Happy Easter!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, that last picture has me clinching my nether regions, and I'm female! I'm thinking the face smashing thing is worse because you pay for the other, heh.


Ron said...

I realize that sometimes these people don't realize how they're coming off in their interactions. Maybe it's because they just got to hardened to their job. Every now and they anyone, including me (in my job as a hotel front desk clerk), needs an attitude readjustment.

Ron said...

I'm clutching my nether regions every time I think about that procedure. I've already been catheterized (for tree weeks) and believe me, it's no picnic, especially when that catheter comes out.

Ron said...

My natural nature is be passive. Pat is the same way. But sometimes I get pushed too far and I bite back. I know all too well that if you're passive, quiet and non-confrontational, some people (more than you think), will consider you weak and take advantage of you. I've had that happened too many times in my lifetime, the last time being when I sold my house in Pennsylvania and lost over $150,000 just because I was being a "nice guy" by accommodating the buyer, when I should have just kept anonymous. I truly believe that no good deed goes unpunished. Well, sometimes good deeds are appreciated. That's what keeps my hope alive. You're a nice guy and I have met other nice people through my blog who are genuine, unselfish and caring people. But it does seem that the majority of people are out to get you. Perhaps that sounds too cynical. But I have gained this attitude from a lifetime (75 years) of interaction with people.
Happy Easter to you too Jon and your feline friends and the possums!

Ron said...

I do have microscope blood in my urine so I guess it is best to check the source.

Raybeard said...

It did no good at all for this Munoz chappie to rub salt in the (very real) wounds of Mr Dao by claiming that HE had been disruptive! It's always damned annoying when someone knows that their position is so weak that they have to invent a bald lie to justify their subsequent action. Thank heavens for those recording the truth.

Btw: I had to stop reading when it came to details of......(sorry, I feel faint!) said...

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