Thursday, April 06, 2017

Bill's Cataract Surgery - Post Op

This morning we had an early appointment at the Delaware Eye Institute. This was a post op with Bill's doctor.

We arrived too early. The building wasn't open yet. We weren't the only ones arriving early. 

Bill slept in a chair last night with that cover on his right eye. That so we wouldn't rub his eye while he was sleeping.

He woke up this morning and looked out of his new eye for the first time. He was somewhat disappointed.  He said "There's a cloud I'm looking through. It looks foggy."

I wasn't too concerned because Bill just had his surgery yesterday but Bill was upset.

We didn't have to wait too long outside the building until the doors opened. I will say that for all the people waiting, the Delaware Eye Institute is very efficient in processing all us folks.

Waiting for the doors to open this morning

We poured in with the waiting throng of folks that were waiting for their appointments.  We were directed towards the new wing where the post op patients were to go in the waiting room.

We didn't have to wait too long until someone came by and called Bill's name. She asked us to follow her to one of the exam rooms. I went along since I am Bill's care giver.

She did the exam and then asked us to go into another waiting room until Bill's doctor was ready to see him.

That waiting room was crowded but there were two seats still open. It was crowded because it looked like a grandma brought her adult daughter with her and the daughter brought her two pre-teen antsy daughters with her.  God I can't stand antsy kids but hey, they're kids. Actually, they weren't too bad.  At least they weren't screaming.  But man oh man, up and down, up and down. One of them was coughing so Bill went into another room so as not to catch her cold. That's one thing kids are good for, spreading germs. We got through this winter without any major colds and we don't need one now.

After not too long another woman called Bill's name.  We followed her to another room and waited for Bill's doctor.

He came in and examined Bill.  I mentioned that Bill said he was looking through a "fog." The doctor said that Bill's eye was swollen from the operation and that once the swelling goes down, he will have clear vision.

The doctor completed his examination and gave us a schedule to apply a series of drops to his eyes for the next week when Bill has another post op appointment.  Bill is getting a little frustrated but I think once he's through this procedure he will be very happy. Especially when he gets his driver's license back again.  But we do have to go through again when he gets his other eye done.  

Things are going well folks. Knock on wood!

Ron the Caregiver waiting outside the Delaware Eye Institute this morning


  1. So glad everything is going well. Really love DE Eye Institute. They're just so good!

    1. mags,
      Everything is going fine, thank goodness.

  2. That's an impressive-looking Eye Institute. Glad to know that things are going well for Bill. I'll keep my fingers crossed (and my toes).

    1. Jon,
      We're lucky we live so close to the Eye Institute. It is impressive. They just expanded it.


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