Monday, April 10, 2017

A Week of Doctors' Appointments

This year's tulips! Happy Spring!

You know one sure sign that you're old? Your week revolves around doctors' appointments.

This week we have three:

Tomorrow I see my urologist.  

I haven't seen him since my prostate seed implant back in 2013 and my two surgeries (plus a catheterization) for my kidney stones. This appointment is a followup for my kidney stone passing a few weeks ago.  When I was in the emergency room the doctor told me I had more kidney stones waiting to fall. Great! Just what I need, that hanging over my head. 

I'm not looking forward to this appointment for several reasons. One being I had a blowout with one of his assistants while arranging my appointment. She was being very authoritative and dismissive of me and treating me like a child.  I blasted her back. Told her to talk to me like an adult. I don't like these confrontations but sometimes you just have to stand up for yourself or else people will walk all over you.  At this time of my life I just don't put up with that crap. 

And another thing, no invasive procedures like that cystoscope.  A small camera that is on the end of a pen sized instrument that they insert up your penis to have a look inside your bladder. About eight years ago a doctor at the VA insisted that I have that procedure and I turned him down, which he didn't like. He called another doctor in to pressure me but I still turned then down.  He said "You could have bladder cancer" because there was blood in my urine. I told him that the blood in my urine was right before I passed my kidney stone.  He didn't want to hear it. I thought this procedure was unnecessary.  Ever since my brother had the tissue of his penis damaged by a careless catheterization I am very careful about getting this very invasive procedure. The only reason I had it the last time was to keep additional kidney stones from falling down until I had my surgery to blast them to pieces. Then, after I turned down this procedure I heard a report that 41 veterans were infected with the HIV virus contacted from dirty instruments doing a cystoscope. See what I mean?  My first major surgery back in 1959 (hernia) the hospital almost killed me when I contacted a staph infection.

So I have that appointment with my urologist tomorrow afternoon.

Thursday I have a followup appointment with my VA primary care doctor to go over the results of my labs that I took last week.  I'm always nervous about my labs, checking my PSA score to make sure my prostate cancer hasn't return. Three years since I had my radio active seed impacts. My PSA score has been .1 which is good! If it goes up I'm not having any more procedures but hopefully it doesn't go up and I have a few more years to wreck havoc. 

Also on Thursday we visit Bill's eye doctor for a followup of his cataract surgery.  We're putting drops in Bill's eyes everyday to speed up the healing process.  So far Bill says he doesn't see any change in his vision.  Hopefully, when the healing is done he will see an improvement. 

In the meantime, today is a glorious spring day.  Enjoy!


pat888 said...

Ron - you've had way more than your share of ailments and doctor appointments over the last few years. Hope these all go smoothly. Sounds like that assistant was one of those "how can I not help you" individuals, which sad to say, is often found in too many occupations these days. Looking forward to hearing your's and Bill's checkups turned out great.

Ron said...

Yes, I've had more than my share of medical challenges the past few years. I'm finding that I have a lower tolerance for rudeness as I navigate my medical adventures.

Ur-spo said...

all docs is quacks.

Pudge450 said...

I applaud you for handling the lady at the doctor's office. You were so right to do so.

I also have reached that place in life I don't accept the crap. I usually have a bit of a different problem. I live in the Deep South. Apparently it is the general concensus that older people (67 yrs - me) with white hair are no longer mentally acute and must be spoken to like a five-year old. People young enough to be my grandchild (usually a young woman) refer to me as "honey, sweetie, baby, darlin', etc.). Recently at a local restaurant, the server had called me "baby" no less than five times by the time we were seated. I politely asked her to refrain from calling me that, as I find it very offensive. She was shocked that I thought it was rude.

When people are rude, I just ask, "is there a reason you are speaking to me like that?" They never have an answer.

Ron said...

Well,some are that's for sure.

Ron said...

"is there a reason you are speaking to me like that?" Good advice and I will say it the next time I have someone talk to me like that. Thanks!