Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Price is Right Redux Part 2 2017

Time to pick up on where I left off on my last blog posting of our experience attending "The Price is Right" TV show tapings. 

Last year when we attended our first TPIR taping we were seated to the far right of the audience, near where George Gray, the announcer is stationed.

This time we got better seats, right in the middle of the audience.  Now we could actually see the games being played.  Much better! Plus, we were right in camera range.  

I didn't count how many TV cameras there are but there is one on a big metal swing arm that sweeps out over the audience every time a new contestant to called to "Come on down!" and the games are being played. Tune in TPIR  May 2nd and May 3rd and you'll see me and Pat in the audience, wildly cheering like the old fools we are.  We're the two old guys with baseball hats on.  I think we were the only audience members with hats.  I have to tell you folks, it IS fun knowing you're going to be on television. That's the ham in me coming out folks! Who knew? 

One of the most enjoyable things about attending the tapings of TPIR is watching and enjoying the interaction of the host Drew Carey with the audience during the commercial breaks. We in the audience are literally getting a free comedy performance. Drew is funny. As is George Gray the announcer. I have to hand it to the producers of TPIR, they do everything possible to make the whole Price is Right experience enjoyable for everyone in the audience.  And it's all free!

This year at the end of the taping, George asked the audience if anyone wanted to stay for the second taping.  Seems they were short of the three hundred audience members they needed for the second taping in the afternoon.  Pat wasn't as enthusiastic as I was to stay but, being the nice guy he is, we acquiesced and went along with my plea to stay.  

We were told that we didn't have to go through all that security procedure that we went through in the morning. That was a relief. But we did have a lot of time to kill. Another three hours to be sure.  I hadn't eaten anything in the morning and it looked like I would' the eating anything this afternoon. TPIR has a concession stand but it is VERY expensive (which of course it would be, just like airport concessions, they have a captive audience).  Pat took advantage of the pricey concession stand but I abstained. 

We were assured by TPIR staff that even though we were holdovers from the first taping, we could still be called to "Come on down!" And indeed that proved to be true because the lady behind us in line was called.  Pat and I were next to last in line and this lady (and her husband) were last. I was teasing her that she "was last."  Well, she had the last laugh because she was called to "Come on down!" and she won a car! I was very happy for her.  Look at the May 3rd show, she the little woman with the frizzy hair going crazy when she won that car.  Of course I would rather that be me or Pat up there on stage jumping around but we both have a lot less hair than she had. Maybe that's why they didn't call either one of us.

All in all another good experience at "The Price is Right" folks. We'll be back next year. But in the meantime look for us on both the May 2nd and May 3rd taping.

Have a great day!

P. S.
The video at the beginning of this blog has nothing to do with TPIR. We're not allowed to take photos are videos at TPIR taping so I substituted one of my other videos of our second day's stay in West Hollywood. We had fabulous weather!  So lucky!


Jon said...

I enjoyed reading this account and I'm glad you stayed to see the second show. I would have done the same thing. Heck, it doesn't happen often. I won't be able to watch the show in May because I no longer have a TV. I hope you can extract some photos of the show to post on your blog.

Ron said...

You can bet I will extract some still shots of me and Pat acting crazy in the audience. Lots of fun!