Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Still Suffering

Have I passed my kidney stone? I really can't tell. My stomach is still sore but that may be because of my infected bladder.

I just got back from my local VA Outpatient 
Clinic. I called them yesterday with an emergency request for more pain killers. The  Emergency Room over the weekend only gave me twelve painkillers (a generic Percot pill). I was in a panic because I used the last pill from the Emergency Room yesterday. Thank goodness the VA came through for me. 

Folks, the worst thing about passing a kidney stone is the pain. And each time is different. 

I began feeling something was going on early last week but I willfully ignored the signs of kidney stones and bladder infection.

I could no longer ignore this extremely painful process which is why I ended up in the Emergency Room.

So here is the update on my situation. I called my urologist's office to make an appointment. They told me since I was "passing a kidney stone" then couldn't see me until NEXT MONTH!  I was stunned. I called back just to make sure and I was told I have to pass that kidney stone first. Why don't I just die while I'm at it?

Passing a kidney stone, I've seen this movie before.For most of the weekend I've been in bed all day, sleeping.  Then Sunday night I woke up and felt NO PAIN.  I actually felt normal, which is a wonderful feeling when you've been banging your head against the wall for so long. 

The pain in my left side has moved down. I haven't seen any kidney stone in my pee but it could be a small as a grain of salt.  Something that small cause so much pain?  Oh sure. I can't seen too much in my urine anyway with the the blood.  The most blood I've ever had during one of these episodes. One thing though, I'm not in excruciating pain, which is often the case with a kidney stone passing.  I was Saturday night, big time. The kind of pain where you say "Lord take me, I'm ready to go!"

So you know what the other problem is don't you? Not to gross out my more sensitive readers, but I haven't taken a good poop since last Friday morning. I usually go twice or more a day! TMI?  That's the downside of painkillers, they do back you up.  And folks, I'm pretty well backed up. Of course I haven't eaten that much either. I'm on a Kidney Stone Diet. HA!

Folks, I'm so anxious to get back to normal. Thank goodness my co-worker Don W. filled in for me last night at the hotel. Believe me folks, you wouldn't want to encounter me in the state I'm in, if you were checking into the hotel last night.  

Oh, I forgot to mention. How lucky are we here to have missed this Major Winter Snowstorm?  I drove the thirteen miles (one way) to Georgetown this morning in the high winds and rain to pick up my prescription. Well worth it folks!


  1. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Oh Ron, here's more hugs (((Ron))). I've never had kidney stones. I passed a ten pound baby forty years ago, but this sounds a whole lot more painful! As for lack of poopitis, I discovered, accidently, that loading up on sugar free candy unplugs my pipes beautifully. I will never over consume sugar free gummies on another longish road trip! Feel better soon.


  2. Still thinking of you, Ron (along with thoughts on Sassybear). What downers you're both going through! After this is over I reckon you need a holiday in LA - snow permitting. ;-)

  3. It's frustrating not knowing if you've passed the stone, but since your pain is less it's a possibility. I sure hope so! I'm glad you got more painkillers, but hopefully you won't be needing as many. A month is a long time to wait to see the urologist, but at least you aren't hospitalized.

    Only someone who has had kidney stones can fully sympathize with how painful they are. When I had them it was the most pain I ever experienced in my life. The stone somehow ripped my kidney and did some damage to it. Even after the pain went away, my right kidney was sore for years - and I'm not exaggerating.
    Anyway, take it easy - - and rest! I hope you won't be working for awhile.

  4. Ron...

    Hang In There...

    I worked in urology for 6 years as a technician...

    First of all the smaller the stone the more painful because they TRAVEL....Stones are usually ragged and can cause temporary damage to your ureters...When they stop moving the pain subsides...

    What we told many a patient is to go home and drink a case of beer....Once we figured where the stone (s) are located...Really....

    Also, please pee in a coffee filter...Thus you can catch it and send it in to have it annualized....Kidney stones are usually made up of calcium oxalate or calcium phosphate...I could go into detail but it is important to have the stone/fragments analyzed since one can modify their diet to reduce they chances of having recurring stones in the future...

    Did you know that more folks get kidney stones in the summer than winter? Has to do with hydration and what we eat. I always had it in my head that winter was the high stone season than summer due to we tend to drink more in the summer than winter. It's been years since I worked in urology.

    Hang in there.

    I could tell horror stories but I don't want to scare you and those stones will never pass.

    This I do know, many women tell me they would rather go through child birth again than pass a stone. Now don't get me started on men. I would tell you this, for the most part I would rather take care of women then men.

    Hang in there...

    Take your stool softener...

    I will save the stories of the big stones that get stuck, sometimes the small ones, and what we have to do to get them moving along...

  5. Anonymous7:36 AM

    I have had some episodes of stone passing or moving in the last two years. Although not so severe as yours; they seem to be small stones. Just one emergency visit and not treatment except a few pain killer pills. I never saw any stone or macrosocopic blood. But I know well about those nights with horrible pain and nausea. Doctors here order CT scans instead of MRI and I do not like it at all (I have had two of them already, too much radiation). The good part is that this pain goes out for months or years as fast as it comes and you forget about it quickly. Recover soon. Juan.

  6. Ron,

    Sorry about your latest episode, but glad the pain has gone. As to lucky to miss the big storm, ha! That storm was my pain and nightmare.



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