Thursday, March 09, 2017

Memories of California Holiday 2017 Part 3

Pat at our Airbnb accommodation on Croft Avenue in West Hollywood, California

Once we finally got settled in our Airbnb accommodations on Croft Avenue in West Hollywood, we had a very restful night.

Our bedroom in West Hollywood - very basic

At first we were both a little put off by having "company" in our Airbnb accommodations.  We're used to entering a space unoccupied when we're on a holiday.  We weren't expecting to see another couple already settled in.  However, we eventually acclimated ourselves to our "roommates", a delightful couple from Germany.  We were so tired that we relinquished the common space to our German co-guests and retired to our bedroom.  

Common space at our Airbnb in West Hollywood - nice big TV but poor sound. We suggested a sound bar for our next stay.

We also had a TV in our bedroom so all was well. One thing we didn't like though was the heavy down comforter.  All those dead ducks who had to give up their feathers. Neither Pat or I could sleep under that travesty.  I pulled the comforter off and stuffed it into the top shelf of the closet. After watching a bit of "Shark Tank" on the TV, Pat and I drifted off to dreamland. A LONG day.

Pat resting on the couch in the common area before our German roommates arrived 

The next morning, we both took showers (separately) in the very nice bathroom.  Our only issue with the bathroom was the shower head.  Their were mineral deposits on the shower head which caused the water to go every which where.  And the water pressure was way to hard.  Taking a shower was a painful experience for my sensitive old dry skin.  I suggested to the owner to replace the shower head with one that wasn't quite so brutal.  We're staying here again next year  and I have no desire to go through that needle sharp shower experience again. If she hasn't replaced the shower head next year we'll just buy one for ourselves.  

Our bathroom at Croft Street

After showering we decided to go to a local legendary restaurant called "Norm's" for breakfast.

Me in front of Norm's restaurant. Which is cooler? Me or that sign? 

 Pat likes the Fifties vibe of this place and I like the food.  Check it out folks, I had an omelette to last me for the week!

My omelette at Norm's, which I had already taken a bite (or two) out off. Pat got a vegan sandwich. Check out those home fries! Fresh squeezed orange juice too! What one would expect in sunny California after all.

Norm's was just the place to get in the mood for our two week stay in West Hollywood. The ambiance, the waitress, the patrons, the food, the smell, the noise, the architecture.


I'm trying to remember what we did next during our first day in West Hollywood. Pat and I don't go on these holidays with any fixed schedule.  We play it loosey goosey, whatever we feel like doing that day.  Always seems to work our.  One thing we did have on our schedule was attending our second "The Price is Right" taping the next day.  More about that in my next blog posting. But for now we had to go to the local drugstore to get some of those liquid necessities that I couldn't get through TSA on our six our flight from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. 

My intention was to keep a daily journal of our doings during our holiday but we were so busy being in the moment that I never got around to it.  However, I was able to take many photos and short videos to memorialize our annual jaunt to La La Land. Seeing these photos and videos should jog my tired old head into what we did those days.  One thing I know for sure, we thoroughly enjoy every moment we're in California, wherever we are. Just how fortunate am I to be able to do this every year and to do it with such a good friend like Pat.  Pat, my chauffeur and all around good guy. Not many people can put up with me for any period of time on a trip like this, not even Bill.  That's why he (Bill) doesn't go. Pat can put up with me.  At least for about a week.  Then he needs a break. I accommodate. 

On our way back to our Airbnb accommodations we stopped by the local drugstore. Pat found a shopping cart on the street outside the drugstore and wheeled it in.  

I had expected the prices to be pretty high but they weren't.  Everything seems to be reasonably priced.  At least where we were.  later in the week we stopped by Nordstrom's. I'll relate that experience in a future blog. SOME people in Beverly Hills have TOO much money judging from some of the prices for apparel we saw at Nordstrom's. 

Our first day in California was beginning.  


Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed that, given Pat's interest in art, you all don't go to one of the many art museums available there. Major, if not world, class ones that are all within driving distance for you. Perhaps something to consider next time? In any case, it appears that you all always have fun, so I guess don't mess with a good thing. Looking forward to more Cali memories. ~~ NB

Raybeard said...

What on earth is that beside your omelette? It's not cooked cat, is it?

pat888 said...

Ron - so many good places to eat handily to where we were staying. Moderate prices and good variety. Perhaps sometimes a little too much quantity. And the accommodation was very very good. Not too much interaction with other guests mainly because everyone is out enjoying themselves during the day and grabbing some sleep at nite. But a great place to relax and recharge. And free parking too!

Jon said...

Your accommodations look MUCH nicer in this post than in the first one with the unmade bed. As for the shower - I think your hosts should keep in mind that PEOPLE will be using the showers - - not elephants.

I have actually been to Norms but can't remember when (at this point, I have trouble remembering my own name...). The omelette looks fantastic - - and I'm craving that big glass of California OJ.

BTW, the sky is so blue - - did you get any rain?

Ron said...

That orange juice was fresh squeezed, for real! I know other places say "fresh squeezed" but they aren't really. But I guess one would expect fresh squeezed in California.
That shower pressure was hard! Like needles on my dry skin. Painful. If she doesn't replace that shower head we will.
That omelette was great! that omelette satisfied my appetite for the whole day.
Rain did happen while we were in California. But we were lucky because when we were in Palm Springs it rained in West Hollywood and when we returned to West Hollywood it rained in Palm Springs. Both places were fresh for us when we arrived. Good timing!

Ron said...

Yes! Good advice. I had meant to go to the Getty Museum but we just didn't have time. I also wanted to do the studio tour. Next time!

Bea said...

I didn't realise that AirBnB offered co-share accomodations. One has to really like bunking with strangers, I guess. I hope you all were able to get along as best could be.

Norm's looks like a pretty fab diner. That plate of food you had looked enormous!

Serious 'BOO' on the shower head. That, indeed, should be replaced.