Thursday, March 02, 2017

Memories of California Holiday 2017 Part 1

Pat and I on the Hertz shuttle bus to LAX airport early Sunday morning - very happy after another wonderful  California holiday

Where do I start? So many wonderful memories of our California winter holiday vacation. 

Me and Pat on plane to Los Angeles Saturday February 11, 2017 - the beginning of our wonderful annual adventure in California

Rather than post several long posts I'm going to post many short posts of my memories of our fantastic California holiday.  But first I want to thank my good friend and travel sidekick, that sweet and wonderful guy from Toronto Canada, Pat F. for making this long time dream of mine possible. 

For many years, I have wanted to visit California, especially Hollywood. However, Bill (my hubby) has never had a desire to visit Hollywood or go anyplace except his boyhood home in Toccoa Georgia. For many years, I used to visit Provincetown, Massachusetts. Three times I went with a friend and each time as soon as we got there they found a boyfriend and took off leaving me alone.  Once Bill went with me but he hated Provincetown so much that he refused to come out of his Best Western hotel room. Thus, most of my visits to Provincetown I went by myself.  Then, after my last visit to Provincetown I decided not to make any more trips by myself.  Taking these trips with a friend is definitely a lot better than going solo. Then came along Pat F. four years ago. 

This is the third year we have visited California. And folks, I'm telling you each visit gets better. 

And something else folks, as good as these trips are (and they are) reliving memories of our trip by videos and photos in this blog is great!  And folks, I have a LOT (over 500) photos and videos!  But I promise you I won't post all of them but just enough to give you the flavor and the enjoyment we had on this, our annual winter holiday in the golden state of California. 


Pat on our first day in West Hollywood neighborhood during our first day in California


pat888 said...

Ron - Hollywood is so entertaining. For instance planting that neon lit diver on a boulevard in no place in particular. Even tho we never saw the lights on. And just around the corner there's "Norm's" diner - 1949 - a bldg trapped in the past and so attractive (and so busy) today.
Each time I get to know the streets better. Our accommodations were great - the weather was pleasant. Shame we didn't meet up with Nadege but great to have had lunch with Tony who picked out a cool restaurant for the event. I think we already have dates booked for next year already!

Melissa said...

What a great thing to find someone who likes to do what you do. Cant wait to hear all about it.

Jon said...

Ron, I'm way behind in reading blogs and almost missed this post. I'm glad I found it - and I'll look forward to hearing about your adventures.
I like the neon diver photo - and for some reason it looks strangely familiar...

Ron said...

One of the major joys of my twilight years is our annual jaunt to California and West Hollywood and now Palm Springs. Without you this wonderful adventure would not be possible. Thank you!

Ron said...

Tell me about it! All these years and I finally found someone, whom I like, who likes to do what I like to do. I never imagined that at this time of my life I would be having this grand time with a grand fella.

Ron said...

I'm way behind on my blog posting and reading. I think I'm slipping. But I'm still getting the full joy out of life.