Friday, November 04, 2016

The F.B.I. Fails and Other Observations of the Presidential Election

James Comey, F.B.I. Director - more concerned with his own image than the country

One week ago today James Comey, the F.B.I. Director notified the Republican lead House subcommittee that the F.B.I. had discovered more e-mails that may be related to the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation.  

Thus, James Comey inserted himself into the presidential election.  Did he do it on purpose?  Of course he did because he put his reputation above the protocol of the F.B.I. not commenting on ongoing investigations, especially this close to the presidential election.  The proof?  Why didn't he mention the continuing investigation of Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort's ties to Russia?  

Now information has come out that disgruntled F.B.I. agents are leaking information supplied by Trump supporters to the F.B.I. about the Clinton Foundation. 

These actions by the F.B.I. is just the latest pillar of trust to crumble.  There was a time we could assume that the F.B.I. didn't take sides.  That the F.B.I. was above politics.  

Yesterday a tape was played Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani cackling during a CNN interview that was taken three days before the Comey letter that "something big was gong to happen."  Obviously Giuliani was fed information by rogue New York based F.B.I. agents about their bogus investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

You know what's ironic folks?  That Hillary Clinton is being accused of being a criminal and should be "shot" (according to New Hampshire State Trump chairman Al Baldasaro) or at minimum "lock her up!" that is often chanted at the Trump rock concert tour by his irredeemable deplorable masses. 

I'll ask the obvious question, what has Hillary Clinton ever done to these people?  Nothing, that's what.  

What has Donald Trump and his supporters done? They have created hate and divisiveness on an unprecedented scale.  Trump has offended just about every minority group in the electorate except Stepford Wives perfect model wives and mistresses. Donald Trump has not paid taxes for years, using other people's losses as his own loss to avoid paying taxes.  No taxes to support this country.  No taxes to support our military.  Donald Trump kept all his money to buy gold plated chairs for his Versailles type aerie at the top of Trump Tower in New York City. 

Trump and his toady Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence who has sold his soul for a desperate grab at power - so much  for evangelicals and heir holier than thou preachings - Pence supports the Pussy Grabber

Only a few days now folks until this mess is over with. I'm going to take a good, long shower.


  1. Accurate summation, Ron. Comey has at least compromised procedure, protocol and ethics. Also, observe body-language in interview photo --3rd picture down: Trump has left hand at crotch-level in a cupping posture while his right hand points impolitely at the interviewer; Pence is protecting his own genitals. Classic stuff. Definitely some intimidation going on.

  2. Trump has done so much damage to your country that it probably won't be forgotten by the world in our lifetime, so so very sad!


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