Thursday, November 03, 2016

Good News, Bad News

The good news is that the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.  Congratulations Chicago! 

This is the first World Series win for the cubs since 1908.  I know how the Cubs fans feel.  I was living in Philadelphia when the Philadelphia Phillies won their FIRST World Series in 1980.  What a feeling.  Enjoy that once in a lifetime high Chicago Cubs fans.

The bad news is that the polls are tightening in the U. S. presidential race.  I still can't comprehend why so many otherwise reasonable Americans would even consider Donald Trump for president.  The man has proven himself time and time again to be massively unqualified to hold the most powerful job in the world.  Do they actually think Trump will bring back manufacturing jobs to the U.S.?  Really?  

Don't they realize that Trump is an opportunist who grabbed onto the justifiable frustration of so many Americans who are tired of "business as usual" with politics?  I'm one of those Americans.  At first I liked Donald Trump and his "break all the china" approach to the Establishment and System.  But once I discovered that he is a con man only taking advantage of gullible, frustrated Americans to feed his own ego, I realized just how dangerous he is.  

I've said this before but I just don't get the Hillary Hate Syndrome.  What has Hillary ever done to those suffering from that syndrome?  Of course after thirty years or more of a constant drumbeat by the Republicans against the Clintons, of course they (the Clintons) would be viewed as untrustworthy.  Are they any more untrustworthy than say Paul Ryan, the Republican Speaker of the House who defined Trump as the "classic racist" but yet still will vote for Trump?  Or Senator Marco Rubio of Florida who said Trump is a con man and should be nowhere the nuclear button.  Yet he will still vote for Trump because Hillary is worse?  Profiles in courage, those Republicans.  

Folks, I'm just going to try and get through the next few days without listening to the news or get into discussions of the merits of Trump as president versus Hillary.  

I'm going to vote next Tuesday then prepare for my annual birthday trip to Philly.  Hopefully I will have a reason to celebrate. 


  1. Ron,
    Those who vote for and support trump are looking for the change that donald trump ( I don't have enough respect for the man to capitalize his name) is promising. The country will change but I don't think the supporters understand that the change they are looking for is what they will actually get. donald trump is a snake oil salesman with his own agenda and I don't think anyone really knows exactly what that is. I can only guess that it is not good for me and not good for America. It is not trump's way. I can only say God help us. If he wins we lose.

    1. Jack,
      Trump and his henchmen are deplorable. There, I'm not intimidated in saying the "D" word. Hillary had it right, at least half of Trump's supporters are deplorable.


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