Sunday, November 20, 2016

Getting Back Up To Speed

Taken just a few moments ago.  The remnants of my fall last week.  All the scabs are almost gone!

Just a short post to let my regular followers know I'm almost healed form my fall last week.  My last big scab (the one over my nose where my new glasses dug in when I fell) came off yesterday while I was sleeping.  I discovered it when I was washing my sheets. Ugh.

Now to get back up to speed.  I'm so far behind in my blog readings.  I'm also behind in my blog postings.

This past week was taken up by trying to get Bill's medication prior to his cataract surgery on December 5th.  We're getting his medication through the VA Choice program. It's a nice program to help vets who are more than forty miles away from the nearest VA facility (we're ninety miles away) but man oh man, the hoops you have to jump through to get anything done.  This isn't Medicare. 

If I'm up to it, I'll write about the Catch-22 situation we were in just trying to get his eye drops.  We spent a whole day at the Dover Air Force Base and all I accomplished was losing my Medicare Supplement insurance card.  Not to worry, they found it and are sending it back to me.  But that whole day was an absurdity of run arounds. I'm already starting to bore myself just writing about it so I'll spare you any more of the frustration and anger that I had to go through to get a simple prescription.

The weather around here has been fantastic, that's the good news.  The bad news is that Donald Trump is really our president for the next four years.  This whole situation seems like a nightmare to me, from which I can't wake up.  But you know folks, I can always find the good in even the worst situation.  At least I think I can.  Here's the "good" in this Trump Situation,  we won't have to hear about Hillary's dammed e-mails anymore.  And all that Hillary bashing, which you know would go on for four years if she was elected.  

The Republicans are in control now.  The ball is in their court.  Let's see what they can do.  I just hope (and I would pray if I was religious) that they don't destroy the country in their quest to completely eliminated taxes for their rich friends and in the process, eliminate the social safety net for millions of Americans. 

I keep telling myself "Ron, don't write anymore about politics" but folks, I am very concerned with where our country is going.  

I fear we are headed into dangerous waters.


  1. I'm so glad to know that you're recovering from your fall, Ron. I always thought that things would be easier as we got older, but they're definitely not. Life is one complication after another. Hang in there!

    1. Jon,
      I never thought that one of my biggest challenges when I got older was keeping from falling. I'm there now. I'm not that steady on my feet, that's for sure. My friend Lar isn't either. I just have to be more careful in the future. I hope I don't get that old man shuffle.

  2. Very dangerous waters indeed. I hope we are not sunk.

  3. Ron,
    Seems like getting up to speed is a lot slower these days.



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