Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Vote Early (and often)

My polling place early this morning - Henlopen High School - sun not quite up yet

Up early this morning folks to vote in the primary!  

I always vote.  Even when I don't know the candidates or their positions on issues, I vote.  When in doubt vote Democrat I say.

My polling location is the local high school.  Which is a drag because today is a school day.  That parking lot fills up fast.  Lots of the kids today have cars unlike when I went to school in the Fifties when only some of my very well off classmates were chauffeured to school.  And there were even the rare classmate who had their own car!  Sure wasn't me though.

Getting to the high school is a hassle because of the school buses and the individual cars either driven by the students or their helicopter parents dropping them off.  I decided to take the "back way".  HA!  You know how that worked out.  I took the wrong road so I had to circle around to the main road and come up to the school through Lewes.

I was pleasantly surprised to find not much traffic at 7:05 AM bong into the school parking lot.  I parked at one of the numbered slots.  I'm sure it was reserved for some privileged student whose parent bought him or her a car.  Well, I'm parking there anyway.  Deal with it.

I walked past the Usual Suspects that hang out at the entrance to the polls, including the Republican table.  I did a wide swing around THAT table. 

I entered the building and signed in.  Since this is a primary I had to vote my registration, which is Democrat (and which I am VERY proud).  I entered the curtains and perused the selections.  I voted for the candidates who claim they will increase Social Security benefits, protect LGBT rights, and who looked sincere in their smiles on their flyers that were sent to my home last week.  

I pushed the green button to register my vote, pulled the curtains apart and exited.  My civic duty done for another election.

I've been voting since 1964.  Back then I had to be 21 years old before I could vote.  Yes Virginia, I joined the Army at 18 years old and could die for my country at that age but I couldn't vote until I was 21 years of age.  Thank goodness someone finally got some common sense and changed that law although in today's climate, where the current version of the Republican party (not the Republican party I knew when I was a registered Republican) is all about surpassing the vote, would probably change the law back to being eligible to vote at 21 years of age.  No kidding folks, I'm serious.  That's what the Republicans would do today to keep young people from voting.  But I digressing to a rant again aren't I? 

I always feel good after I vote.  Of course the next vote is the BIG ONE.  And of course you know who I'm voting for.  It's not the Deplorable One.


  1. Good for you! We vote 11/08/16 for local. Our Mayor (who is gay) has been in office 12 years. I'm voting for another gay guy running against him. Reason ?? (you ask)? Because power corrupts! That includes city commissioners too.

    1. That's the way I vote too Jimmy. I always try to vote for the new guy. Shake the system up. Having said that, I don't know if I can vote for Trump though. He's said too many crazy things.

  2. Ron - part of what you said reminds me of a line in the song Eve of Destruction "you're old enough to kill, but not for votin'"


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