Saturday, August 06, 2016

The Trump Kids Go Hunting

Don, Jr. and Eric Trump with their Kill - a magnificent leopard - proof that they're "Big Men" (with small dicks)

So here is the question I'm going to pose today. What do you do to relax if you're the rich brat sons of a soulless bully? You know, how do you take a break from lying and demonizing a woman who is running for president? Just what do you do to relax?  Well folks, you take a trip to Canada to kill some animals.  

Don Trump, Jr. with his Dall Sheep "harvest" - "harvest" is a euphemism that hunters use when they KILL a beautiful animal like this Dall Sheep

Yep, that's where the "wonderful children" of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (as the news media so often gushed over them during the recent Republican National Convention)  are right now, taking a "break" from the rigors of the campaign, beating up on a woman who is a thousand time more qualified in experience and temperament to be president of the United States.  

Don, Jr. with a water buffalo he decided no longer need to live on the face of this earth

Yes, those "wonderful" Trump boys, the ones who, like their father are so patriotic that they deigned not to volunteer to spend one second in the armed forces of this country defending our freedom. 

Eric Trump with his "proof" that he doesn't have a small dick - he's now a "big man"

Folks, I'm not a religious person but there is one thing I do believe.  There is indeed special place in Hell for people like Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump who derive pleasure from killing these magnificent animals for "fun and sport."  That this is the way they choose relaxation:


Big Man Don Trump, Jr. with the tail of an elephant he cut off - Big Brave Man

My personal belief (and I don't care how many hunters I offend) is that someone this soulless that takes pleasure in killing these beautiful creatures has a serious lack in their character.  First, I've always been convinced that they have small penises.  Killing a large animal (or any animal, apparently even foxes and turkeys are "fair game" for Don, Jr) compensates for nature short changing them in the "manliness" department.  

Yeah, I'm "impressed" Don and Eric.  Why don't you instead do something useful and volunteer your services in the defense of this country or at least helping others rather than killing these beautiful creatures who have done no harm to you?

Just to show you the total arrogance of these spurious spawn of Donald Trump, one would think in this day and age of The Dentist Who Killed Cecil the Lion, "the boys" would know better.  One would think they could find some other form of "recreation" other than blood "sport", and the "sport" part is an oxymoron for sure because how much "sport" is there when the little dicked Trump boys have the weapons?

What's the symbolism of these "men" hugging their dead animals?  What kind of soul can smile after killing? I have an answer, they have no soul.  They are soulless.

Folks, I knew the Trump boys were hunters before this current revelation came out but I was going to give them a pass on it.  I thought maybe, just maybe Don Jr. and Eric would put on hold killing any more magnificent creatures at least until their father lost his bid to become president of the United States, but old habits are hard to give up.  Plus, when you're born into the environment they were born into.  The environment of privilege, arrogance, and bullying and taking whatever you want when you want and lying as a way of life to get what you want; you don't get it.

Don, Jr. displaying his "rack" - I wonder how much of the money he used of his father's money that was conned out of the Trump University students to pay for his hunting trip? How much money that wasn't paid in U.S. income taxes

Will the Trump boys's current hunting excursion to the wilds of Canada to killing God knows what have an effect on their supporters?  I doubt it.  While many of the Trump supporters have a legitimate reason to support Trump and his "break all the China in the shop" approach to the status quo in government, I think many of those same supporters will give a pass to The Boys.  After all, isn't Hillary the real Devil?

The "Wonderful Trump Boys" - killers of innocent animals

Folks, I can never understand the joy and happiness some get in killing animals.  I can understand hunters hunting for food.  I get that.  However, I still could not do that.  Once, when I was about ten years old I shot and killed a robin off of a telephone wire with my new bee bee gun.  I remember to this day how bad I felt when I saw that robin fall to the ground, dead.  


Eric Trump obviously doesn't feel bad posing his rifles and hat with his Kill - soulless

I thought "Why did I just do that?"  Why? because back in the Fifties that's how one was brought up.  My father was a hunter as were most of my uncles. Of course back then, The Fifties, as I was becoming awareness of my "difference."  Me liking boys instead of girls.  My bad feeling of killing that innocent robin was just proof that I was a sissified boy.  A hopeless case that could never grow up to be a "real man".  Of course as I grew up I realized that I was not a sissy.  I was and am a caring person who does not take another living being's life as "sport." 

No animal is safe from Don Trump, Jr. Here he is with his trophy wart hog

You know folks, there is a lot of things I'm not. 

I don't have musical talent.

I don't have artistic talent.

I don't have an acting ability. (actually I think I do but that's a subject for another blog).

I'm not a mathematical genius.

I have zero sports capabilities.

I wasn't born into wealth.

I didn't have that paid college education waiting for me when I graduated from high school.

My only option was to join the Army which I felt was my obligation to this country, which I gladly did.  And it was during that time, in 1962 was the last time I fired a weapon.  An M-1 rifle (World War II vintage) at a target on the Fort George G. Meade firing range to do my annual qualification to be a soldier.

Firing Range, Ft. Meade, Maryland 1962 - Jim Harris (left) and me (right)

But there is one thing I am.  I find no pleasure in killing those magnificent creatures that we are privileged to share our lives with on this planet earth.

Don Trump Jr. with a dead turkey that he killed - just another trophy photo for his family album

So while I type this blog entry this Saturday afternoon,  the Trump Boys are in Canada take a "rest" by killing more animals.  I wonder, will they have trophy photos taken so they can post them on the Internet?  

Don, Sr. and Don, Jr. - of the same cloth - destroyers


Geo. said...

Good heavens, Ron, I had no idea! Thanks for bringing these photos, these evidences of misguided upbringings to my attention. I hope they don't prefigure Mr. Trump's intended guidance of this country, but it would be prudent to avoid that risk.

Travel said...

Great pictures, I shutter at the thought of that family in the White House.

Marie said...

I hated seeing all those beautiful animals with their lives destroyed but I'm glad you disclosed them so that those who read your blog can see what the Trump kids are doing. So many people are concerned about what will happen if this family gets the power of the White House ---- God help us all.

Raybeard said...

I didn't know about these Trump 'trophy hunters' (I use the kindest term I'm aware of), but now that I do I feel utterly and morbidly sick. Jesus H. Christ, how COULD they?!!!!

Anonymous said...

You have a BIG problem with the Trump clan killing animals but you have NO problem with Hillary Clinton killing human beings (and lying about it) at Benghazi. And you have no problem with the fact that because of Hillary Clinton's irresponsible behavior about her emails, has jeapordized the lives and safety of over 330million Americans and 20 million illegals living here in America?
You're a genius.

Jon said...

I have always been COMPLETELY against hunting and I have no respect for anyone who indulges in it. Is this what the idle rich people do to pass the time??

BTW - whatever happened to that demented dentist who killed the rare tiger? Remember that? I've never heard anything further about it. He probably only got a slap on the wrist.

Jon said...

BTW - it is bitterly ironic that our highly esteemed president Teddy Roosevelt killed 512 animals on ONE safari in 1909. said...

Those pictures are so disgusting. I really have very bad feelings toward these two men. It could border on hate. it makes me so upset. I hope other people see these and put some pressure on Trump to do something. Oh wait, he's a crazy megalomanic too.
What a sad state of affairs.

Randy in NEB. said...

Hi Ron, I must admit this doesn't come as much of a surprise. Bored rich people need some sort of a hobby. I found an internet meme, that showed a camera with the caption. "If you must shoot something use this". As a kid my Dad was a hunter, but I didn't get into it much. And about the Florida dentist that shot the lion some time back. A guy stole his $61000.00 boat and crashed it. Karma will always get you back sometimes. Have a good week my friend.

Jono said...

Some day the animals may learn to shoot back. Or just Karma.

pat888 said...

Ron - I don't get it. Maybe it's judgemental me but I find it despicable! Pathetic. What a thing to be proud of. And truly - I think it's really weird.


Jimmy said...

I am an animal rights person as my history on blog spot points out . The dentist wins the prize here (I feel). But lets not forget what goes on inside the US! Wild mustangs being run of cliffs by small planes and helicopters for population control. Large scale Beagle breeding for the sole purpose of lab animals. Same with sheep (in the US). Tortured then euthanized.
I once met a young man, whose family owned a vast ranch in Uganda. The family was white and from the UK. They had a BMW factory and exported. Also, they did safari. The guy showed me photos from his last trip and there were all kinds of animals strung out on wire to be bled out. Leopard, zebra, even a giraffe was hacked up. I asked him how he could go about killing these animals. He told me that every part of the animal was used. Meat, hide and even toenails and hoofs. When you look at it like that, I can forgive.
But, back to the dentist; using easy prey lure and then flood lights (?), no way. Hang the bastard.

Ron said...

I am an animal rights person also. It breaks my heart to know what goes on with our animals that we have dominion over. I try not to think about it, especially domesticated animals like dogs and cats (and others) that are used for medical experimentation.
I would never hunt an animal but when I lived in Pennsylvania I did give an Amish man permission to hunt on our wooded seven acres of land for deer because I knew he and his family used the meat. Plus, the deer were overpopulated and causing a hazard for motorist. But these "trophy" hunters like the Cecil the Lion killing dentist and the Trump Boys, they are beneath contempt and I hope that if there is an afterlife, a special place in Hell is reserved for them and their like.

Ron said...

I never "got it" either why anyone would find pleasure in killing these magnificent animals.

Ron said...

I believe in Karma. Maybe if there is reincarnation one of these monsters would come back as a cockroach to be quashed beneath the heel of a human being, something these "boys" lack, humanity.

Ron said...

From the time I was ten years old I have had to work. I never had the need for a "hobby" like this, killing "trophy" animals. My father was a hunter too but at least he ate the deer meat. However he did kill a owl once and had it stuffed. I think that owl is still in the family home where my brother lives. I haven't heard anything about the Florida dentist. I wouldn't be surprised if he went back to trophy hunting again. They have a sick addiction to killing. I don't get it. Never have, never will.

Ron said...

The pictures are disgusting. I posted them because I wanted to spread this information about these two horrible human beings who find "sport" in killing these magnificent animals. To me people like this lack basic humanity. To find pleasure in killing animals that we have dominion over is beyond my comprehension.

Ron said...

We agree here! I was always against hunting, even though my father and my uncles were big on hunting. At least they ate the deer meat but he did kill a magnificent owl once and had it stuffed. It's still in the family home where my brother lives.
The dentist is killed Cecil the Lion is laying low these days. Probably waiting until he can go back to "trophy" hunting. With sickos like him, they never get it out of their system killing animals. And by the way, you're right, nothing happened to him for poaching Cecil the Lion. No surprise.

Ron said...

I knew Mount Rushmore Teddy Roosevelt was a big game hunter but 512 animals on one safari? That I didn't know. What goes through the minds of these killers. I loved the irony that former Supreme Court Justice Antonine Scacila died on a private estate in Texas the night before he was to go bird killing. How appropriate. A little "rest and relaxation" for the Justice, killing birds.

Ron said...

That's why I posted the photos Geo. To let everyone know what monsters the Trump Boys are.

Ron said...

That's why I posted these pictures, so people will know what kind of despicable human beings the Trump Boys are. They're monsters devoid of basic humanity.

Ron said...

That's why I posted this blog, so everyone would know what monsters the Trump Boys are.

Ron said...

I can't comprehend Trump in the White House. If he does make it there, I have no doubt he will be impeached within a year.

Anonymous said...

"Cindi" from Thrifty at Sixty is posting anonymously again. Hahahaha. Why? She takes great pleasure in telling anonymous commenters on her blog that she "has very sophisticated software to track them down and she knows who they are and will sue them".

Dylan Mitchell said...

This is very sad. I just don't understand why anyone would kill an animal for sport? Yes, it makes sense when somebody needs to fish or hunt for food. But to kill an animal just because you can? It's sickening to me.