Friday, July 08, 2016

Steam Bath

Well folks, we're here sweltering in the dog days of summer. I can barely stay outside more than ten minutes with this heat and humidity. 

A few years ago, for the first time in my life I hired a local landscaper to help with my yard work.  Man oh man was I appreciative yesterday when Miguel showed up with three of his employees and trimmed back my twenty-one, eight to ten feet tall holly trees.  Miguel and his crew were trimming the holly trees as I rolled down the road out of my development to my job at the hotel.

I remember my brother telling me a few years ago that he hired one of his fellow church members to replace the shingles on his ranch house roof in the heat and humidity of mid summer (he lives in Greenville, South Carolina).  He said "Ronnie, it was a pleasure to go to work seeing those old shingles, then coming home and seeing them all replaced and I didn't have to crawl up on that roof once in all that heat." 

Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks in a small town in southeastern Pennsylvania, summertime to me was FREEDOM.  Each day was play and adventure with my friends. We were OUT OF SCHOOL.  Sure, the days were hot and humid but it never bothered me.  We (my brothers and I) busted out of that cheap ($22 a month) apartment where our family of five lived and stayed out all day until dark.  I don't remember once being bothered by the heat.  If the temperatures really got high, Pop would take us down to the local swimming hole.  Ah, relief.

Me (center) and my brothers at the Old Swimming Hole with our dog Sam - 1954

These days? I can barely stand the minute of two I move from this house to the car then to the hotel where I work or the supermarket where I shop. Working outside in this heat and humidity?  If I do, it has to be very early in the morning or early evening.  Even then, like tonight when I mowed a bit I grass, I was soaked in sweat the fifteen minutes I spent behind the lawn mower.

High temperatures are forecast for the next ten days. Guess where I'm going to be? Right here in this house, in this chair in front of my 27 inch iMac computer catching up on my blog reading, playing online Scrabble and maybe even catching up on my e-mails.  One thing is for sure, I won't be breaking a sweat.  

Stay cool!


Travel said...

The cold in winter, the heat and humidity in the summer, makes me think about moving to Hawaii

nitewrit said...


Man, that apartment was cheap. That $22 then is the equivalent of about $220 today. Hard to find an apartment renting for that low a price a month. Yeah, use to swim in the Brandywine back in the day, too. Walked a little this morning, what I could, and it felt good out there. Very overcast and a breeze blowing. Temperatures in the mid-seventies. I did start sweating once I got home, though, so humidity must be up there.


Jon said...

It is intensely humid here in the wilds of TN - much worse than last summer. And you're right, Ron - the summer heat seldom bothered me when I was a kid, but now I can't tolerate it. I tried to do some outdoor work a few days ago and almost passed out after only 10 minutes.
Is global warming finally here or are we just getting old??

I'd like to be in that swimming hole....or in the hammock. That Hell cartoon is hilarious.
Keep Kool!

Ur-spo said...

I do not know this thing called humidity.

Tomass Hawkke said...

Hi Ron.

It wasn't long ago that I would purr in the heat, particularly if it was richly scented with pine needles. Now, I'm more likely to feel queasy. And, at the other end of the scale, I've gone from throwing myself around in the snow, to calmly closing the door and settling for a nap near the wood stove.

Your paper boy picture in your sidebar is a classic. It reminds me of William Gedney's work and evokes wonderful memories.

Your life as expressed through your blog looks interesting and I look forward to perusing your posts. Thank you for sharing.

Raybeard said...

"Stay cool!" indeed! We're still waiting for Summer to arrive, and hoping that it'll yet be before Summertime is over, so there! :-)

Ron said...

I have to admit that thought has also entered my mind.

Ron said...

People are still renting that apartment today. I wonder what the rent is today. How much did your parents pay for renting your house?

Ron said...

The extreme temperatures really bother me know. Now I know what they mean by all those warnings about old people trapped in their houses without air conditioning are in danger. I understand! I couldn't survive without air conditioning. I can barely stay outside more than fifteen minutes in this heat and humidity before I become lightheaded. Well, more lightheaded than usual.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
If I could ship some you way I surely would.

Ron said...

Welcome to my blog! We all lead very interesting lives. I'm glad I have the opportunity to share mine and that perhaps, some others will find it of interest.

Ron said...

Oh Ray, like I said to Dr. Spo, if I could ship some of this heat and humidity your way I surely would!