Monday, June 20, 2016

"Your Plants Are Lovely"

Me yesterday on our back deck with my planters of color - my arrangement folks!

"Your plants are lovely."  That was the comment one of my Facebook friends made when I posted this picture that Bill took of me yesterday on our back deck.

Both Bill and I love flowers.  We love the color. 

My last blog post I ranted about Bill turning off our irrigation system thus depriving my plants of much needed water during our current hot spell. Bill didn't realize that he was drying out our flowers, he was concerned about overwatering our lawn.  I am not.  I said "Let the mushrooms grow!"

Bill has since turned on the irrigation system and will let it run three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) as it is currently programmed.  We do have a rain meter which disables the irrigation system if the skies open and our lawn receives rain from Heaven. No worries there.

After a wet spring, we have been enjoying some really spectacular summer weather here where we live in southern coastal Delaware. In my previous life when I lived in Philadelphia, PA I would wish I lived "at the beach" so I could enjoy those ultra violet cancer causing sun rays on the beach.  How ironic that now I live near the beach, I never go there in the summer.  The main reason is that Rehoboth Beach (and Lewes Beach) is just way too congested.  And besides, my laying in the sand days are over, since I contracted with my dermatologists over thirty years to ago to visit semi-annual to check for pre cancerous skin lesions (actinic keratosis). 
Me at Herring Cove, Provincetown, Mass circa 1976 - in my pre visit the dermatologist for skin cancer days

So far no skin cancer for yours truly but those little bumps keep showing up with regularity. I've lost count how many times I've had them burned off with dry ice and even several times surgery perform to take a chunk of my flesh out for a biopsy. But I digress, I started this blog posting talking about how pretty our flowers are this year.

Flowers are my passion. All my life I wanted a home where I could grow all manner of plants, almost all flowers and herbs.  I rarely grow vegetables, there are too many local options for buying fresh vegetables.  I do have a few cherry tomato plants but that's about it. I lost my taste for growing vegetables the year I grew broccoli.  I steamed my freshly picked broccoli al dente, just the way I like it.  Prepared to savor the taste of my own freshly grown broccoli I ate my first bunch. Bitter!  What was that taste?  I looked and lo and behold I discovered that I had eaten "broccoli caterpillars" that were the same color as the broccoli.  That was my last time growing my home grown veggies (with the aforementioned exception for cherry tomatoes).  

Tomorrow is the first day of summer. I am prepared folks!

The only thing on my agenda this summer is a colonoscopy (always a "fun" time) coming up at the beginning of July.  Do I know how to celebrate the Fourth or what?

I made my call for jury duty Saturday not and the good news is that I didn't have to report.  One more call next Saturday then I'm home free.  In a way I would like to do jury duty (never have) but at my age and my Morning Bathroom Issues, I don't know if I would be the ideal candidate to sit in the jury box.  Especially since I couldn't have my iPhone with me.

I didn't know Bill took this picture but here it is anyway. A good way to end this blog post (I guess)


Larry Meredith said...

Out doing some yard work this morning (ugh!). Though I'd do the trimming first. I just put a new reel in and I started by the front beneath the windows. Went a bit, then it made an odd sound. I picked it up, turned it over and the cap that holds the reel in place was missing. Came off somewhere beneath the junipers. I couldn't find it. The string was a total disaster, all twisted and knotted and somehow caught on the edge of the tool and I couldn't loose it. I'll have to buy a new trimmer. So, I went on and mowed the front yard. Sweltering already. Whole time I'm thinking we should be due for a drought, then all this infernal grass will wither up and not grow. My wife claims I'm becoming a complaining old man. Maybe so, but I have been doing lawns since I was like 9 or 10 years old and I can do without them.


Ron said...

I've been doing yard work as long as you (10 years old). Even then I yearned for my own yard. I might be crazy.

Geo. said...

This is truly a fun post. Norma is the main gardener and photographer at our house --a position I abdicated upon retiring from 35 years as a professional gardener-- and she's better at both than I ever was. Bill likes to include a candid shot, I see. And, Ron, your flowers really are lovely.

Ron said...

Thank you Geo.!

Ur-spo said...

lovely flowers indeed.