Wednesday, June 01, 2016


Today would have been the 90th birthday of Marilyn Monroe.  

Happy birthday Marilyn!  

Me during our recent stay in Hollywood this past January on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with a Marilyn Monroe was figure outside a movie theater - Marilyn will always epitomize Hollywood and all its glamor

I remember exactly where I was when I heard of her death.  I was home on leave from the Army for the weekend.  I awoke on that warm, August, Sunday morning and heard the news on my transistor radio.

My first reaction was one of great sadness.  Profound sadness. For many reasons. 

Marilyn was a love goddess who died alone. 

I don't know anyone who didn't love Marilyn Monroe.  Everyone liked her and yet she had so much sadness in her life.  

I am forever thankful that I grew up in the Fifties when Marilyn lite up our movie screens. 

Didn't we all feel just a little bit protective of Marilyn?  Even me, gay as I was then and am now.  

My feeling for Marilyn wasn't sexual but I do know just looking at her made me feel good.

There are many beautiful women in Hollywood and the world but there were few who sparkled brighter than Marilyn.  

I've always considered Hedy Lamar the most beautiful woman in the movies but Hedy didn't have that special quality that Marilyn had.  That hard to describe quality that just made you feel good about yourself and being in the same world that Marilyn inhabited.  

On the next clear night, look up at the sky.  Look for the brightest star.  That would be Marilyn.

Happy birthday dear Marilyn.


  1. I'm envious of the times that you grew up in Ron!! My parents grew up in the same era. But they were no where near as hip as you were in the 70's!!
    I LOVE Marilyn!! She would be one of the only women to make me question my gayness!! She was an absolute gem. It is sad she went the way she did. She was the epitome of a shooting star.

    1. So true James, so true! I knew I was growing up in a special time, the Fifties. Then the Seventies when I experienced the peak years of gay freedom. I am so fortunate. And now in my later years, I have the best of all the worlds. A good friend to enjoy California, Philadelphia, and Canada with and a loving and stable relationship at home.

  2. That's a great photo of you and Marilyn. She looks so real. And, of course, you do, too.
    What has happened to the Golden Past, Ron? It's become completely tarnished - it has vanished and will never be duplicated. The "stars" of today are merely cardboard cutouts on an assembly line. There are no longer any individuals like Marilyn.

    I saw the house where Marilyn died (not an easy place to find)....and I fell asleep on her cement hand/footprints in the courtyard at Grauman's one night when I was drunk. A cop woke me up and asked "What are you doing here?"
    I said "I spent the night with Marilyn."
    He wasn't impressed.

    Ah, the Hollywood memories!

    1. Jon,
      Pat and I tried to find where Marilyn was buried (Westwood Cemetery) but ran out of time. Both Pat and I idolize Marilyn. A true STAR. Those days are long gone but I am glad I lived during that magical time.
      That was a touching story about you falling asleep on Marilyn's cement/hand/footprints. The police office may not be impressed but I am. You have to visit California again Jon.

  3. Ron, that replica of the 'birthday girl' is really lifelike and a fine resemblance to how she actually looked - at least I imagine it is. Like you, I remember where I was and what I was doing when I heard the news. I think she was the first celebrity who died that I so remember with that immediacy. I wonder if we'll ever get to know the true, murky story behind her tragic and premature departure. We still see occasional TV programmes about it (i.e. her and the Kennedys) here, and it seems to get ever more lurid.

  4. Randy in NEB12:19 AM

    Ron, I think she looks remarkable for a woman in her nineties. ;-) If the unfortunate didn't happen in the 1960s I wonder if she would have made it to 2016?

    1. Who knows, Randy. But I bet if she was still around her memoirs by now could have made an encyclopedia.

    2. Randy and Ray,
      I cannot imagine Marilyn as an old lady. She will always be remembered as a beautiful woman in her prime, which befits a legend.


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