Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Great Medical News!

Me with that umbrella over my head

Good news this morning folks!  I had my appointment with my oral surgeon doctor at 9:00 AM.  

For the past two weeks I've been living under a dark cloud.  I've been carrying an umbrella over my head, hoping to stave off yet another medical situation.  Try as I might to go about my daily routine, that dark cloud over my head (tongue cancer) followed me around over my head.  That dark cloud disappeared this morning when I received the results of the biopsy of my tongue that was taken last week.  

When I went into the doctor's office this morning, fifteen minutes ahead of time.  Checking in with the woman behind the glass window, "Ron Tipton here for my 9:00 AM appoint with Dr. T.......", I was on the lookout for any sign that they KNEW.  All smiles.  Was that good?  Bad?  Reminds me of the times I went into a medical facility for the results of my HIV test (four times).  Every time I was a nervous wreck, a bundle of nerves; sure that they KNEW.

All smiles this morning though.  All smiles. 

I sat for about ten minutes playing with my iPhone, not really focusing on anything I saw on my iPhone.  Then came the CALL.  "You can come back Mr. Tipton."  

Oh oh, was that a smile?  Yes, it was.  I saw no pity in her genuine smile.  

As I turned the corner to my box waiting room and that hobby horse thing that they have you sit on while you wait for the doctor.  

I had a few more minutes to contemplate my future without my tongue or worse, a diagnosis of terminal cancer.  At first I considered living my life without my tongue (hard to imagine).  Then living what few months I would have left unable to eat nothing but smoothies, ice cream and water ice. 

Ron's Pie Hole

How long would I continue to live my life this way?  When should I make plans to sell my house and move to California, which now has a Right to Die law.  Yes, that is my plan folks.  If and when I ever receive such a diagnosis, I will not end my days in an assisted care facility, exhausting whatever funds I have left to the bottom profit line of said chain of assisted care facilities.  Spending my finals days being administered my pain killer pills by minimum wage, mostly female workers. Just another patient on the doctor's rounds. Eventually ending up at a hospice for the Final Exit.  No way folks.  No frigging way.  Not me, not now, not ever.  But then you never know because my longtime friend Bob McC. often told me the same thing but that is exactly the way he ended his days.  Going through his $100,000 plus life savings in little over a year, being spoon feed his medications by those same minimum wage workers, and being restrained like a prisoner in his own body.  

All these thoughts were soon dispelled when my oral surgeon doctor came through those glass doors.  His assistant was still smiling.  

The doctor sat down and brought out a sheet of paper.  He said "When I read the results of a biopsy like yours I always go to the last line because that is what my patients want to hear."  He looked down at the paper, put his glasses on and read this:

"No evidence if malignancy is seen"

Do you read this the same way I read it?  Yep, 


He paused so I could take in this information. Then he said "Now for the rest"

Folks, I won't bore you with unfamiliar medical terms but basically why I had a problem was that I had a callous on my tongue.  Callouses are formed on your skin during trauma to protect the skin (something I never thought about).  The doctor agreed with what I thought initially thought, I had bitten my tongue so hard in a short period of time last month, that my tongue had developed a callous.  Plus, I'm using my Water Pik too often at too strong of a strength.  


Oh what a beautiful day!  And I will live to see the first woman president (oh yes, it will happen you Hillary Haters).  And maybe I'll live long enough to see Elizabeth Warren elected president at the end of Hillary's two consecutive terms.  

Hey, did Ron just bring politics into this blog?  He sure did!  

Yes folks, I will be here to continue to annoy.  

Life is good.

Daffodils from my garden which I will see bloom again


  1. Great news Ron!! Sooo happy for you!!

  2. I have had the same thoughts about cancer in the last few months and twice in the past. I had the same thoughts.

    Plus, I bit the inside of my jaw three times in two days. Of course, after the first time, the inner jaw was swollen. Then, there was the month-long healing which was slow, so I thought it was cancer.

    I am so happy for your happiness.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Walt! I feel so relieved. More days to appreciate the beauty of nature.

  4. That's fantastic news, Ron! Now you will be able to fully enjoy all the carefree delights of summer - and savor many more bike rides.

    But I'm afraid you'll be disappointed when you discover that Hillary won't be our first woman president. The secret will soon be revealed. She's really a man!

    1. Jon,
      I am vastly relieved. I do plan to live the Good Life a few more years, including those years that Hillary and the Dems are in control of our government (smile, BIG smile). Seriously, we can't have someone like Donald Trump president nor Paul Ryan able to implement his agenda of destroying the social safety net.
      By the way, I did fall on my bike yesterday. I'll write about it in my next blog posting. No injuries but scrapes and swelling. I have to be MUCH MORE CAREFUL!

    2. Oh, Ron - I didn't know that you had a fall on your bike. That is really scary but I'll look forward to hearing about it. And - just for the record - I CAN'T STAND Paul Ryan! Maybe there's hope for me after all....

  5. Ron,

    Exactly what you told me you thought it was at the beginning.

  6. Ron,

    HOORAY!! I am so happy for you Ron!

  7. that closeup is worthy of Scruff


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