Wednesday, June 22, 2016

First Days of Summer

Summer is officially here folks!

So what's going on in my world?  I just finished listening to a speech by Donald Trump.  This was a scripted speech he read from a teleprompter.  His "peeps" are trying to get the wildly unscripted Donald on script so he doesn't keep showing the country and world what a world class ignoramus he is.  After listening to his poorly read teleprompter speech stating lie after lie about Hillary Clinton I now feel like I have to take a shower.  Am I dreaming?  Can this racist, narcissist con man really be the presumptive Republican candidate for the president of the United States of America?  Deliver us.  I'm no big Hillary Clinton fan but wow, talk about contrast. One thing about The Donald, he is entertaining.  

I'm all over the place this morning folks.  I just came back from the Post Office.  I was going to mail a teddy bear to a friend of mine in Arizona.  The teddy bear is light, the box he was in was big.  Guess what the Post Office wanted to charge me?  $50!  Yes, FIFTY DOLLARS.  No wonder some want to privatize the Post Office.  I left the Post Office and called our local United Parcel Office.  The photo at the top of this post is from the parking lot of that office.  It is of Route 24, where I have gotten a lot of my medical needs met.  United Parcel charged me $19.  No wonder some want to privatize the Post Office.  Plus the person who waited on my at United Parcel had a smile and was very helpful.  She actually acted like she was glad for my business unlike the Post Office employee who acted very annoyed with me.  Like I was bothering her. That attitude folks is the difference between someone who has a lifetime protection of a job and one who depend on good customer service for return business. The Post Office literally doesn't care if they have your business. 

We're experiencing another hot and humid day here folks. A rolling thunderstorm rolled in these parts late yesterday afternoon. Lots of banging and cracking but thankfully, nothing electrical was knocked out. My local nursery wasn't so lucky.  Their credit card reader was zapped.  A new one will cost a $1,000! In the past we have had our whole house sound system knocked out by a thunderstorm. Global warming!

We're just hanging out here in the manse today folks, staying cool.  You do the same!


WARPed said...

My, those are some strange little vehicles driving past Delaware Eye Institute!



Anonymous said...

I always feel like I need a shower after listening to Trump.

Cheryl said...

I mailed a suit, dress shoes, shirts, shoes, and ties to my college age son and it was only $10.00 at the post office. I either got a real good deal or you were robbed. Cheryl

Jon said...

Postal rates are beyond outrageous. It would be cheaper to deliver the teddy bear yourself. What does one postage stamp cost nowadays - 50 cents?? (I can't keep track). I remember when a first class stamp was five cents. Of course, that's when Lincoln was president....

TN is expecting thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. When I lived in Texas, lightning blew out my printer! It never worked again after that and I had to buy a new one.

When the Donald becomes our next president - you're gonna be damn glad it wasn't that Bitch Witch Grandma Hillary.

Ur-spo said...

Teddy bear !

Raybeard said...

"Stay cool" you suggest? No problem, Ron. We are still waiting for our first definable 'hot' day of the year! - even though through last night we had a stream of thunderstorms passing over, just like one might expect after a genuinely hot spell. Now that the Summer solstice has been and gone some of us are wondering if this will be our first entirely 'hot-less' year for a very long time. Early days yet, I know, but the weather all over the world seems to have gone distinctly loopy.

Ron said...

You noticed! That's what happens when I take a panora shot and vehicles are moving during my three second span.

Ron said...

Same here!

Ron said...

The post office employee told me it was the "size of the box." Ridiculous! The box wasn't that big. A few years ago I mailed a huge box of clothes to my Mother who was living with my brother in South Carolina. The cost was only $16. Either the rules have changed or I just got a dumb P.O. employee yesterday blindly following "rules." Bureaucracy at it's best.

Ron said...

I'm not for government privatizing but the Post Office I would consider. Could use a LOT of improvement. Maybe when Hillary takes office, she could make improving Post Office service one of her priorities.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Oh darn, I wanted to surprise you! I figured you wouldn't read this blog post until long after you received "Robert" (pronounced "ROB-ER" (French accent).

Ron said...

Oh my, you haven't had any hot days yet? We'll see what we can do about that! Hot days on the way to the UK!

Raybeard said...

Thanks, Ron, but not TOO hot! Lower to mid-70s would be fine - or does that not come within your understanding of 'hot'? :-)

pat888 said...

Ron - so funny that Spo commented on this blog.


Ur-spo said...

so far (saturday) there is no sign of Mr. Bear. I will keep you posted.