Wednesday, June 15, 2016

DirecTV - Great Service!!

Servicemen "Gregg" of DirecTV

Time for some good news folks.  

Yesterday I had a visit from a DirecTV serviceman. My whole house system needed upgrading.

I've been dreading this visit.  I dread any visit by a serviceman (or "person", although usually I don't see women as service persons).  

One of the reasons is that I have wall to wall carpeting and I don't like people traipsing around in my house with their shoes/boots.  Who knows where those shoes/boots have been walking on.  You know what I'm talking about.  

Another reason is that Bill and I, in our advanced years (old folks here) don't like our daily routine disrupted. 

And yet another reason is that I feared a service person messing around with all my in house wiring and WIFI would disrupt my Comcast Internet connection.  And that folks was my BIG fear because if my Comcast connection got messed up, I would have to call Comcast and you know what that's like.  Comcast is notorious for awful service.  I have my Comcast Internet connection working now, after a lot of frustration several months ago when my rented Comcast modem/router failed, and I just didn't want to go through that very frustrating experience of trying to get Comcast service.  Sorry for the long run on sentence but I get riled up when talking about Comcast and their lack of service.

Well folks, I need not have worried.

"Greg", the DirecTV service man showed up exactly on time when I was informed prior to his arrival.  Contrast this when I was to receive a Comcast service call and no one came.  No call, no visit, no apology.  In fact, Comcast never did show up and I had to do the hookup over the phone (took hours) but I won't go into that now.  

Greg got out of his truck, greeted me with a smile and showed me his photo ID.  Wow.  Good start!

Then he explained what he was going to do.  Changed all four of my stations.  Upgrade the coaxial cable and upgrade the connections on my satellite dish.  

And . . . . he put on booties to cover his work boots. I thank him and apologized for the inconvenience. He said "It is inconvenient but I don't mind if that is what you prefer."  Hey folks, could you imagine one of those surly, sub-contracted Comcast service workers saying that?  I can't. 

He told me "I see where you are a 17 year customer of DirecTV and we appreciate your business."  Folks, I'm just not used to this kind of service and I have to tell you I was mighty pleased.  

When Gregg encountered the first dos he was to replace he said "You DO have some old equipment."  Tell me about it Gregg.  

Gregg was here about three hours.  Of course our routine was disrupted but  you know what folks, it was all worth it.  I now have the most current equipment and all kinds of new features. And you know how much this cost me?  


Not to keep bashing Comcast, (but I will) which does have excellent Internet connections, can you imagine what the cost would have been had they sent a service person here?  I can tell you one thing, they would never have honored my request to wear booties.  

Yesterday I experienced something very rare folks, good service!

Thank you DirecTV!


Jon said...

Ron, I'm glad that you had such a good experience with Direct TV. Polite, considerate service people are almost unheard of nowadays. And I don't blame you for wanting to maintain the cleanliness of your carpets. Strangers are always the first ones to track in the dirt and grime. Changing into "booties" is an inconvenience, but obviously Greg realized that he's working for you - and you are a valued customer.

My Internet service provider (Twin Lakes) raised their rates this month (I'm paying twice as much here in TN as I did in TX). BUT, my only other alternative is Comcast. I've heard lots of bad things about Comcast from numerous people, so I'd never risk a switch.

Jimmy said...

I don't like strangers in my house period! And I've threatened to take booties to my car mechanic (he is good, but what a slob!).

Ron said...

We don't like strangers in our house either. I had to hang over this service person the whole time he was in the house, which I'm sure made him feel uncomfortable as well as me. Hopefully, we're free for a while now from any more "intrusions."

Ron said...

I'm glad you have good service with your Internet provider. Believe me, Comcast's customer service is awful. If you doubt me, just go on the Internet and put in "How bad is Comcast customer service?" and you'll see literally thousands of stories. Unbelievable stories of their arrogance and high handed manner. This is what one gets with a monopoly, which Comcast is in many areas of the country. They're the "only game in town" and they know it. Ironically, they got their start in my hometown of Philadelphia PA which is where their headquarters are now. Comcast has the tallest building in Philadelphia and the ugliest, which doesn't surprise me at all. The other tall buildings visitors can visit the top floor to view the city skyline. Guess which one you can't? You got it, Comcast. I look forward to the day when I can get FIOS through Verizon but I doubt if that will be in my lifetime.

Anonymous said...

My parents have DirecTV, and got exactly the same kind of wonderful service you described, even right before Xmas. I was on hand in case of issues and to be able to learn and translate the new system instructions for them if needed (and be another adult in the house, as my parents are now officially in their 70's, and far too trusting in my humble opinion; of course, parents always view their children as exactly that, and mostly ignore anything I have to say on any topic). And since it was a small town, it ended up the service person was the son of a woman who grew up across the street from them. I was even in the same grade as his uncle! If you get a chance (I think they will either email, snail mail, or call you), be sure to rate "Greg" highly and heap on the praise in the comments. Their bosses see those. And feel free to tweet or Facebook about your experience, and mention your town and "Greg", and do whatever it is you do on social media so DirecTV will also be "tagged". Hope you have a great weekend! ~~~ NB

Ur-spo said...

Oh I like Mr. Greg.