Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Bike Fall

Taking a fall

Yep! I did it.  I fell off of my bike last night.  

I was warned (Dr. Spo).  Thank goodness no serious injuries were incurred by moi.  

So here is what happened.  Late yesterday afternoon I decided to take my second ride down the two and a half mile stretch down Oyster Rocks Road.  Where I encountered a problem as at the dead end of Oyster Rocks Road.  There were three vehicles down there, fishermen.

I attempted to make a left (cool) turn on the gravel (ah ha!) road.  Yep, you guessed it.  My bike wheels slid and down I went like a 170 lb. sack of potatoes.

My first thought was not to brace my fall, I didn't want to break my wrist or arm.  

I fell right into the gravel.  My bike pedal indented into my right shin. My left knee, yes the one I injured by severing my quadricep muscle last February 17th.  I didn't severe a quadricep this time but I did scrap my leg.  I was more embarrassed than hurt although I was in some pain.

One of the fishermen came over and asked "Are you alright?"  I told him I was but I was glad I had an audience.  He said "Hey buddy, we've all been there."  

I slowly arose from my gravel strewn spot on the ground, and checked to make sure I didn't break anything. I didn't but I did have a HUGE bump on my leg.  And it hurt.  That bump is down now but I do have a crease there.  Wow.  I just checked and it's gone now.  

Hey folks, lesson learned.  Bill warned me about riding on gravel. And me, hard head that I am, didn't pay attention.  You can be sure I'm paying attention now.  

I made a mistake yesterday.  But you know folks, I always try to make something good of it.  Lesson learned.  I just have to be much more careful.  

And by the way, don't tell Bill I fell.

Me ready to embarked on a bike ride yesterday.


Geo. said...

Ron, don't shoot the messenger but I read this to my wife, Norma, and she said, "Tell Ron he must wear gloves, long pants and a helmet. She is most emphatic about the HELMET. I have a bike too and take off the helmet when I'm out of sight, but she's always right of course, darn it.

Raybeard said...

OMG! Did your life flash before you? A salutary warning to take care, especially since it could have been so very much worse. You're no doubt reflecting on how vulnerable you are on that contraption, of which I'd still like to acquire one myself but it's stories like this and my own near total lack of experience that holds me back.
Anyway, relieved that you're still in one piece, even though it may not feel like it, after that unpleasant little drama.

Jon said...

Thank Gawd that you weren't seriously hurt! I've had bike-falls on gravel roads - and they can be treacherous. When you first got the bike I was going to tell you to be careful but I thought it sounded like a bad omen. Besides, I knew that you'd do your best to be careful.

Anyway, I know that a minor tumble won't dissuade you from riding. Just try to avoid gravel....

WARPed said... the bike okay??? !!!

Seriously, though, I'm glad you're okay, Ron...gravel and 2-wheeled vehicles don't mix well.

Maybe you should consider wearing a helmet?



Practical Parsimony said...

I learned to ride a bike on a gravel road when I was six. Well, the yard was first and not gravel. Then, I rode in the street. My first bike fall was on gravel, the large stuff. It hurt so that I left my bike in the street and went home. Treat gravel like ice/snow and you will not fall.

nitewrit said...


Yeah, stay out of gravel, it slips and slides under wheels. You best protection is probably wearing jeans. Must the stuff you get on bikes is scrapes and bruises to the legs. Helmets are a plain waste of money, not much protection at all on a bike. More like;y to sustain an arm injury. And the truth is sometimes we fall just walking. In fact, more people sustain injuries walking than riding bikes.


Ron said...

I'll take 2/3rd's of your wife's advice. Long pants and riding gloves. No helmet though. To me, bicycle helmets are totally unnecessary unless you're riding on highways. I rode a bike for years when I was a newspaper boy, over highways and never, and I mean NEVER had a fear of damaging my head during a fall. On this fall I did scrap my leg and hands. A HELMET, totally unnecessary. We have a lot of motorcyclists down here (Route One) and I think it is so strange to see them roaring down the highway WITHOUT helmets and yet the bicyclists in the neighborhoods have helmets. Just another faux need that a business had sold to society. Thank your wife for her advice though.

Ron said...

Thanks for your concern. No, my life didn't flash before me but I did fall down in slow motion. I knew I was falling and couldn't do much about it other than to brace my fall and regret that I had on short pants. I scrapped my leg and hands on the gravel. My arthritis makes it difficult for me to ride a bicycle at my age but I am determined to continue to ride not only for the exercise but for the feeling of freedom that riding a bike gives to me. Thanks for your concern Ray.

Ron said...

All the years I rode a bicycle in the past I don't ever remember gravel causing my bike to fall. This was a first. I learned a good lesson though, I will be much more careful. And you're right, I am not dissuaded from riding. In fact I went for a ride this afternoon through the neighborhood. Nice flat, smooth roads without traffic and no gravel.

Ron said...

Is the bike okay? Hey! I thought the same thing. Yes, the bike is okay (smile). No on the helmet though. Yes on the long pants and maybe riding gloves. I did scrape my left leg, big bruise on my right leg and shapes on my right hand. Gravel embedded. I left blood in that gravel. Won't happen again. I have learned my lesson.

Ron said...

Practical Parsimony,
This is the first time since gravel caused the bike I was riding to cause me to fall. I don't ever remember falling on gravel before. You'r'e right, that gravel hurt! One good thing that came out of my fall, I learned my lesson. You're right, treat gravel like ice. And I will! Thanks for your concern.

Ron said...

You can be sure I'll stay away from gravel. I don't ever remember falling on gravel before all the yeas I rode a bicycle. Have you ever fallen from your bike because of gravel? And you are right about a helmet being a waste of money. I'm all for safety but a bicyclist wearing a helmut is totally unnecessary. Maybe if I was a speed racer on a highway but not neighborhood riding like I plan to do. All the years we were paperboys, no helmet was necessary. You're right, what we need to be worried out is broken limbs. When I fell I tried not to brace myself too much when I fell in slow motion because I know I could easily break bones. Thus I had gravel scrapes drawing blood from my left left and right hand plus a big bump on my right shin. It hurt!
And again, this whole thing with wearing a helmut; you're right most falls are from walking or going down stairs. What? The next thing we'll be required to wear helmets all the time? We would if the helmet industry lobbyists are successful with our corrupt lawmakers. I al ways get a kick out of seeing all the motorcyclists roaring up and down Route One without helmets but you see people riding bikes on the boardwalk in Rehoboth wearing helmets! What's wrong with that picture?

Travel said...

Sorry to hear about the fall, glad to read you were not seriously hurt. It takes time to rebuild riding skills, they come back, but it takes time and practice and sometimes a fall or two. I grew up riding on gravel roads as it sounds like you did, the bike handling skills will come back with practice. I have mixed feelings about bike helmets, I have seen the impact of a traumatic brain injury from relatively low speed falls, but I love the freedom of riding without a helmet. When I bought my first super fast bike, the dealer insisted a wear a helmet and gave me my first good one. At some age, I will toss the helmets, start smoking cigars and driving fast cars.

Anonymous said...

I still have the scar from1971 when I thought I could brake going down a gravel driveway.

Ur-spo said...

I am saying nothing.....

Randy in NEB said...

Ron, I'm glad the only thing hurt is your pride. You're just getting acclimated to riding a bike again. Gloves would be a good idea. If you don't want to wear a helmet that's OK too. I wear a helmet almost all the time now. About ten years ago I took a nasty tumble off the bike, like you said a 170lbs sack of potatoes. But I broke my elbow and cut my eyebrow open when I hit the pavement. Also if riding gets too uncomfortable wear a pair of padded bike shorts. Stay safe my friend.