Friday, January 08, 2016

Power Ball 700 Million Jackpot!

Okay folks, you're hearing it here first.  Save your money, I just brought the winning Powerball ticket.  Actually, I bought two Powerball tickets, one for Pat.  Pat always buys me a Princess Margaret ticket.  Just paying back folks.

The Powerball jackpot

is estimated to be 700 million dollars. The drawing is this Saturday, one day before I leave for California.  The question is, if I win do I cancel my trip to California?  Hell no!

So what will I do with my millions when I win?  Well, you know I will give a lot of it away.  And not recklessly either.  I'll bring in all my years of experience in working in a bank trust department (trust operations).  I'll set up trusts for all my family so they never have to worry about financial concerns the rest of their lives.  And I'll also do many random Acts of Kindness.  Remember the old 50's TV show, "The Millionaire"?


Remember the name of the millionaire?  His name was John Beresfed Tipton. What's my last name?  You got it! What a wonderful way to play out the last act of my life, making people happy, anonymously.  And anonymously I will do it too folks.  So if you never hear from me again, you can assume I won the lottery.

Seriously though folks, all my life I knew something big was going to happen for me.  Coming from very low circumstances (so poor we didn't even wear shoes in the summertime, shoes were only for school) I have achieved everything I every worked for wished for.  I have a wonderful home, loving husband, wonderful friends including my Special Friend Pat, and reasonably good health for  74 year old gay man.  

But wouldn't that just be the icing on the cake though folks if I won the lottery?  Of course I probably won't win but you know folks, isn't it wonderful to dream?


nitewrit said...


Well, let's see, the odds of winning the big amount are 1 in 292 million. Some would than say, Why bother, you have two chances, slim to none." This may be true, but one thing is certain. If you don't buy a ticket, then you have this chance - none. I look at it that despite the odds eventually someone is going to win it. I might as well buy a couple ticket and dream for a while.


Ron said...

I agree with you totally! Of course my chances of getting hit by lightening TWICE are better than winning this lottery but you know what they say? "You have to play to win." And what the heck, buy a couple of tickets and dream for awhile. To me it's worth the $4 bucks.

pat888 said...

Ron - if you win I'm just afraid you will turn into Justin Bieber!


Raybeard said...

Best of luck, Ron. I'll be thinking of you. (Tee hee!)

Travel said...

Good Luck, who wouldn't toss in $2 for a chance at nearly a Billion! Just imagine the next blogger gathering

Raybeard said...

See what's happening, Ron? Fate doesn't think it's yet big enough for you so it's waiting to give you the sum that you deserve. Better start getting those plans down on paper!