Sunday, January 31, 2016

Nighttime Selfies in Hollywood

When the Pat and Ron Show goes on the road, you all know I take a lot of selfies.  Occasionally a stranger will take pity on my struggling with my iPhone to take a selfie and offer to take a picture of me and Pat but most time I take selfies.  

My friend Lar noted that Pat is always behind me in the selfies.  Uh, Lar . . . . just how am I going to get Pat in front of me when I take a selfie?  Just saying. And of course there are those to bemoan that we are a selfie society. Oh please, give me a break.  I just wish I had an iPhone camera when I was young.  Just think of the fabulous pictorial history I would have.  

Me and Pat loitering on Hollywood Boulevard

When Pat and I make our annual visit to Hollywood, California, we have no set agenda.  Other than eating most of our meals at the Veggie Grill at 8000 Sunset Blvd. and visiting modern furniture stores (Pat's passion), we go with the flow (California style) when we visit California.

Selfie in the Veggie Grill - I love the lighting (and the food) - always brings a smile to my face

The video at the top is of me an Pat at the Coffee Bean, a Starbucks style coffee stop.  By the way, Pat's given up coffee now and is currently going through withdrawal.  I've never been a coffee drinker, the one vice I have avoided (not so lucky in other vices but we won't go into that now). 

The banner photo at the top of this blog is the lobby (living room) of the bed and breakfast (The Hollywood Bed and Breakfast) where we stayed.  Oh how I love this bed and breakfast.  Pat left a gift of a small bear for our delightful hostess Nina.  We'll check next year to see if this little bear is still on the mantle. 

Pat leaves a "gift" on the piano in the living room of the bed and breakfast where we were staying - we'll check next year to see if that little bear is still there

The Hollywood Bed and Breakfast is located right on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard.  We can walk to the Veggie Grill, Rite Aid and even Hollywood and Vine (which we did last year).  However, the traffic is rather challenging.  Check out the "raceway."

Me and Pat waiting for the light to change so we can cross the street

We push a button on the light post to get the "WALK".  Power, making all that traffic stop.  I wonder if we ever slowed down a star.  By the way, we have yet to see any celebrities in person.  Two years running and no celebrity sightings.  Oh except for Drew Carey when we attended "The Price is Right!"  

So this blog is like the old "Seinfeld Show."  Basically about nothing but I think interesting because you know I post the videos and photos to give you, the reader a feel for our experience in California.  Even though we have no set plans for our activities we do have a fabulous time.  I guess a lot of that depends upon the company you keep.  

Thanks Pat!


  1. Hey Ron - I just watched an old Going To California travelog. Having watched a few of our videos I realize I need a good script writer.
    Apart from that - I don't know, maybe because we are tourists, but there's something about California that just feels good.


    1. Pat,
      You do pretty good with our spontaneous scripts. You're right about California (LA), something just "feels good."

  2. Thanks for sharing these Hollywood nights, Ron. No need to say how much I appreciate them.
    The little bear is a cute sentiment.

    1. Jon,
      This year I'm posting my whole trip to California on my blog, mainly for you. I'm probably boring a lot of my blog followers with my non-stop coverage but I don't want to waste all the photos and videos we took like I did last year. I meant to post them last year and never got around to it. This year (and future years) I will post all! I enjoy posting them too because it gives me a chance to relive those happy times. Pat and I love California, especially LA.

  3. Never boring Ron!! I love all the stories, sights and sounds!!


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