Monday, December 14, 2015

Twenty Non-Sexual Amazing Sensations

Well, here goes folks.  My list of "Twenty Non-Sexual Amazing Sensations."  By the way, I stole this idea of a blog posting from my amazing friend Dr. Spo of Spo Sensations Reflections. 

Now I do have to qualify.  It is hard for me (no pun intended) to come up with a list of twenty non-sexual AMAZING sensations because quite frankly, Scorpio that I am, I didn't know that there were other amazing sensations other than sexual.  But here goes anyway is my list, in no particular order and the usual steam of consciousness that is the hallmark of all my blog postings:

  1. Stacy's pita chips dipped into sriracha carrot hummus. 
  2. Homemade black bean soup
  3. Homemade walnut snowball cookies 
  4. Crispy French Fries
  5. Naan bread
  6. A kindness from a stranger (so unexpected)
  7. Playing online Scrabble (so relaxing)
  8. Listening to non-stop club music while blogging
  9. Taking an afternoon nap
  10. Watching the change of seasons
  11. The sound of snow geese flying overhead
  12. A brisk walk
  13. Discovering old photos from my family
  14. Stroking a purring cat 
  15. A hot shower
  16. Watching a good movie 
  17. Having a good laugh
  18. Researching family genealogy
  19. The arrival of spring flowers
  20. Visiting cities (Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Toronto

Thank you Dr. Spo!


Raybeard said...

#14, absolutely (of course)!

Combining your #16 & #17, I find it so good and therapeutic to be in a room, like a cinema, where everyone is laughing at the same thing (as long as what amuses them isn't hurtful to anyone). I find a sort of osmosis effect in their laughter, and am conscious of being amused just by the fact that they are all laughing together rather than my being entertained also by the object of their mirth. Do you know what I mean? I love experiencing that feeling.

WARPed said...

I do hope Dr. Spo's nosebleed wasn't serious!



Jon said...

It's extremely difficult to come up with a list of amazing non-sexual sensations, but you found some good ones - - a purring cat, snow geese, kindness from a stranger, family photos, and all that good food!
A great list, Ron!

Fearsome Beard said...

Hilarious photo. It appears that you are the skype psychiatrist and Dr Spo is your patient on the couch.

Ron said...

I don't like sitting in movie theaters to watch a movie. Too much distraction. I prefer my home Tipton-Cinema. I can laugh quiet easily by myself.

Ron said...

I think Dr. Spo was deep in thought.

Ron said...

I too found it difficult to come (no pun intended) up with "amazing non-sexual sensations." Nothing even comes close to the sexual sensations but there are some good feelings to be had in other areas.

Ron said...

Fearsome Beard,
That would be FaceTime (I hate Skype) and Dr. Spo is definitely the doctor in the house. Me, I'm just confused old man.

Ur-spo said...

Scrabble is aggravating and almost as irksome as the cable company. almost
Did I tell you picking ones nose is one of the greatest sensations?

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
I love playing Scrabble online. Pulling down the zipper of a man's pants is one of my "greatest sensations." Oops, did I really say that?