Monday, December 28, 2015


"What's he up to now?" you may (rightfully ask).  

Folks, I've always loved music.  Just about all types of music.  Perhaps with the possible exception of folk music and way out jazz that doesn't make sense.  But I've always liked music with a beat.

Remember the old American Bandstand show and the new record reviews?  No matter how bad or good the record, the consensus was usually the same: "It has a good beat and you can dane to it."

One of my great regrets in life was that I never learned to play a musical instrument. Oh sure, I played the Sousaphone in high school and was in the marching and concert bands but all that required was spitting into the big mouth piece and basically playing C and F, then emptying the spit out at the bottom of my instrument, ending with a stinky wet pants uniform on my right side after a parade.  Oh I did like the parades though and marching on the football field.  But I digress (again). 

That's me folks! The really good-looking (and young!) guy in the back row on the left with the massive "H" Sousaphone wrapped around me - 1958
I think in one of my previous lives I must have been an Indian.  I LOVE Indian music.  The whole "Sitar" thing with the constant beat in the background.  When I listen to that music I am transported folks.  Transported to another realm, another life, another galaxy.  I do not exaggerate folks.  I am one with the universe when I hear this music.

Many thanks to my good friend Pat of Toronto.  He clued me into Jango radio this morning. 

"Thanks Pat!"


pat888 said...

Hey DJ Ron - you have the moves. Yep - even on the scrabble boards. Maybe this is part of your secret. The music relaxes and opens up those deep recesses of your brain where all these high point scrabble words are coming from LOL.


Jono said...

Yeah, thanks Pat! Jango is playing right now.

Ron said...

I do love me some music with a good beat.

Ron said...

Tru dat!