Saturday, December 19, 2015

FaceTime Friends

Me in front of my computer where you'll usually find me when I'm home at Casa Tipton-Kelly

Well folks, things have finally settled down (somewhat) here at Casa Tipton-Kelly after the Computer/Internet Connection Disruption of the past few days.  I have the new modem-router hooked up but it's not perfect.  At least I have WIFI, even though it keeps defaulting to my previous, now defunct WIFI, thus screwing up my Bose Wave radio Internet settings.

But folks, life has returned to somewhat normal. The Comcast Service Guy is schedule to pay me a visit this Tuesday.  Hopefully we'll resolve the remaining connection issues and life can get back to normal here at Casa Tipton-Kelly so we can enjoy our usual quiet Christmas sans Christmas tree.

This morning I had three FaceTime calls.  One (as usual) to my Friend to the North (Toronto, Canada) Mr. Pat.  Always a joy talking to Pat and his little bear friends.

Pat and "Jimmy"
I didn't talk to my very first FaceTime Buddy Larry today but I am including him on this list because he was The First One.  Larry and I used to have much more FaceTime before I met Pat.  Both good friends and both enjoyable to talk to but just not enough time in the day (I'm ashamed to admit).  

Larry on FaceTime at his home (taking a quick nap)
A few weeks ago I was in Philly (as regular followers of this blog know). The day I left Philly Larry took me to his hometown of Claymont Delaware for their annual "Blessing of the Christmas Twig" Christmas parade.  I took loads of photos and videos which I have yet (be patient) to share with all of you.  Below is a selfie I took of myself and Lar at said parade.  Most enjoyable was the parade and Lar, I WILL post those videos . . . . I promise.

Larry and I, friends since 1951 and of course you see who is the Star. 

We actually were in the parade.  The last time I was in a parade was when I was playing the Sousaphone in my high school marching band.  Most enjoyable!  I LOVE being in a parade, as long as I'm not paraded naked.

This morning my Blogger Friend Dr. Spo called.  Always a delight to hear from wise, witty and wonderful Dr. Spo.  Unfortunately he and Someone won't be joining us (Pat and I) during our vacation in Los Angels in a few weeks (so soon?).  Much to both of our regret.  Maybe next year.

Dr. Spo breaking the bad news to me this morning.  Isn't he a handsome chap?

This is Harper, the Main Pet in the Spo Household. Spo is the Other Pet. The last time we were on FaceTime Harper wanted to see me. She wasn't impressed.

I called my longtime friend Don McK. in Philly to see how he was doing with his new iMac.  He's coming along.  A few bumps in the road to acquiring massive knowledge of how to operate an Apple device but he's coming along just fine.  Don's a smart guy.  Methodical, deliberative and smart unlike me; manic, go to fast a easy to frustrate. I'm glad Don is one of my new regular FaceTime friends in addition to being a real life friend in person.

Lately I've been wondering what my life would have been like now if I had all this digital treasure at my disposal when I was a young man. Can you imagine?  I would have literally millions of photos and videos and TONS of friends.  As it is, I am quite happy these days as I enter the Final Phase.  I am content knowing that I won't be forgotten because I will leave this digital trail behind, manic as it may be.

Moi in a rare reflective moment. 


Ur-spo said...

Harper wants a royalty for appearing on your blog. Please send biscuits.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Paper is quite the diva isn't she? Well, she should be because she is a beauty. You hit the jackpot with that One.

nitewrit said...


Few adjustments needed: we met in early 1950 in third grade. It is the Claymont weed, not twig and I think the story of it is nice. I wonder what I was doing in that photo, I know I wasn't really taking a nap. If I got a little stuffed bear, would you call me more often on FaceTime?


Ron said...

"If I got a little stuffed bear, would you call me more often on FaceTime?" YOU BET! By the way, don't you get it. We'll get you one in California. Do you have a name you want to call it? Only the IKEA bears come to life on FaceTime. (smile)