Friday, December 18, 2015

Computer Frustrations

 Well, this is a day I'll never get back.  But I did learn a bit more about being a computer technician.  Since Comcast service won't be out here until next week (Tuesday), I decided to take the bull by the horns and set up the new combination modem-router that I received via UPS from them yesterday in the rain as I was leaving for work.  How do you like THAT for a LONG sentence?  

I have to confess folks, I am a bit frazzled right now so bear with me.

As the above video indicates I played computer tech service guy this morning by setting up the new modem-router that Comcast sent to me.  Yes, I was the one crawling around on the floor, getting behind that computer cabinet, amidst years of dust cover wires to connect the new piece of equipment.

Again, in my never ending quest not to post a long and boring tech filled post, I will state that after several frustrating hours I did get everything hooked up.  Now bear with me.  I can now get WIFI with my new modem-router but I still cannot hookup the ethernet cable.  I put the ethernet cable in the back of my iMac and nada.  No Internet connection.  

I called Apple.  They walked me through several time consuming steps ending with me putting my computer in a Safe Mode and completely reinstalling the El Capitan OS operating system.  

This took some time (hours), resulting in call backs from Apple from different techs (of course) to try and make my ethernet connection work.  It didn't work.  

By this time I figured out that I didn't have a software problem with my almost new iMac Apple computer.  What I surmised (process of elimination) was when Comcast's had the power outage this last Tuesday that caused me to be disconnected from their Internet service.  

I called Comcast back and this time got a very nice woman ("Judy") from Manila (yes, the Philippines). I asked her "Do you have to activate my connection?"  She said "Yes" and she did.  Oh wait, I'm getting the cart before the horse.  Disregard my previous paragraph when I said I got an Internet connection RIGHT after hooking up my new modem-router.  I didn't get it until "Judy" activated it.  But still, I don't have an Ethernet connection.  She suggested that I call Apple back again.

Tech service center Manila, Phillipines

That I did and after another hour and a half in which two very help Apple employees walked me through several steps, and still no ethernet Internet connection, we figured out that I will wait until the Cable Guy Comcast service technician arrives NEXT Tuesday.  Yes folks, I'm almost there.

Another frustration.  I lost my Internet connection to my new Bose Wave radio but I was able figure out how to hookup to my new home WIFI signal.  Which, by the way, doesn't have my favorite home network name nor password.  Instead it has a password of 78 alpha characters and numbers which I am anxious to change but I don't want to mess around anymore with screwing up what I have working now.

Does this make any sense?  Folks, I have an Internet connection, albeit WIFI and I'm not using my good neighbor Barb's WIFI signal thus I am an honest if frustrated Old Gay Man (there he goes with the "gay thing" again).

So now I'm listening to some really cool sound my Pandora Internet radio station ("Beyond Ragi" DJ Krush) and going to have some dinner, catch up on my online Scrabble games (before I - God forbid - forfeit any of them) and who knows?  Maybe even a Netlix movie.  It's been awhile hasn't it Ron since you've had a relaxing night at the Tipton Cinema?

The "Tipton Cinema" or facsimile thereof


Geo. said...

My dear fellow, you've got my head spinning here. Last time I had trouble connecting with internet, Frontier sent out a guy who fixed the problem within 1/2 hour. He gave me his business card. It read (really!), "J. Christ, Frontier technician". Until Comcast has the same kind of pull, you must expect some setbacks.

Travel said...

How did we survive without our connection to the world? I was pleased that the hospital had a good WiFi signal last May, I had my trusty Chrome book to keep me connected.

Ron said...

You had a service guy in an half an hour? My God, try telling that fantasy to any Comcast customer and they'll laugh right in your face. This is Comcast. Service is NOT their Number One priority, sales are. Comes from the top. And leaving a card? Yeah, I'll suggest that to the service guy (and it will probably be a guy too) who come out here next Tuesday, exactly one week after Comcast went down and I lost my Internet connection. Remember, Comcast is the only game in town and they know it. It's reflected in their attitude towards providing enough service people and the phone support. When I live in Pennsylvania I had Verizon's FIOS and had excellent service. I was truly spoiled.

Ron said...

To answer your question, I do not know what I would do with myself if I couldn't be connected to the Internet. Being connected to the Internet is this day's version of going from the horse and buggy to automobiles. Once you have your own automobile, you never go back to the horse and buggy and just cannot imagine life in those days. Probably a poor analogy here but I think you got my point. (smile)

Raybeard said...

Ah, computer problems! Where would we be without them? I'll tell you where. In a world with more time to do the things that really mattered, that's where - AND with lower blood pressure!

All your computer 'jargon' above quickly lost me, I'm afraid. Nevertheless, your frustration is evident, and that's the important thing! ;-)

And, oh, that 'Tipton Cinema'! Make sure you get some eye-catching hottie as usher(ette) to flash his torch about and dole out the ices and popcorn - though scoffing them while the film is in progress will NOT be permitted.

Jon said...

I'm embarrassed to admit that all this tech stuff is completely beyond my comprehension. Heck, I'm still trying to figure out my VCR....

You've had one helluva day and should be heartily congratulated for enduring it. I'm delighted to know that your efforts were fruitful and that normalcy will reign again.

Geo (above)said that he once had a computer technician named "J. Christ". Wow! We should all be so lucky.

Ron said...

I'm complimented that you think I'm using computer jargon. Actually I wish I was more tech savvy. I feel I just barely manage. These computer technical glitches frustrate me so much. Especially when I am so careful and try not to upset the apple cart (no pun intended) and they out of nowhere the system hits glitches.

Ron said...

At least I got the WIFI working and I don't have to steal my neighbor's WIFI signal (with her permission of course). However, the job is not quite done yet. I still don't have an ethernet connection and my home network needs some firming up.

Raybeard said...

Oh, you're more than savvy enough to impress me, Ron. I feel quite envious of your breadth of knowledge.

Ur-spo said...

Rumor has it computer frustrations are now one ranked as the one of the most upsetting things a person can have.

Ron said...

Exactly right!

nitewrit said...


I hope you aren't getting stuck in the middle of one of those Who-shot-John tangles between providers, hardware and software vendors. Things should not be this complicated, yet they are.


Ron said...

Thanks. I do like to impress my friends.

Ron said...

You got it. I fully expect the Comcast service guy, who is scheduled to appear this Tuesday to blame Apple. But it's not Apple's problem. I just need a direct Ethernet connect and to resent my WIFI so it defaults to my WIFI and to change my network name back to my original name. Right now my WIFI keeps wanting to go back to the now defunct WIFI.