Monday, November 02, 2015

Life is Good

Talking to my friend Pat on FaceTime

There is a lot of bad stuff going on in the world today but I'm enjoying a Free Zone right now.

What is a "Free Zone"?  Folks, that's NO DOCTOR'S APPOINTMENTS for the foreseeable future!  Hallelujah!  

Oh sure, I still get my Credit Card Services robo call every morning about 10 o'clock informing me "This is your LAST chance to transfer your credit card balances! Press One to talk to a service representative".  I used to get pissed off and hang up, because even though I'm on a Do Not Call List, good old Credit Card Services of America (a scam outfit) STILL calls every morning.  Now I answer the phone every morning and wait for a "credit card service representative" (who almost always has a Spanish accent, what's THAT all about?) to hang up on me as soon as I ask "Take me off of your calling list."  How long will they call? Will they be calling my number after I'm long dead and gone?  Oh course they will.  But folks, my life is good.  

So why do I say my life is good?  

  1. I have a beautiful home, 
  2. my prostate cancer is in remission, 
  3. no kidney stones, 
  4. I live with a loving and caring man (for the last 51 years), I have a very good friend albeit Canadian who I can and DO share anything with
  5. My mortgage is paid off
  6. My injured leg is almost back to normal
  7. I have a good job with great co-workers
  8. I live in a wonderful neighborhood with great neighbors
  9. My brain is still fully functioning
  10. I have several very good friends (they know who they are)
  11. I no longer waste my valuable time on people or activities that don't respect me or add to my life

Do I still have concerns?  Oh sure.  My Medicare supplement insurance bill keeps going up every six months.  I just hope I can outlive the biannual increases before I die.  

I am also concerned that one of those Republican clowns will be elected to the presidency thus taking over the government. And folks, there goes the country.  George W. Bush and his criminal cronies almost brought down this country.  Don't give them a second chance!  In the meantime I'm thoroughly enjoying them fighting among themselves. They only appeal to the worst in the American character.  I believe there are enough good Americans who see these false people for who they really are. 

I'm also concerned about our police force, some of whom have been exposed as criminals themselves for overuse of force.  They've gotten away with their brutal activities for years but the advent of the ubiquitous cell phone cameras has exposed them for the Nazi like thugs they are. I stay out of their way folks.  Hopefully, the exposure will change their way but I fear it will take time for them to change their ingrained, coverup ways. 

I take each day one at a time folks.  I am so lucky to have been born in the United States of America.  This country, for all it's flaws (and it has plenty, believe me), isn't one of those medieval countries like Syria, Afghanistan, or Iran.  A pure fluke that I was born here but never for a moment do I take my fortunate circumstances for granted.  

I have my own little corner of the world here in southern Delaware.  I've worked hard all my life to get where I am now.  I've never stole or did anyone wrong to get her.  I've earned everything I have and my challenge now is to keep it.  Everyday I am bombarded with phone calls, junk mail and e-mails on the Internet with the goal of separating me from my little nest egg.  

Life is a challenge folks.  I am one of the lucky ones, I can still protect myself and am enjoying my little slice of life here.  Now to go back to my online Scrabble game.  My current passion.

Oh how I LOVE beating my friends on Scrabble. (which by the way, doesn't happen too often with my friend Pat but here is one of the rare games where I actually WON a game with Pat).


  1. Anonymous11:29 PM

    dear Ron & Bill. . . . Thank God for small miracles. . have a nice day! from all the way here in Manila. . .

    1. Thank you for your comment. Good to know my blog is reaching Manila.

  2. Ron, I don't think Pat is going to take too kindly to you beating him at Scrabble. I'm sure he's already plotting his revenge. I hope for your sake you have some triple word score word ready. I did get your invite to play Scrabble with you on Facebook, but I'm afraid I wouldn't have the time to play very much. You saw I was gone from my blog all thru the month of October, my cousin in LA invited me to play Farmville with her. But it all looks like jolly good fun as UrSpo would say.Please don't let the world's woes get you down, some days it doesn't pay to watch the news. BTW tell Pat that Randy in NEB says HI!

    1. Randy,
      Scrabble is time consuming. But I have more time to play than you do (no full-time job like you have). Oh Pat certainly does not like it when I beat him. He beats me most games but I'm up for the challenge. Dr. Spo and Doug Taron also beat me. But I'm improving plus I find playing Scrabble relaxing as well as learning something. I don't play any other Internet games like FarmVille. In fact I'm surprised I'm playing Scrabble but my neighbor Barbara got me hooked. I find it very relaxing. And for sure I will tell Pat you said "Hi!"

  3. Enjoy everyday, we can chose to do that. I don't answer my phone unless I recognize the caller on caller ID.

    1. I used to not answer but since Credit Card Services calls me EVERY DAY at around 10, I answer just to give them aggravation.

  4. what a lovely smile!

  5. Ron unfortunately I'm getting to this a day late and it's so late now I can't read it because it's quite long but I scanned it and it sounds so good. Tomorrow I will have to look at it especially the Scrabble board on which I lost LOL. But I really like your list of things that are good in your life and I want to look at them more closely again.



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