Tuesday, November 17, 2015

How To Defeat Isis

"Anonymous" - ISIS new enemy

This afternoon I heard on the news that "Anonymous", the infamous (and very effective) hackers are targeting ISIS.  Now this is the answer in defeating ISIS.

Who am I to know this answer, defeating ISIS, that has baffled the most powerful governments on this planet?  

For sometime now I have realized that the power of ISIS is the Internet.  The ability to communicate with each other and to influence new recruits through the social media.  Why has our government and other government been so slow to realize this is the real power of ISIS?

Wasn't the outcome of World War II greatly affected by the Allies' ability to break the German code?  Remember the movie about it?  

Cut off the ability of ISIS to communicate and that will do more damage to their organization than all the bombs of all the nations dropped on their dusty dessert strongholds in Syria and Afghanistan.

Of course a big part of the problem is the primitive computer skills of our government.  I hear that the FBI still uses computer with the black background and green text and scroll screens from the 80's computers.  

Our government is run by old men who are stuck in the past and proud of their lack of computer skills. Hey guys, get a clue!

Thus it was with great relief when I heard that "Anonymous", the infamous hackers have targeted ISIS as their enemy.  Now this is going to be interesting.

Sending in our troops is exactly what ISIA wants.  They want a land war.  They're trying to draw us in  If any troops are to be sent it, send in the Saudi Sunni troops.  DON'T send in our treasure.

Time to think out of the box folks.  Thus hearing that Anonymous is going to take on ISIS was indeed welcome news.



  1. Cheryl8:31 PM

    My worse fear is seeing an American soldier or any soldier for that matter beheaded on t.v. Cheryl

  2. Cheryl,
    That's what ISIS wants America to do, send in ground troops so they can capture one. Besides, we shouldn't be sending in our ground troops anyway. The muslim countries should defend their own countries from radical Islamists.

  3. What can Anonymous really do though? I ask out of ignorance, not out of sarcasm. what will /can they do?

    1. Dr. Spo,
      "Anonymous" could greatly affect ISIS's ability to communicate and spread their hateful propaganda which results in more recruits.


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