Sunday, November 01, 2015

Another Halloween Gone

Well folks, another Halloween has come and gone.  

During my walk yesterday morning I was greeted with with scary apparition attached to my neighbor's mail box.

Fearsome skeleton pirate

During my walk this morning, the skeleton pirate was done, collapsed on the road.

Skelton pirate this morning, wiped out
Bill and I did not participate in the Halloween festivities last night.  We are now officially the "Bah humbug!" Old Guys.  

We moved to Casa Tipton-Kelly in November 2006, having just missed the first Halloween trick of treat trolling by the Little Neighborhood Monsters.  However, the following October we did the whole schlemiel.  I had the lighted pumpkins in the window, bags of carefully prepared (and packaged) Halloween candy.  I even had the spooky music.  

So how did it go?  We had a few groups stop in, only one we knew who was our neighbor across the street.  His little boy (probably about eight years old) was dumbstruck when they ushered him into the front door. Didn't say a word, just had that deer in the headlights look.  Of course that "little boy" is now 16 or 17 years old.  

Our neighbor next door has two little girls of the age (4 and 7) for Halloween blackmail trick or treat mischief. The whole family skedaddled out of town in their big camper trailer two days ago.

So there was no reason for us (the Two Old Grumpy Guys) to put on a Halloween display or pass out candy, which by the way, the last time we did it we had candy for six months afterwards. As a matter if fact we had candy (still niftily packaged) up to the next Halloween.  That's when we seriously reconsidered doing this whole "Halloween" thing.  

I'm all for Halloween celebrations and if someone invited me to a Halloween party, I probably would have dressed up and went to the party.  But as you all know, after nine years I have been unable to break into the exclusive D.C. (Washington) club of Rehoboth Beach Gays (my pension isn't that big).  

There are a few other venues (gay based) that I could insert myself, one being the local gay church.  But alas, I don't feel comfortable there because it is mainly a lesbian church and you know the lesbians, they stick together.  Most of them hardly tolerate gay men and when they do, they think we're all drag queens who do wonderful window treatments. Some of the  gay guys I have encountered (with a few notable exceptions) who attend the church seem to be more interested in hooking up than just being friends.  But then, a church, straight or gay, is a venue for meeting people so there.  I guess the main reason I don't go is because I just don't believe all the fairy tales propagated at the church, no offense to my religious readers.  

But I'm veering off again on other subjects.  I still have to do that long put off blog rant update.  

So last night I watched a brilliant Argentine  movie (with English sub-titles)  called "Wild Tales."  Then I went to bed early, satisfied that I had an excellent experience.   That was my Halloween folks.  Life goes on (and does it ever)!  


  1. as they say on Firesign Theatre: "Why your'e no fun, you fall right over".

  2. Ron, I'm just getting over being knocked flat by the seasonal flu-type bug, but I've got to make the effort to commend you on your taste in appreciating 'Wild Tales'. You're clearly another one who recognises 'quality':-

    1. Ray,
      I suspected you had reviewed this excellent movie. I am so far behind on my blog reading. I will check your review!

    2. Just seen and replied to your comment on my posting for this film, Ron. Thanks.

  3. I have heard of this movie and it is on my list to watch!

    1. Tony,
      Watch it, I guarantee you will love it!


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