Saturday, September 05, 2015

Wrapping Up the Canadian Vacation

The Two Old Guys with their new hats at the Eaton Center, in downtown Toronto

All too soon my Canadian vacation is coming to an end.  In two days Pat (my host) will take me to the Buffalo airport for my flight back to Philadelphia.  Bill will pick me up at the airport.

As usual Pat has been the perfect host, attending to all me needs (and I can assure you I have abundant needs).  

This is the second time I've visited Pat at his home in Toronto.  This visit I urged him to continue with his regular activities and don't worry about being the Cruise Director for me 24/7.  Since 9 o'clock this morning he has been attending his band practice.  Must be going good because the time is 1:45 PM and I haven't heard from him. I'm glad he took my suggestion.  

This year I've encountered a few "Delaware" summer days, i.e. warm and humid.  In fact today is a scorcher and that's why I'm staying inside.  Pat's house doesn't have air conditioning but does stay relatively cool.  Although he has warned me that if there is a string of hot and humid days, the house succumbs.

Yesterday we went to "the beaches" which is Toronto's version of the Atlantic Ocean and boardwalk.  The water is Lake Ontario and the boardwalk is just like the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach, albeit a LOT less crowded.

We sat on a shady bench and did crossword puzzles we obtained from the free daily newspaper.  Earlier we visited the laundromat and washed or unmentionables.  Old Man stuff you say?  Hey, what can I tell you?  We're old men.  Works for us.  

This visit I was thinking about visiting the CN Tower and doing the Edge Walk but just ran out of time.  Oh sure, how about courage?  I did want to visit the restaurant but we've already spent too much money eating out every day.  Maybe next time we'll take the walk.

I'm still a bit down about our mutual blogger friend Jay from Virginia taking his own life after being publicly shamed and humiliated. I don't know the details of his predicament but as I wrote in my earlier blog post today, I liked and respected Jay.  He always treated me with kindness and affability and added a great deal to our two Bloggerpaloozas.  I am saddened that he felt he had to take his own life because he knew no way out.  My heart got out to him and his family.  But he is at peace now.  No more pain for Jay.

I got a bit off subject there but Jay's passing and the circumstances have reminded me of how precious our lives are.  In just an instance our lives could be ruined. Just as my leg injury last February has probably changed my life forever (I'm still having a hard time getting around albeit without a cane), I am all to aware that we must make each moment we have on this earth count.  Bring some happiness to others.  Make a contribution through your goodwill towards others. There will always be negativity and evil in this world but whatever moments of happiness, peace and joy we can grab, do it.

I woke up this morning with one more day of life.  I hope I wake up tomorrow with another day.  If I don't I am content in the knowledge that I have made the most of my life with whatever talents, survival skills, and hard work that I could manage.

Peace to you and yours.


  1. It hardly seems possible that your Canadian sojourn is nearly over already - but you obviously had a great time and did a lot of fun stuff. I'm sure we can expect more photos and videos when you get home.
    By the way, I like the new hats.

    1. Jon,
      I am so fortunate to have such a generous and accommodating host like Pat. I am sad that this sojourn is coming to an end but I will always have the good memories.

  2. Thank you Dr. Spo. Next up, LA in January!


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