Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Leaving Canada and Arriving Home

What day is it?  Oh, it's Wednesday.  I'm just about recovered from my trip home from Canada and arrival back to good old Lower Slower Delaware, otherwise known as Sussex County, Delaware.  Yesterday the "Lower Slower" was proven again as I waiting two hours for my annual eye examination.  There was almost a mutiny in the waiting room among Dr. Belson's dilated patients as we were all wondering if he would even see us before our eyes became undiluted. But again I digress.

Today I thought I would post some interesting short videos of my departure from Toronto on Monday and addible in Philly.  

Fortunately the weather was perfect.  Pat, my genial and gracious host, was wondering what the holiday (Canada also celebrates Labor Day) would be like.  We were lucky because the usual Toronto traffic gridlock was not in evident as we speed past Condo City, AKA Toronto early Monday morning.  

Pat was taking me not to Toronto's international airport but to Buffalo New York's airport, some ninety miles away, just over the border.  I take the plane to Buffalo and from Buffalo, saving almost $500 in airfare.  Oh sure, I am again taking advantage of my friends' good nature and generosity (hear that Pat, Larry and Bill?) by having them cart my ass in their car to my destinations.  Hey, I've been doing this all my life, why quit now?

So the ride out of Dodge City Toronto was swift and painless, unlike last year's visit when it was slow moving molasses just about all the way to the border crossing.

This time we sailed to the border crossing only to be jammed up at the border crossing, which we expected.  We changed lanes once when our first lane wasn't moving at all.  Although the video shows a massive, slow moving mess, we got through the border crossing in about a half hour.  Coincidentally during our wait my friend Stuart from Ft. Lauderdale called me on FaceTime.  We chatted a bit until Pat's car arrived at the border guard.  Out came our passports which we turned over to the border guard, hoping he wouldn't pull us out of the car as he usually does when Pat travels by himself.  I guess I look too stupid to be a terrorist but Pat?  Well, take a look.

After the border crossing, we were in Buffalo.  Again we had a hard time figuring out how to get into the Buffalo airport, just like we did last year.  Pat's Tom-Tom needs updating (tell me about it, smile).  

But we got there and Pat deposited his starting to smell like bad fish guest (I was at Pat's THIRTEEN DAYS).  Pat couldn't help but to suppress a ear to ear grin as he said "Goodbye" to me and I entered the that twisting line of airport security.  This time I wasn't felt up like I was when I got on at Philly International thirteen days before. At Philly, I was pulled aside and asked to loosen my belt (not the first time I've had that request but never at an airport, well . . . . maybe never).  The TSA personage felt me up around my middle (that's my spare tire fella) and then asked me to go into that X-Ray thing that strips you naked photographically (now everyone knows).  Then I was asked to take off my grungy shoes (which I wore for comfort not style).  

I passed then was told to go my way. Oh, this was at Philly International, almost two weeks before but as you can see I am still somewhat traumatized, being this was the FIRST time I was every thoroughly inspected by airport security since 9/11.  Oh well, check that off my Bucket List.

Once I was through security I had a wait for my flight.  I could see Pat in the distance, still smiling (couldn't keep that smile off your face could you Pat?)  

Long post here folks.  All I meant to post was my videos giving you the flavor or my Day of Departure and Arrival.  

I'll wrap this up now.  I arrived in Philly after an hour flight from Buffalo with that whining, crying two-year old girl traveling with her parents and grandmother.  She finally stopped whining and crying when she got off the plane, big yellow bow ribbon still intact atop her blond head.  Begone child!

At Philly there was the disaster of hooking up with Bill, (he was at the Departure Terminal - where he dropped me off two weeks earlier) and I was at the Arrival Terminal.  We finally hooked up and headed home, passing all that backed up Labor Day weekend traffic returning from the shore (Lower Slower Delaware) to their hot little houses in Wilmington, Philly, and New Jersey.  

That was my mistake, arranged to come home on Labor Day.  Poor Bill, he had to endure that traffic slow lodge coming up to pick up.  Never again Bill will I arrange to come home on a holiday. Finis, over, ended.

So I'm home now, slept a lot and am almost recovered.  I didn't watch any TV or hear any news but I find I didn't miss a beat.  The news media is still beating the drum about HILLARY'S E-MAILS.  WTF is that all about anyway?  I mean other than taking down Hillary as a Democratic presidential candidate sure to be elected as the first woman president.  Sure, she's boring and untrustworthy.  She's a politician.  Give me a break.  What?  Mike Huckabee is a better choice or the Kohl Brothers' stalking horse Scott Walker?  Oh I know, Chris Christie, the New Jersey Bully/Gangster.  Donald Trump is good entertainment and he has a gorgeous wife but president?  Really?  Let's give that one a try.  One thing is for sure, no one could be worse that George W. Bush.  Oh wait, maybe Low Energy Jeb.  But again, I'm off on another tangent.  

Hope you enjoy the videos folks. I have lots more!


  1. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Your Arrival/Departure mix-up reminds me of a time I had to meet my brother for a ride to our ancestral home for Xmas. The bright idea was to meet at the mall entrance (inside, in other words) of J C Penney at what was then the largest mall in the state. Did I mention that it was Xmas time (MAJOR crowds, in other words). And this was before cell phones (or before everyone could afford one, anyway). I kept going to a pay phone to check in with my parents: I'm here; where is he? Mother would relay that my brother was calling with the same question. It took us an hour to figure out that we were in a two-story mall, with of course an inside entrance on each level; I was upstairs and he was downstairs. Finally my partner and my SIL figured that out. No hard feelings, holiday cheer abounded, and all was finally well. Glad you had a good trip and are now safely home. Really enjoyed the videos! ~~~ NB

    1. NB,
      After Bill and I connected, we quickly buried the anger (thank goodness). Now we know for the next time, which will be in January when I fly out to LA.

  2. Despite all that I hope Mr. Bill was happy to see his hubby home.

    1. Dr. Spo,
      He surely was.


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