Friday, September 11, 2015

Someone Left the Cake Out In the Rain

Good day folks on this, the 14th anniversary of 9/11.  I was going to write a memorial post noting 9/11 but decided not to.  Evil exists in this world and 9/11 was one of the worst examples.  I figure there will be enough memorials posted and shown on TV for those who wish to remember.  For me, I'll post this little snippet of fun times that my Canadian buddy Pat and I had at the Canadian National Exhibition a few weeks ago.

As regular followers of this blog know I now visit Toronto at the end of the summer season.  Each year this coincides with Canada's National Exhibition which is basically a grand carnival.  This year was no exception.

Last year Pat and I met up with my blogger friend Dr. Spo and his partner, Someone.  The four of us did some rides, screaming like little girls.  This year Dr. Spo and Someone visited Canada

Dr. Spo, Pat and Someone during an earlier visit to Toronto this summer

earlier in order to take in more reputable activity like Shakespearean plays and Strafford on Avon or some high brow place like that.  That's not me and Pat.  We're carnival junkies.  

Last year I did too much on one of the rides and my eyes were thrown off the rest of my trip.  This year I was more careful.  I was reluctant to go on the Wicked Mouse ride but Pat insisted.  It looked harmless enough to me so I acceded.  That was a mistake.  Remember those two old, battered, greasy hats that Pat and I wear everywhere?  

Pat and me earlier this year in Lewes, Delaware with our greasy hats

Gone.  Gone with the wind.  In fact, the first bump on the Wicked Mouse, they flew off our old gray noggins.  

After the ride we made a half-hearted effort to find our hats at the base of the Wicked Mouse but it was a lost cause.  Somewhere among all that metal and trash were our beloved hats. To this day I wonder where those hats are resting now.  Probably at the bottom of a garbage filled trash can.  

Ah, the pain of the loss.  But I have all these pictures of us in those hats.  You know what I kept thinking the rest of our vacation every time I thought of those hats?  Richard Harris singing "MacArthur Park" lyrics "Someone left the cake out in the rain, I don't think I can take it because it took so long to bake it and I'll never have that recipe again........OH NOOOOOO!"

So then we went on a quest for new hats.  Both of us don't have much hair on our noggins so we need the hats.  Know how hard it is to find just the right hat?  Almost impossible.  We finally found hats but it's not the same.  I think I can replace Pat's hat because I bought the original at Walmart.  

Mine?  It was a custom made hat for the hotel where I work and . . . . . . . you got it.   I'll never have that recipe again.  

Pat and I and our new hats at "the beach" (Lake Ontario), Canada - not the same


  1. Favorite hats are extremely difficult to give up and impossible to replace. Perhaps it was an act of Divine Fate that forced you to relinquish them. Anyway, I'm glad you got new ones.I still wear a battered cowboy hat that's about 15 years old.

    Did you ever see that old documentary about Coney Island (I think it was on PBS). They said that lots of personal items were found under the roller coaster - including, eyeglasses, wigs, and false teeth. Wow!

    1. Jon,
      No, I didn't see that old documentary about Coney Island. I can imagine that a lot of personal items are lost on those roller coasters. Our poor hats, I often think of where they are now. But I think you're right, it was an act of Divine Fate. Those hats were ready to go.

  2. such lovely hats indeed
    I remember that week in Canada last year; jolly good fun !

    1. Dr. Spo,
      Yes, indeed we did a a good time last year at the fair. Memories for a lifetime, always treasured.

  3. Oh, I do so LOVE funfair rides. Was that "Oh no!" the farewell to your hats? I could have watched the entire ride but it would have distracted you filming it.
    As I said long time ago, I've never been on any ride since visiting the Munich Oktoberfest, now over 30 years ago - only because I've got no one to accompany me. So I'm reduced to watching the others screaming and yelping from below, envying them so much

    As for your new caps, I know that yours can't replace your own special bespoke one (hellraiser Mr Harris notwithstanding!), but it's quite becoming. I see that Pat's opted for a floppy, as though about to go big game hunting. (Though please no more poor Cecils!).

    1. Ray,
      I haven't ridden fair rides either since I was a kid for the same reason you haven't, I just didn't want to do it alone. I am so thankful that I now have someone to share these experiences with. I wish the same for you.


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