Monday, September 21, 2015

Bill Gets His Flu Shot

Bill and "friend" at the Georgetown VA Outpatient Clinic

Last Friday Bill and I made our annual trek to the Georgetown VA (Veterans' Administration) Outpatient Clinic in Georgetown to get our flu shot.

Vets waiting for flu shots at the Georgetown VA Outpatient Clinic

We got there early so as to be one of the first to get our flu shots.  I have to admit I question the efficacy of getting flu shots because it seems every year I get a bad cold. I don't know whether it's the flu or just a cold, I just know that I seem to get sick anyway.  But then I wonder what would happen if I didn't get a flu shot.  

Bill gets ready for his flu shot

Last year, while Pat and I were frolicking around in Los Angeles in January, Bill said he was bedridden with one of the worst cases of the flu he's ever had. 

And last year I heard that the flu shots were only 22% effective anyway.  But still . . . . we were down there this past Friday queuing up for our flu shot.

While we were waiting, Bill struck up a friendship with a toothless, emaciated, hoarse voiced Navy veteran.  Bill loves getting out and mingling among his vet friends.  He always enjoys his rides on the American Legion Post 28 van to the Wilmington VA.  And when he gets back home he loves to tell me about the new friends he's made.

But this last Friday maybe he went too far.  After joking around with his new friend, Bill went in for his flu shot.  His new friend was with him.  Bill joked that he "could faint" if he got his shot.  His new friend grabbed him around his waist to hold him up to steady him for that flu shot needle puncturing his arm.  I had rolled my sleeve up to get my shot.

Bill and his new friend were yuking it up.  I got my shot and "OW!"  It hurt.  Bill's didn't.  

As they were leaving I said "Let me get a picture of the two of you!"  And that's when Bill's New Friend puckered up to kiss him! Thus, the Slice of Life Spontaneous Moment picture at the top of this blog.

Then we said our "goodbyes" and I shook the vet's hand.  Getting in the car I told Bill my arm felt like someone punched me.  Bill said "Mine doesn't hurt at all."  I joked with him that I was going to post his "Kissy Picture" on my Facebook account (which I did, of course - a few "Likes" but a loud silence from ALL of my very conservative relatives who are still freaked out about me being openly gay and oh my, what a GAY picture I've posted to Facebook). 

All weekend my arm was sore.  Bill became concerned that during all the commotion that they didn't give him his flu shot. Actually, they did (I saw it).  But he was convinced they didn't.  So that's where he is this morning, back down at the Georgetown VA Outpatient Clinic.  I just hope he behaves himself this time.  

That's my Bill, just a Big Kid.

Bill and one of his many admirers - his neighbor Barbara


  1. Never to late to make new friends.

    1. Everybody likes Bill!

  2. Anonymous8:06 PM

    I can't stop laughing at this one ��

  3. Good for him to get the flu shot! most sensible you Bill.

    1. Especially at our age, catching the flu could be deadly. We've had some horrific bouts in the past few years. Want no repeats.


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