Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A New Day

"How are you doing?"  That's a question I am often asked when I go about my daily routine.

Whether it be at on of my ever increasing doctors' appointments, or encountering a neighbor during my Morning Walk.  "How are you doing today?" I am asked.  My answer is always the same:

"I am doing fine.  Every day I get up, and put one foot ahead of another was I get out of bed, I am thankful I have one more day on this earth" (or some variant of that statement). 

And I am thankful folks.  Even though I do have my down days, like a few days ago when the Black Dog appeared at my doorstep again.  

Not to belabor the subject, but I usually keep the Black Dog (depression) at bay through my daily activities and appreciation of life.  But somedays, like last Sunday, there was a confluence of events that prompted that door to open just a bit and I caught a glimpse of the Black Dog.

My high school class was having an informal reunion which I choose not to attend because I am not welcomed by the wife of the host (my former classmate) because I am gay.  She has a right to her views (which I respect) but I also have a right to live my life openly as a gay man without apology of seeking forgiveness from her God because of my "sinful" ("love the sinner, hate the sin!") ways.  I love attending my class reunions but just couldn't bring myself to attend this one after her unfriendly and unwelcoming actions of the past year which she made to adamantly clear.

Fall is also the time that I have held my family reunions (in early October).  This was the year I would hold it.  Not anymore, again because of the boycotting of most of my family from my last family reunion because I took Bill.  Those who didn't attend the reunion because I brought my spouse are hypocrites. They consider themselves religious but they are so judgmental.  They bring their families but I dare to bring mine and, by their absence, they show me disrespect as a human being and a family member. And I include my own immediate family in that group.  

And, perhaps the trigger to my Visit to the Deep Valley of Depression was the recent death of a fellow blogger and Good Guy, Jay of Virginia.

"Jay" of Virginia at the 2014 Bloggerpalooza

Jay always left positive comments on my blog.  He always seemed happy and full of life.  Then one day, because of our sensation seeking, witch hunting news media culture, he was publicly shamed and humiliated by an accusation of which I do not know the details.  Guilty or innocent, why the necessity to notify the news media to cover the raid on his home even before charges or a trial?  That's the society we live in today folks, in someways not that much different than the old Salem Witch Hunting Days. 

So I posted a self-serving, Poor Me Pity Part blog posting.  Immediately after I posted it I wanted to delete it.  But I didn't.  That's the way I felt that day.  Sometimes we have to go to the depths to arise up again.  I'm coming out of it now folks.

What always brings me back is the absurdity of life.  Last night I saw a Donald Trump rally in Dallas Texas.  Trump says some crazy things (you think?) but man oh man, I do love the way he's shaking up The Establishment.  The Ruling Class which consists of The Media, The Usual Suspects (politicians and their owners who subsidize their campaigns.)  For instance when I see the baby-faced Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin (who is owned outright by the monstrous Koch Brothers

who would never run on their own because both of them look like the Frankenstein's monster), dropping in the polls, I am encouraged that maybe there is some justice in the world.  The Ruling Class has so long practiced putting a pretty face out there to be elected so they can further rape and pillage the American middle class for their own greed and aggrandizement. 

"You think I'm a joke? Just watch what happens."

When Donald Trump calls Jeb Bush "low energy", I love it!

When Donald Trump calls Secretary of State John Kerry a "schmuck" for participating in a bicycle race (and breaking his leg) while negotiating the Iran nuclear treaty, I love it!  

The Schmuck  John Kerry  bike racing - man, you're 73 years old!

When the Talking Heads, the political pundits, preface all their statements when talking about Donald Trump "Of course he will NEVER be elected president", they're expressing their wishful thinking.

They don't get it.  I do and many people like me do, Donald Trump is saying what I and many others like me in the Great Unwashed are thinking. And he's getting away with it which totally befuddles The Establishment.  John McCain not a war hero?  

John McCain, an Angry Old Man

Well, actually is he?  He hotdogged an air mission which he was told not to go on and got captured.  War hero or an airman who disobeyed order (which he could because both his father and grandfather were admirals in the Navy)?  While we should all respect the service of anyone who serves, and especially those who were taken prisoners of war; war hero?  My uncle John Tipton, who was a prisoner of war in Germany (he parachuted into Belgium and was captured) escaped twice and was recaptured twice.  His mother died two months before he was released at the end of the way, think he had died.  Did my uncle John consider himself a war hero?  No, he served his country.  He never once considered himself a "war hero."

Does Carly Fiorina have a face you want to look at for the next four or eight years?  Funny thing, I thought the same thing myself.  Of course it was impolite to say such a thing but hey, I didn't want to look at George W. Bush's face for eight years but I did.  For that matter I didn't want to look at Al Gore's face either.  Political correctness has gone amuck in this country. But I do have to say, Carly's folks came out with the best political ad yet of this political season in response to The Donald's impolite remarks about her appearance. 

Carly Fiorina - Republican Presidential candidate

As  you can see by my wild tangents I'm out of my Black Dog mood (thank goodness).  When I get those moods, they (thankfully) don't last too long. And I am so looking forward to the GOP debate tomorrow night. I think Ms. Fliorina will hold her own, unlike most of the other GOP Clown Car like  JEB! Bush, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker and Humpty Dumpty Himself, the Bully of Jersey Chris Christie (and I used to like him too). 

So, as you can see I'm out of my Deep Funk.  

I leave this post with a positive memory of our blogger friend, Jay of Virginia.

Jay (Murphy) of Virginia - at peace now


  1. Life has it's ups and downs, it is not what life throws at us, but how we respond to it. It has been a challenging year, challenging how strong we are, what we are made of. We are still here, still having a little fun along the way.

    1. David,
      Again, you are right on the mark. Life is how we respond to what we encounter every day. And believe me, I intend to survive and have a "little fun" along the way. (smile)

  2. These are lovely photos of Jay; there are no good photos of Mr. Trump.

    1. Dr. Spo,
      Jay was a good man, that I know. I am so saddened that we will no longer see his smile nor enjoy his boisterous company. But at least we have our good memories. I am glad we had those happy times at the Bloogerpalooza.

  3. The comments on your previous post certainly prove that you have many readers (and friends) who truly care. I was impressed - and everyone should be so fortunate. I'm delighted to know that you've kept the Black Dog at bay.

    Unfortunately I seem to live with the ghost of the Black Dog, but I seldom reveal it to others. Life throws so many vicious punches that there are times when getting back up is nearly an impossibility or no longer a reasonable option. Yet, we plod on........

    Those crappy political candidates make me yearn for a monarchy.

    1. Jon,
      Whenever, I go deep in the Valley and write about it I am surprised at how many friends I do have in the blogosphere. I have to tell you it is encouraging when one is down. You also have many friends, perhaps more than you are aware of.
      I am sorry that you live with the ghost of the Black Dog. You understand me when I write about it. That Black Dog is always in the background of my life, as good as my life is. I have to say that my friends in my blogosphere friends and Bill and Pat keep me going. Without them I'm not sure. As long as I have something to look forward to, I keep going.

  4. Randy in NEB.3:46 AM

    Hi Ron, I guess life does have it's ups and downs. Hopefully more of the ups than downs. So, I did talk to Jay that Sunday before he died, please check your private messages on Facebook. I'll let you know what he told me. I didn't realize how despondent he truly was. Your friend always Randy in NEB.

    1. Randy,
      I am so saddened what Jay had to go through and then ending his life to get away from the pain and humiliation. Jay was a good soul. What a loss. I'll check my private messages on Facebook. I am interested in what he told you.

  5. Hi Ron,

    The news of Jay's death put me in a downward spiral also; I'm still trying to pull myself up.

    At least the Clown Car gives us something to laugh about...thanks for the post.



    1. Same here Andy, same here. And you're right, the Clown Car provides respite, thankfully.

  6. Ron - thanks for the photos of Jay. That's how I'll always remember him. And glad you are back up to higher ground.


    1. Pat,
      I am glad I met Jay and I will always remember him for the boisterous, happy, helpful guy that he was.


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