Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Just Kidding - Hillary Clinton Will Win

Hey folks, I really love the way that Donald Trump is giving the big Middle Finger to the incestuous political/media establishment.  LOVE IT!  But as some of you who know me better know, I could never vote for Donald Trump. Sure, he's a lot of fun and I hope he is the Republican presidential nominee because that will ensure that Hillary Clinton will be elected our next president. 

Not that I'm in love with Hillary or Bill Clinton back in the White House (I'm not) but there is NO WAY we can have a Republican in the White House.  



Supreme Court nominees.  

So now I will go back to enjoying the Donald Trump Show.  


  1. OMG!!!
    Give me a moment to check my blood pressure and catch my breath!
    I haven't swooned this much since I got a BJ on the Ferris Wheel at the Ozark County Fair.


    The only thing worse than Hillary would be a third term of Obama.

    Hey, I was only jesting about the Ferris Wheel..........Maybe.

    1. Jon,
      I'm not thrilled about Hillary winning but I think Donald just did himself in with his plan to depart eleven million undocumented immigrants, AKA "illegal aliens." The Hispanic vote is going to put Hillary in. If I had my choice I would prefer Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders or even Joe Biden, the man who pushed Obama into accepting marriage equality. We put a Republican in the White House, Trump is right, he or she will be controlled by the corporate interests and lobbyists. Of course the Clintons are all about themselves and will throw anyone under the bus who gets in the way of their ambition. After all it was Bill Clinton who signed Don't Ask, Don't Tell and DOMA and also increased prison times for drug offenders. Slick Willie. As for Hillary, she looks old and tired and no matter how hard she tries, she comes off as entitled and shrill. In the meantime I'm enjoying Donald Trump upsetting the Republican Apple Cart. Loving every day of it even though he's making some mighty ridiculous remarks. I think he got into this just for self promotion and now is surprised that his candidacy has taken off. I don't think he really wants to be president but is just riding this wave for as long as he can. There, long comment.(smile)

  2. Mr. Trump bloviates so I can not now abide even seeing his face let along hearing his outrages.

    1. He lost me with his claim to repeal birthright citizenship. He's done.


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