Saturday, August 29, 2015

Arrived in Canada Via Niagara Falls!

Yes, I have been delinquent in my blog postings.  Just having too much fun don't you know (smile).

Pat met me at the Buffalo airport on Wednesday.  I thought we were going direct to his home in Toronto but instead he suggested that we go via Niagara Falls.  I had told him I visited Niagara Falls once many years ago.  I think it was in 1966 and it was sort of me and Bill's "honeymoon" trip after I moved in with Bill.  I always wanted to visit Niagara Falls again.

Well, Pat had a surprise for me.  He booked us a room at the Ramada Inn on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.  What a wonderful surprise!  The last time I saw Niagara Falls it was a "drive-thru". I stood on the Canadian side and took some Polaroid pictures then we were off to the U.S. via way of New York state and through Pennsylvania.

This time was MUCH different.  I didn't know Niagara Falls was a mini-Disneyland.  Wow!  Pat and I took in all the attractions our old bodies could endure including the giant Ferris Wheel (and it was BIG folks).  We even went to the casino and played the slots.  First time for both me and Pat.  We had $10.00 each to play with.  Of course we lost our whole stake but what the hey?  We can now check off "We played the slots" from our Bucket List.

Well, we visited the casino and entered the Den of Gamblers. Neither one of us had ever been in a casino before or played the slots. But tonight we had ten bucks and we were going to play!  Talk about two neophytes.  What a goofy pair we were. We didn't  ven know how to play the quarter slots.

We found a security person and she was kind enough to find us a "simple" slot machine.  We played, we lost.  Oh well, it was fun.  The lights, the action, the occasional screams of joy as someone actually did win . . . . all made for a wonderful experience.  I don't know that we would ever repeat the experience but we did have fun.  If for nothing else than to prove to ourselves and others that you're never too old to try a new adventure. 

Later we took a ride on the giant Ferris Wheel.  I have to say once we got on that Ferris wheel we had second thoughts but there we were.  I took a video but we both decided not to post it on this blog posting because we were both wailing like scared little girls.  Once was enough.

I did a lot of walking around on my recently healed leg.  Maybe too much but we did cover a lot of territory.  I never know that Niagara Falls was such a "Disneyland" of rides, amusements, restaurants, T-shirts shops and the usual tourist traps.  But fun we had and it was yet another experience we added to the "Ron and Pat Road Show.  

After comfortable night at the Ramada we had a very good, if expensive breakfast at the iHop connected to the hotel ($40 plus for eggs and sausage and pancakes for me - Pat only had the orange juice and coffee).  Oh well, I'm used to it.  I live near Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. 

We checked out of the hotel and began our two hour ride to Pat's home in Toronto, having fulfilled our "Niagara Experience."  

Life is an adventure folks and we are having a grand time.


  1. To bad you did not get to NOTL - next time!
    Have fun in T-town.

  2. What a thoughtful surprise from Pat. I'm glad you got the opportunity to see Niagara again.
    I was there once when I was a small child. No Ferris Wheel, no casinos - - nothing but water.

    1. Jon,
      It's a regular Six Flags amusement park with gambling now Of course the Falls themselves are still the most spectacular sight. I was as impressed this time as I was the last time I visited the Falls in the early Sixties. Amazing to think how much water has flowed over those falls since that time.

  3. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Definitely a good Sunday morning read enjoy the next adventure!

    1. Adventure is my middle name David!


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