Friday, June 26, 2015

Supreme Court Rules In Favor of Same Sex Marriage Nationwide

Well, it happened. The majority (5-4) of Supreme Court justices ruled that same sex marriage is legal nationwide.  They overruled the wrong-headed thinking of the minority of Supreme Court justices who believe that "it should be left up to the states" to decided who has equal rights.  In other words, the rights of a minority should be decided by the votes of a majority.  

Bill and I will celebrate our 51st anniversary as a couple this day, next Friday.  Next Friday is also our second "official" wedding anniversary.  Folks, I have to tell you that when I met Bill fifty-one years ago at the Westbury Bar at 15th and Spruce Streets in Philadelphia that never . . . . NEVER in our wildest dreams did we ever think or believe that in our lifetime our love and life would be recognized and treated with the dignity and respect that straight couples automatically receive.  That we would no longer be the most despised minority in this country.  That one day we would no longer be "less than."  That one day we would be equal.  Not better, not less but EQUAL.

Bill (35) and Ron (22) - Pennsuaken, NJ - 1964 - Young Love

Bill (86) and Ron (73) - 2015 - Old (enduring) Love


Tony said...

A great and historic day!!

Ur-spo said...

it's nice to see you two smiling and in the same photo.

Unknown said...

It is so freaking awesome! I am SOOO happy for us! What an historic day!

Peace <3

Raybeard said...

Such happiness, Ron, for so many 'sane' people both inside your country and worldwide. A lovely happening that would have been considered pie-in-the-sky only a few years ago, if not entirely mad. Very happy for all.

But what happened to all those prayers offered up from the other side, pleading with God to halt this monstrous act? If the big G was listening seems that all he could care about was thumbing his nose at them - heh heh!. But you can bet your bottom dollar that the next tornado, flood, atrocity or whatever comes along it'll be blamed on this decision. (Yawn!)

Meg B. said...


Ron said...

A day I never thought I would see in my lifetime but I am glad I did! History was made yesterday. Onward and forward (with a few steps backwards of course). Hooray!

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
We smile a lot when we're together. It's just that Bill doesn't like to have his picture taken and that's usually why he's grumpy looking in his photos. He was pretty happy yesterday and acquiesced in having his photo taken with a smile. (smile)

Ron said...


Ron said...

A fabulous, spectacular, wonderful day. Almost as good as the day Bill and I got married. Now everyone can get married and they don't have to do state hopping which was ridiculous. Great news and a historic day!

Ron said...

Meg B.,
I second that emotion!

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