Friday, June 05, 2015

Politically Incorrect

Say, did you check my last posting?  Wow, I didn't realize that it would create so many comments.  Apparently me trying to be politically correct I have disappointed some of my followers, who know me as a straight shooter (no pun intended) who speaks his mind. But, unfortunately, sometimes reality catches up with my default position of saying exactly what is on my mind.

For as long as I can remember I've always spoke my mind.  Some were born with a "social" filter and would think before they speak.  I can remember from an early age my Mom telling me "Ronnie, THINK before you speak, or else you're going to get yourself into a lot of trouble."  

Well, you know folks I haven't always followed that rule.  I could write a book or two about how my life course has taken unintended diversions because of this tendency of mine to speak honestly and openly.  Sometimes it seems I'm always upsetting or pissing someone off by my, what I think, innocent comments.  

I do have a problem, lying doesn't come easy to me.  In fact I don't lie.  Not that I'm saintly or anything like that.  To me lying is just too hard to do (keeping all the facts straight) and the one thing I have if I have nothing else is respect that I tell the truth.  Some people may not like me (tell me about it) but even those who don't like me for whatever reason do know that I tell the truth.  I value my integrity just about more than anything else in my life. Not for nothing have I always been put in a position of trust during the many jobs I've had in my life.

Now I realize there are times when one just can't blurt out the Truth.  For instance when a female co-workers comes in with a new hairdo which makes her look like Bozo the Clown and she asks me "How do you like my new hairdo?"  Is it a lie when I respond "Hmmm, that's different."  Then I try to divert her by saying "Where did you get it?" or "How much did you pay for it?"  Would my responses be considered lying?

Of course if not asked my opinion and I have a negative opinion, I won't volunteer that opinion. Sometimes things are best left unsaid.  Would that be considered lying?

I think where I when I offer an unsolicited opinion.  When I just say what is on my mind.  Especially when writing in my blog I try to be descriptive as possible to make a more interesting posting and to put you, the reader, in my position.  For instance when I mentioned the dinner my Canadian, yoga trained, Nice Guy (Pat is very circumspect, unlike me) and I had dinner Memorial Weekend Sunday at a popular restaurant in Rehoboth beach, our ear drums were almost permanently damaged by the raucous behavior of a group of patrons in the booth behind us.  When I saw them finally leave they looked like a passel of hippos leaving the watering hole. 

I referred to them as "fat assed lesbians."  Now, for all I know they could have been fat assed straight women but I doubt it because Rehoboth Beach is also known as "Gayberry" and has a large lesbian population.  I didn't make that up and I'm not being politically incorrect in stating that fact. I assumed they were lesbians.  What I didn't assume were the fat posteriors that I saw exiting the restaurant as peace and quiet descended upon the premises when the aforementioned "ladies" left the restaurant.

Bye, bye booty

So someone with good intentions left a comment on my blog that, knowing where I work, someone (you know who) make take offense and not do business with where I work.  Yes, I know it's a stretch but hey, you never know.  And I have gotten into trouble before at work by things I've written in my blog.  

So what am I to do?  Stop writing my blog? 

Bland it (my blog) up?  Hey, that's no fun.  

Stop being me?  Listen up, I've lost a lot and I'm older now and, frankly, less inclined to bend over backwards, and sideways and whatever other way) to avoid offended those who are easily offended. The way I look at it if you are so sensitive and easily offended, then perhaps you shouldn't ready my blog because honey, I'm going to offend again as sure as the Republicans blame President Obama for all the ills of the country sun comes up in the morning. 

I am going to piss someone off, that is for sure.  I remember my late friend Wayne "The Cajun" Juneau (rest his soul).

I don't think there was ever a moment when we were together that I wasn't offending him by my word or action.  Some readers of this blog posting right now might even by offended by me even mentioning his name now that he is deceased and cannot come back at me.  But folks, what I am stating was the facts. Wayne and I had a contentious relationship but I still liked him.  I wasn't sure if he liked me but I do know the last time I saw him he wasn't happy with me.  And his last blog posting he even took a shot at me even though I had all good intentions. 

So folks, you see, I manage to offend when I'm not even trying.

Just for good measure, I've sprinkled some images through out this blog posting that I'm sure will offend just about everyone who reads this blog.  If you're not offended, let me know and I'll look for that image that offends you. 

Hey, have a great day!


Unknown said...

I have known for awhile that you were a total asshole. You confirm it daily. Queens acting like queens think they are superior, sadly just like straight men.

Jon said...

Another great post, Ron, with extremely amusing visuals. I was smiling all the way through (I'm in a rare good mood today) - - but - -
when I got to the Del Monte pineapple juice ad I laughed so hard that I spit coffee out all over myself (no lie - - I was drinking some java for a caffeine fix).

I'll keep this brief, since my comments are often frighteningly long.

Travel said...

There is the old Ron, back in full strength.

Amanda said...

It is your blog and I have always loved your honesty, If someone is offended, they should move on.

Geo. said...

"I value my integrity just about more than anything else in my life." Ron, hold that thought. Integrity is a quality in a constant state of self-adjustment. You're doing fine as far as I can tell. However, there's one pic in this post that disturbs me: I remember comic books costing 10 cents when I was a kid. When they went up to 12 and then 15 cents, I knew we were in for a rough ride --most disturbing.

Raybeard said...

Hi Ron. Yes it's me. I didn't see the posting of yours that you're referring to here (and going to town on!), because I didn't dare try to open it up for fear of freezing my equipment for half a day. But I took a gamble that this one here wouldn't contain a video, containing the certainty that it my computer wouldn't like it and punish me for trying, and it's worked (even though it still took about 20 minutes to come up).
So. I'm still here, waiting for this rusty old thing to collapse in a non-functioning heap. Just to let you know - and I'm sorry that I don't have anything constructive to say about what you've written above as (previously explained) I didn't see the original that you're talking about. But when I can read your blogs I'll give it the occasional try.
Till next time - 'bye for now. Ray.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ron. I do think you have made things a bit difficult for yourself, in that you use your real name, provide the names of others, have lots of photos, etc. I know many bloggers (what's left of them, anyway) don't use their full (or even real) name, don't disclose where they work, aren't specific about where they live, etc. It's basically a privacy choice that we all have to make (thus, my Anon comments, altho it wasn't me who started all this, I swear). However, I think your blog would be somehow "less" if it weren't for the ability to feel connected to you as a real person that your self-disclosure (and occasional lack of an internal filter) provides.

I have learned the hard way to be guarded in what I say at work, for instance, because I have found that feelings are very easily hurt and egos need constant stroking for most people. Me, I can go for months without needing to hear "Good job!" and would much rather someone come right out and tell me if I am not meeting expectations as soon as there is a problem. Instead, it seems the norm is frequent back patting for just doing what you are paid to do, and walking on eggshells for half an hour before even hinting that you could improve your work in some small way. Wouldn't it be great if we could all communicate (at least in the workplace) with blunt truth and no repercussions? Imagine the increase in productivity!

It is a shame, however, that you have specified your workplace. What's done is done, but that must put a bit of pressure on you to self-censor. I have heard of corporations having actual policies regarding social media. Can you imagine being disciplined for some off-hand comment on Facebook about how you had to work late or something? Hard to fathom, isn't it? Talk about being a victim of the modern age!

Well, don't let the hippo herds get you down, so to speak. Hope your return to work continues to be good for your morale. ~~~ NB

WARPed said...

"...I manage to offend when I'm not even trying."

Well, some of us are just born talented!


Hey, did Ellen Degeneres drown? I heard they found her face down on Rikki Lake...


Ron said...

I definitely have the talent to offend. Rarely does a day go by that I don't offend somebody, mostly because I don't kow tow to them.

Ron said...

Thanks again for your thoughtful comments and advice. I'm always open to suggestions, criticism and compliments! But here's the way I look at it, we can go through life afraid of our shadow and hide or we can live openly. When I came out in 1963 as a gay man (to my Mom and then the world), I lost about half my friends and over the years I lost two good jobs because I was openly gay. If I lose another job because I express my opinion on my personal blog in this free country, then so be it. I don't think I've said anything that detrimental about my job or co-workers or anything in my blog has caused them to lose business but if I am considered a liability then so be it. I'll take my chances just like I've done every day since I was born. Some of us can play it safe and some can live foolishly. I don't think I fall into either of those extreme categories but I do love living in a free country where I can state my opinions and feelings freely without the fear of being punished.

Ron said...

I wondered what happened to you. Good to hear from you again and I hope your computer problems are soon history.

Ron said...

When I was a pre-adolescent I LOVED comic books. And you're right, they cost 10 cents apiece. If you got one of those thick, special editions they cost 25 cents. I had hundreds of comic books which I would trade with my good friend Larry. After I went off to the Army (when I was 18 years old) my Mother threw away ALL OF MY COMIC BOOKS. I couldn't believe it. Man oh man, what those comic books would be worth today. My friend Larry's mother didn't throw away his comic books. He still has them and I envy him. Comic books were an integral part of my life when I was growing up. I can't imagine my childhood without them.

Ron said...

I love your comments, succinct and exactly right. This is exactly the way I feel. If anyone doesn't like my blog . . . . move on.

Ron said...

Say what? Your'e making me smile.

Ron said...

I know I've done something good when I can make someone spit their coffee. By the way, I love your long comments. Short of long, your comments are always welcome.

Ron said...

Oh yes. Feels good!

Raybeard said...

Ron, from what you say immediately above, and the way you say it, leads me to think that you didn't get my long-ish e-mail to you of three days ago explaining my situation with regard to your blogs in particular. Assuming that to be the case, and since I still have two addresses for you, I've just now sent it again to the 'other' one, even though the first didn't come back to me as 'unknown'. If you do get this second one if you could just briefly indicate that this time you have received it and it was today (6th) I'll delete the other one which, I think, I ought to have removed some time ago.

Ron said...

No, I didn't read your e-mail but that is probably my fault because I am very far behind on my e-mails. My apologies.

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