Wednesday, June 03, 2015

More Return to Normal (not the town)

More evidence yesterday folks of my life returning to normal,  more specifically, OUR life returning to normal.

Bill doesn't like to dine out.  His only exception is a restaurant in Milton, which I will not name because I don't want to offend them with any disparaging comments I make about them. 

I don't particularly care for this restaurant because it always seems to smell musty, a fact confirmed by my boss Mike at work when he has dined there with his family.  My neighbor Barbara, a very discerning connoisseur of food, also doesn't like the smell or the food. I don't like their food either.  

But we go because Bill only gets a cup of soup (he doesn't eat much) and he likes the quiet (no screaming babies or kids) and the friendliness of the restaurant staff.  Their soup is good but I need ore than a cup of soup. There is where I run into problems. However, the restaurant's bread is very good, homemade I suspect. 

Last night wasn't too bad because I got the baked ziti (with a salad side) for the nightly special of $6.99.  Of course I couldn't eat it all but what I did eat was tasty.  I took the rest home for Bill to eat later.  

Our total bill came to $12.07 which included Bill's raspberry iced tea, which he loves. 

Not bad for a visit to a restaurant, especially one where one doesn't have to contend with screaming kids.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand.  Bill and I ate out last night for the first time since my leg injury and it was great!  More return to normalcy.  

I love it!


WARPed said...

Well, since you started it...

Q: What weighs 250 pounds and swims in Rehoboth Bay?
A: Moby Dyke.



Jon said...

Hey, I'm still laughing at Andy's comment - -

As for eating out, I'll gladly go ANYWHERE that doesn't have screaming bastar -- - oops! I mean brats.
I now live in the peaceful wilderness of Tennessee, but the screams of the ten kids who lived next door to me in Texas still echo in my ears.

Unknown said...

I like a quiet place. We had to tell the restaurant tonight to turn down the music. I think it was loud to cover up the owner's screaming kids!

Peace <3

Ron said...

Good one Andy. I had to remove my reference to this joke in my blog because some (rightly) pointed out to me that I was being disparaging of a whole group of people which is probably unfair. I do have a propensity of putting my foot in my mouth and creating difficulties at work sometimes with statements I make in my blog. I have to be more mindful in the future with my postings and hopefully, not muzzle my free thinking so much that my blogs become boring and bland safe postings.

Ron said...

I don't blame the kids for screaming and squirming when their parents take them to restaurants. Most of the noise is caused by babies who DO NOT WANT TO BE THERE. The parents are very selfish by putting their kid through the discomfort of taking them out just so they can eat out. These kind of parents who thoughtlessly take babies and kids to restaurants do not care how much they bother the other diners. When we lived in Pennsylvania I had to put up with a screaming little girl (Stephanie) for eight solid years. Every time that girl burst out the door of her house in the morning she was screaming. What is it with the little girls who scream. My neighbor to the left side of me has two little girls. The first one didn't scream but the second one, the youngest,, she's a screamer. I can't scream. Even if I try, I just can't.

Ron said...

Yes, what is it with the loud, ear splitting music some restaurants play? One of the restaurants I was in for the first time a few years ago in Rehoboth had a piano player. Ah, I thought. Nice background music to accompany our dining. But what did we get? An Ethel Merman wannabe who seemed like she was auditioning for a Broadway show. Man was that woman loud. Banging on that piano and belting out Broadway show tunes (which I hate, especially "Annie" - "tomorrow, tomorrow, etc." I like quiet.

wcs said...

When a restaurant advertises home-made bread (or home-made anything), I always have to wonder: at who's home was it made? LOL. Glad you're getting back to Normal (not the town).

Ron said...

This restaurant didn't advertise homemade bread. However, when I ate it, it tasted so good I asked the waitress if it was homemade. I had the same experience at a chain of restaurants in Toronto called Aroma. Their breads are absolutely delicious. I asked and viola! Homemade.

Ur-spo said...

What a curious cuisine. He is a marvelous mystery. :-)

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Lotsa cheese in that dish. More than I can digest successfully.

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