Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Open House - Los Angeles California

Pat and I in front of a very large succulent in Los Angeles

During my recent vacation this past January in Los Angeles California with my Canadian friend Pat, we had the good luck to come upon an open house.  Both Pat and I love open houses!

We were just taking a walk in a residential section of Los Angeles, enjoying the mild weather (70 degrees) and palm trees when we came across an open house.  "Say Pat, want to check it out?"  Pat:  "Yes!"

So here  you go folks, a pictorial display of our tour of this open house:

"Open House!" downtown Los Angeles

Pat discusses the details with the realtor

Now this is a shower! - "His and His"

The Master Bedroom - I like!

Private balcony and corner window - I love it!

From second floor - view of neighborhood

The guest bedroom - love the private balcony

Another bedroom with private balcony

Fireplace and couch on yet another private balcony

Pat asks "What kind of wood?" 
The first floor main living area - living room, dining room, kitchen and view of backyard pool

The obligatory Los Angeles California homeowner's pool 

The dining room

View from front of house

Side street view of this new, modern house

Real oranges!

Wouldn't this "modest" house in the heart of a residential section of Los Angeles make a nice getaway?  Both Pat and I thought so.  

One of my dreams (as yet unrealized) was to win a lottery of several million dollars so I could buy some of these getaways.  I would certainly buy this lovely, perfect home in Los Angeles.  Brand new, modern, clean lines, low maintenance and ideally located. If I had this home I wouldn't risk falling on ice and snow and being put out of commission for months like I am now. 

But alas, I stopped playing Powerball years ago.  Pat buys an occasionally lottery ticket with a maximum payout of $10,000.  Hardly enough to buy this beauty.  But you know folks, one can dream and I thank that realtor that Sunday in January who permitted me and Pat to wander through this dream house.

 So what do you think folks? Like it?

So how much do you think it cost?  Well, here you go:  the asking price was:


Yeah, that knocked Pat's hat askew.  Oh well, we can dream can't we?


  1. It's truly a fantastic house - - but I don't like the close neighbors. And that TV above the fireplace will have to go. It's extremely spacious. I could roller skate in the living room......and entertain the 7th Fleet in the shower. No ice in the winter, but you'd better have earthquake insurance.

    I enjoyed the tour. And when I saw the price, my cowboy hat went askew......

    1. Jon,
      That was a tight little lot If I was going to spend $3,200,000 on a house I would certainly want a LOT more land. Sure, there was a swimming pool in the back yard but not much else. The house was brand new, a builder spec. I liked the house but I would prefer a location in the Hollywood Hills. And yes, earthquake insurance for when my house would slide down the hill.

  2. With my knees I need to put in an elevator, but I could live there, only 3-million little reasons I won't/

    1. David,
      I could definitely live in that house but it would have to be a second home, a place to go to get away from the cold, ice and snow.

  3. Ron - were we walking around with shoes on?? That's really odd unless the realtor said to leave them on. Nice neighbourhood - and some tear downs were in that area too. Falling apart. So I can just imagine what people must be paying for even a small structure in the Hollywood Hills where you can barely find room to park your car.


    1. Pat,
      We had our shoes off. You can hear the stocking feet sound on the video when I went up the stairs.

  4. Ron,

    Thanks for the fun tour! It costs a lot to live in some areas of CA! Even here in Sonoma I can't believe the prices.

    Cindy from Sonoma

    1. Cindy,
      The prices in Toronto are also very high, which surprises me.

  5. I think my current house would fit in that living room. Yikes!

  6. 'Impressive' doesn't even begin to do it justice. I bet the winter heating costs are astronomical - though maybe LA Winters are more bearable than in some parts. But what's an extra few extra thousand dollars per month when you've already paid £3 mill plus?

    Where would the servants sleep? Tucked away in a hidden basement?
    What also struck me is that the master bedroom would be more than spacious enough to host really big-scale orgies - while the 'smaller' bedrooms would be useful for any 'overspill'.
    However, in general, worth every cent!

  7. Randy in NEB2:51 AM

    Ron, If I win the Powerball this Saturday, I'll buy it you and Pat come visit ant time you like, or stay if you want. I love the meditation balcony on the second floor. Randy.


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