Thursday, April 02, 2015

I Miss Work

Selfie taken on moments before my fall on the ice that changed my life

One question that has been resolved since my accident of February 18th, did I still want to continue working?  

Now since I haven't been back to work on that fateful day I have the answer . . . YES!

The picture at the beginning of this blog was taken only minutes before I left work.  I took a selfie in the men's room.  About five minutes later I was closing up the Inn by locking the doors.  When I rounded the corner my foot stepped on a frozen mound of ice from the rain spout and, after trying to catch my balance, I went down on my left knee severing my quadricep ligaments.  

In the Beebe Hospital Emergency room after my fall

The damage done to my leg after the fall
My leg after surgery to repair the quadricep ligaments - my home health care cleaning procedure
The physical therapist introducing me my new friend - The Walker
Never in a million years did I think I would meet a walker so soon in my life.

Physical therapist showing me how to walk on stairs
Like my little flowered frock?
These pictures were taken the day after my surgery on March 10th, before I was discharged from the hospital to be on my own at home.  Thank goodness they didn't send me to a rehab center which they would have if I didn't have Bill at home.

I'm a quick learner
I have my cane, my crutches and my walker at home.  No wheelchair, I left that at the hospital thank you.  I did bring the port-potty home but haven't had to use it.  I can traverse quite well to the bathroom (thank goodness again).

Trying to maneuver my straight leg back into the wheelchair
Well, I'm still hobbling around on my walker. My left leg below the knee has been swollen in various stages since my fall on February 18th, that's a long time.  Sometimes before I go to bed it's throbbing so much I can hardly stand it.  Red, hot, and numb.  But when I elevate my leg, like I'm doing now as I type this post at my computer, I get some relief.  My very best relief is when darkness and nothingness overcomes me at night when I drift off to sleep.  I awaken in the morning and almost all of the swelling and throbbing is gone.  However, it returns once I get up and start moving around, which I have to.  For recovery I have to balance exercise with rest.  And I have to be very patient because it takes long time for tissue to heal, longer than a broken bone, which surprised me when I asked my home health care worker and she gave me that answer.

But folks, each day I'm a little better.  Still can't life my lower leg but I'm feeling "something" going on below the knee.  I hope it's not just my wishful imagination.

Anyway, I started out this blog by stating I miss work.  I do miss work especially on a Wednesdays and Thursdays, my regular shift from 3 PM to 11 PM.  And especially springtime when the days are longer.

There were times in the past when I wondered "Do I still want to work?"  Well, that question has been answered now since my forced immobility . . . . . 


  1. Ron,

    I know once you have recovered your employer will welcome you back to work! I for one am glad I am not working, after a brief six weeks helping out a friend part time I was so happy it was over. That office was a toxic environment and reminded me of my previous job to much. Funny thing is my friend quit on Tuesday, and I am so glad for him. I think you will do well in physical therapy, both physically and mentally. You will have more human contact which I am sure is sorely missed.

    Cindy from Sonoma

    1. Cindy,
      Life is too short and fragile to have to endure working in a toxic environment. I'm glad you're finding a better place for yourself now. Treasure each day.

  2. Ron - as of next week you'll have experienced about a third of this last tribulation of yours - perhaps it might equate to more if the healing is faster. Possibly then you'll be oot and aboot sometime in May. Things are looking better. A lot of down time for sure. It'll be terrific for you to get back to all those simply regular kind of things you enjoy.


    1. Pat,
      I'm counting the days . . . and weeks. And I hope this is the last tribulation I have to endure for a while.I'm ready for a run of just good health with no medical situations. I've been to the local hospital emergency room too many times already. They recognize me now when I'm brought in my ambulance.

  3. They miss you more then you miss them ��

    1. Roger,
      I hope so!

  4. Did you ever see 'The Omen', Ron? - the original and far superior 1976 version, I mean, rather than the more recent tepid re-make. Surely you MUST have! I mention it because I was wondering if the first picture had been taken as a full body shot it might have shown some kind of shadowy superimposed image over your legs. Not that if it did you could have done anything about it, mind.
    Sorry, this comment is just the vagaries of my mind working, and I was unable to resist setting it down. Now please ignore and carry on as before :-)

  5. Ray,
    No, I didn't see "The Omen." You know, my friend (sometimes) "The Cajun" died the day before, very angry at me for my premature obituary for him. The crazy thought went through my head that he pushed me. Talk about "vagaries of my mind working."

    1. 'The Omen' (Gregory Peck & Lee Remick) gets my strong recommendation, but for some it was rather too scary. Pat's probably seen it.
      Meantime I'll have to ponder on exactly what you're saying in the rest of your comment - or maybe it is exactly only 'vagaries'.


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