Sunday, August 31, 2014

Toronto - The Last Day

Pat's neighbor's cat who always greets us with a "Meow" on our way down to Udupi Palace and another "Meow" on the way back.  I asked him/her if I could take a photo.  This was the response I got "Oh, go ahead if you must."

Well folks, in a few hours my gracious (and patient) host will take me to Buffalo, New York for my 5:45 PM plane departure to Philadelphia, PA.  I am so looking forward to going home and seeing Bill again but I am sad to be leaving Toronto and all the wonderful experiences I've had and the nice folks I've met.

Last night my host and I took the three block walk down his street to India Town and had our last meal (the "Last Supper?") at Udupi Palace, a wonderful all vegetarian Indian restaurant.  Pat had a tomato based, mixed vegetable, spicy curry dish with rice.  I had a mixed vegetable dish cooked in coconut milk and this wonderful puffy bread (can't stop eating it) whose name I forgot and can't pronounce anyway.  We both had a sweet lime soda sprinkled with the owner's unique blend of Indian spices.  Last night I could hear the Song of Scheherazade playing in the background. Oh I know Scheherazade isn't Indian but it's close.

Last night's dinner was exotic folks. Enchanting and mesmerizing. It would have been perfect if it wasn't for that one Screaming Kid. Oh yes, we had to endure yet another Screaming Kid, this one included a broken plate which he threw to the floor in a fit after not being paid enough attention to.  But what's dinner without the Screaming Kid?  

Arriving back to my host's home, I challenged him to yet another game of Scrabble.  I had yet to win.  He's been beating me like a red-headed step child.  

First game, he trounced me . . . . good.  Hey, I like Pat but now I'm starting to get a little seriously annoyed when he uses words like "EF" (for "F") and "ZEA" for what I don't know.  What really frustrates me is how I seem to feed him opportunities for double and triple word scores and bingos. Bingos are where the player uses all seven of his letters.  He gets an extra fifty points.  The other night I was winning up until the near end and Mr. Smug Face gets another bingo.

Well folks, I guess you know where this is going.  Our last game last night.  Mr. Cheshire Cat Grin is leading.  I'm getting good scores but he's getting better ones.  Then he gets yet another bingo!  I refuse to give up hope.  REFUSE.  I work the old brain.  I'm using brain cells that haven't been used in a long time.  In fact I think I used brain cells that have never been used because my head started to hurt. My hair even hurt.

Then, after struggling and going over and over the board I saw my opportunity.  There, in the corner was a triple word box.  I had a blank.  I could make a word out of all seven of my Scrabble tiles.  I can't believe it.  I look at the opening again.  Yes, yes . . . . . YES!

My turn arrives.  I lick my lips.  He sees I'm going to lay a Big One.  He still has his "Oh here he goes again with a made up word" smile.  I place my tiles.  Then I sit back.  He looks at the word that I placed:

C R U D I T E 

He gives me his Sylvester Cat I Ate the Canary smile and asks "That's a word?"  The corners of my mouth curl slightly into a smile and I challenge him "Look it up.  Go ahead."  

He looks at me again and then lifts his hand to the keyboard of the computer and enters C R U D I T E.

Crudités are traditional French appetizers consisting of sliced or whole raw vegetables[1] which are sometimes dipped in a vinaigrette or other dipping sauce. Crudités often include celery sticks, carrot sticks, bell pepper strips, broccolicauliflowerfennel, and asparagus spears; sometimes olives, depending on local custom.
"Crudités" (plural) derives similarly as English "crude", in that both are ultimately from Latin "crūdus", meaning "raw", later "crūditās", meaning "undigested food", then French "crudité" (singular), for "uncooked food".[1]

A celery and carrot crudite platter

"What happened?"

He looks back at me again, slowly realizing he LOST. 

"Well, I'll be a tick on a hound's butt - you won!"

Ah yes, victory is mine.  Final score 361 (me) to 336 (the loser).  

"Congratulations Ron!"

Prior to my blowout bingo word he was leading 318 to my 271.

The vanquished

Ah, victory is sweet.  I slept well last night.

Now for the trip home to Delaware. 

Thank you to my most gracious host, Patrick. 


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  2. Dear loyal readers. (I'm addressing the readers - not Ron)

    Let me set the record straight. I threw the game. No - that's not true. And if I left it at that Ron wouldn't post my comment anyway. But I think I've been had. Here I was winning game after game. I think it was hustler Ron's strategy. The old hare and tortoise routine. He let me get so comfortable winning and then when the most important game came - the last - where the record would stay till we meet again - wham bam thank you ma'am. He pulled the rug from under my feet. My only recompense is, if I want to believe it, is I was a good Scrabble mentor.


    1. Pat,
      Thank you very much for reintroducing me to the game of Scrabble, a game I haven' played since I was about ten years old. And yes, you were a good Scrabble mentor but I do have to admit, beating your ass felt good.

    2. All's well that ends well. Safe and fast journey home Ron!

    3. Nadege,
      I'm home but it wasn't a fast journey (see today's blog posting) nor safe. We traveled in a thunderstorm. Scary. I was ready to check out. Thankfully I finally got home, albeit very late. I was exhausted but I'm recovering now. Thank you for your good wishes.

  3. This is a great post! I couldn’t help but laugh at the last line of Ron’s reply comment to Pat’s.

    1. Brian,
      Oh it did feel good to beat his ass. No doubt about it.

  4. naan bread? or roti? or something else?

    1. Anne Marie,
      Had plenty of naan bread but missed out on the roti. Pat took me to a place that is known for it's roti but it was closed for the weekend. Who ever heard of a restaurant being closed for the weekend?

  5. Pat's comment was spoken like a true gentleman.
    Have a safe trip home, Ron. I really enjoyed reading about your adventures. Now you can look forward to hearing screaming American kids, instead of screaming Canadian ones.....

    1. Jon,
      Would you believe that on the airplane I was seated next to a crying baby? Thank Goo the stewardess saw my dilemma and asked me if I would like to move my seat which I did. I've had my fill of screaming and crying kids. Right now it is so quiet in this house. I love it.


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