Friday, August 08, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Yours truly July 24, 1976

Okay, okay.  So I'm a day late and a dollar short on this week's Throwback Thursday submission.  

I'm a busy guy, what can I tell you?

Today's gem of a photo is of me (of course) taken July 24th, 1976 at our newly acquired property in East Brandywine Township, Chester County (Downingtown) Pennsylvania.

Bill and I purchased 6.875 acres of heavily wooded land from a Mr. Ted Johnson, who had subdivided his property.  He was asking $30,000 for the acreage, I offered $25,000 which he accepted, much to my surprise.  Why? I thought he would refuse but I had to borrow the money from my Mother. She said "Offer him $25,000, all he can say is 'No'".  That was the condition of her loan.  So, somewhat sheepishly I offered Mr. Johnson $25,000 and he accepted immediately! Big "Whoop!"  I just save us $5,000.  Thanks Mom!

Thus began Bill and I adventure of building our dream house at 161 Crawford Road, Downingtown, Pennsylvania.  Thirty years later we sold the property and house and moved to Delaware where we reside now.  

Life is just one big adventure.  My only question is:

What happened to that hunky guy sitting on the fence?  That was me? ! ?


  1. If I'd been passing by you at the time (however unlikely that would have been seeing that it was private property) you might well have heard the question "How much do you charge?"

    1. Ray,
      LOL. Well, that's ONE thing I never did . . . . . charge. I was free but I didn't give out samples. In fact, I was pretty much circumspect. Probably why I'm alive today. Back In The Day, I was very, very selective . . . . . almost always going home alone. I got lucky a few time though but never really satisfying with a few exceptions. As a dearly long departed friend of mine said when I asked him if he "ever made out" . . . his response was "I had my moments." Same here Ray . . I had my moments too. But, right now? I'm having the best time of my life and who would have ever thunk? As an old man of 72? Just goes to show that life is full of surprises. I do remember telling my friend Bob Mc. (when I was 60 and he 65) "Bob, I think the best is yet to come for me" and darn if it isn't. Life is good Ray.

    2. I'm so happy that you are APPRECIATING your current best time ever, Ron. There's little that's more tiresome than hearing moans from some who just don't know how lucky they are.

      Btw: I never charged on any occasion either - or, indeed, ever 'used' someone else's 'services' for a price. But I do have a vague regret at not having tried either when I had the chance (and looks) to give it a go - though I don't lose any sleep over not having done it.

    3. Ray,
      Oh believe me I am SOOOO appreciative of my life right now. I have a beautiful home, devoted husband of 50 years, very good friends, good part-time job, and whle not rich by any means, I have enough to sustain me into the lifestyle I am most comfortable. It took a lot of years and several significant detours to get whre I am at now but believe me, this is literally the best time of my life. And I never would have forseen that at my age (72) that would be the case but it is., much to my very pleasant surprise.

      I would never consider selling myelf but I did hire a hustler once just to see what it was like. The experience was fantastic but I would never repeat it, too dangerous. I just wanted to experience it once and I wasn't disappointed. Rather tame sex but I was turned on by the whole aspect of "buying it." Quite an experience I can assure you. Of course I did it when I was in my prime. I imagine if I bought someone's services now at my age it would be quite a different experience which I'm not willing to try. I'm not interested in young men. They don't turn me on. Give me an older man, in shape, masculine and nice personality and I"m ready to go.


  2. That's a great photo, Ron. You look intriguingly sexy and I like the rural setting.
    I was amused at the above exchange you had with Ray. I have to admit that I never charged, either - - but I was offered money numerous times. I think I mentioned (on my blog) the time a guy on Hollywood Boulevard offered me money to lick my boots. I shouldn't reveal this, but I will (heck it's only between you and me). He did lick my boots, and he some other things to me, too.......

    That was long ago when I was young and hot. Hell, nobody would want to lick anything on me now......

    1. Jon,
      I haven't seen that photo since it was taken. It brought back fond memories. So fast time goes by. Amazing.

      I was never offered money. I never got into those situations but like I told Ray, I did buy "it" once, just for the lark. When I used to walk home after a night in the bars I had to go past a place called "The Merry Go-Round". Gay guys and some hustlers looking for free exchange sex or to sell themselves. I often wondered what it would be like to purchases the "services" of one of those intriguing hustlers. I saw this one guy and stopped and talked to him. The price was $20.00. He came back to my place. It was good for me but he probably thought he got a bargain because I hardly got his pants open and I came. Yep, I was that excited. Once I came it was all over. I asked him to leave. He said "Is that all you want to do?" I said "I'm done. Believe me, I enjoyed myself. It something I always wanted to do and I did it." He left, after only being in my house for about 15 minutes. I bet that was the easiest $20 he ever made. Never did it since though and I especially wouldn't now because I would be the "old man buy sex from a hustler" protocol and these days, there is just too much danger. Actually back then it was pretty dangerous too. I was lucky, as I have been most of my life. Ah, memories.

      Your story with the licking the boots . . . . very interesting; it wouldn't do anything for me someone licking my boots although I did have several guys offer to do that (I often wore cowboy boots to my local leather and western bar). I did do the "walking on the guys's chest and "other areas (at his request of course). He got off on it, I didn't. I never got that whole fetish thing. Well, maybe a little bit since I have some of my own fetishes that I won't publicize in this forum. Some things really "work" for me. Let me just say, my fetishes are pretty tame to some I've heard. Maybe someday I'll write about it . . . like on my deathbed. Always good hearing from you Jon.


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