Sunday, August 03, 2014

Musings on an Overcast Sunday

Here I sit on this overcast Sunday morning, ready to go to work again.  Three day in a row.  Then again tomorrow (day shift) and the next day (day shift again) then back to normal.

Yesterday at the hotel wasn't too bad.  The rough part was getting into work. Saturday afternoon in the height of the summer season in Rehoboth Beach, DE spells one thing: 


I hardly got out onto Route One and there is was, hundreds of cars going south on Route One, inching their way to Rehoboth Beach.  God help me.  I am SO GLAD I don't have the weekend shift at the hotel during the summer.  I HATE sitting in traffic, just inching along.  HATE IT.

Above is just a short video of the bottleneck that is Rehoboth Beach Summer Fun.  Only another month to go and we locals reclaim our Route One again. I shouldn't really complain though, all that traffic (at $3.00 a pop, Del Dot just raised the toll fee from $2.00 to $3.00 - why not?  It doesn't slow the traffic down to Rehoboth and points (Ocean City, Maryland) and beyond.

Folks, we local stay away from Rehoboth Beach in the summertime.  It just isn't worth it.  However, I am glad we have all that traffic coming down, depositing their dollars into our local economy.  Yesterday, while inching  along in traffic I spied mostly Pennsylvania and New Jersey license plates.  We never did get too many New Jerseyites (sp?) until Hurricane Sandy.  We get them now. 
Hey folks . . . . no sales tax in Delaware!  Come on down. 

All this weekend we've had rain or overcast skies, somewhat to the disappointment of many of our hotel guests.  So far this summer we've had an abundance of sun . . . too much actually.  I've had to force myself to stay indoor because of the heat, humidity and sun, sun sun.  Just last week I was thinking "We could use a little less sun."  But you know what happens "Be careful what you wish for."  

Yesterday afternoon there was a wedding in the park adjoining the hotel.  The rain let up enough to permit the Beautiful Bride to be married outside under the bridal canopy.  A few minutes before the ceremony the bridegroom and his entourage trooped past the front desk in their pear gray suits looking soooo fine (all nice buttocks - did I really say THAT?)  I was momentarily rendered speechless by the unexpected overload of fine masculinity but quickly recovered.  All in a day's work folks.

One short of a dozen (or two short of two dozen, depending on what  you're counting)


anne marie in philly said...

WOW! the motherload of cute boyz! pity the groom was marrying a GIRL!

Stan said...

That video could have been taken here in NJ on any highway heading south to the Jersey Shore. It's been years since I've been and like you I HATE sitting in traffic yet people do it every weekend. I don't get it.

David Jeffreys said...

Hey folks . . . . no sales tax in Delaware! Really??????

Everyone in NC (especially the merchants) is complaining that there is no tax free weekend for buying school supplies for the coming year as usual this year. Our wonderful republican state legislature did away with that this year! Seems the state was losing too much tax money.

Ron said...

Anne Marie,
Actually, the groomsmen who swifted past my desk were better looking than these guys! I was momentarily speechless . . . . "uh . uh . WAIT!"

Ron said...

Believe me, NOTHING is worth sitting in that kind of traffic. Well . . . maybe "something" but I won't have to go through that kind of traffic to get it. :)

Ron said...

No sales tax David. We do have a hotel tax (8%) but NO sales tax. Our toll roads and parking meters make up the difference from our welcomed out of state visitors.

pat888 said...

Ron - I don't know - after last years brutal winter I could enjoy the Beachboys endless summer I think. Up here it's different - the city becomes quieter as people are on holidays and head out to vacations spots - like Rohoboth I guess.


Ur-spo said...

Don't most of the local skidoo for the summer/tourist season?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ron. I feel you about inching in traffic woes. I'd rather drive an hour with no real traffic than sit for 20 minutes in bumper car land. LOL.

Your banner is beautiful! Please consider doing a post of all you lovely plantings, with names if you know them. Thanks.

~~~ NB

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
OOOOOOOHHH NO! They're still here IN FORCE! Everything is at a crawl in this humid sweat box called the Delmarva peninsula. I an SOOOOO looking forward to my visit to Canada in NINE days. When I get back the Little Darlings will be back in school. OH YES!

Ron said...


Thank you for your generous compliments about my plantings. I spend a lot of money, time and sweat getting them "just right." I'm glad you noticed. I will consider doing a blog posting of my "lovely plantings." Good suggestion!


Anonymous said...

I concur with NB's request to see your plantings!! Though, if you don't have time to do so before you leave on vacation that's entirely understandable.


Ron said...

This I will do. I'll try to do it today or tomorrow. Good suggestion! I'll have a permanent record of the "bounty" this year.

Ron said...

As you know, we're on the receiving end of the vacationers here in Dela-Where? Larry says his hometown (Claymont) clears out in the summertime. Oh well, at least we have a few weeks to ourselves early in the spring and fall. Only problem is that most of the restaurants are closed. They only serve The Hoard. The ones are stay open are lethargic and usually out of much of the regular menu items. This is definitely a resort area much like Provincetown, Mass. was when I used to vacation there so often many years ago.

Ur-spo said...

it looks like lows in the upper 50s in toronto! pack a sweatshirt!