Thursday, August 07, 2014

Cleaning up Trip to Canada Loose Ends

Me seeing Pat off when he was visiting this summer - this was the beginning of his 24 hour trip (by bus) back to Canada (he wasn't smiling when he got back)

Today I completed the last steps of preparation for my trip to Canada on August 15th, which is NEXT FRIDAY!

I just about decide what clothes to wear and what cameras I'm taking up with me.  I ordered new underwear from J. C. Penney which has already arrived.  I'm waiting for my genuine leather passport folder that I ordered from last week along with a luggage tag.

Today, at the suggestion of a very helpful commenter to my previous "Canada Trip" blog, I called my three credit card companies and informed them that I will be in Canada from August 15th to the 31st.  They all thanked me and I thank the helpful commenter who reminded me to inform my credit card companies of my trip out of the country.

Then I called Verizon.  I spent more time on the phone with Verizon that I did with all three credit card companies combined.  Actually, with the credit card companies I did a live chat.  Verizon, you have to call someone after, first finding a phone number to call (which wasn't easy) then going through the menu options.  It ONLY took me three times navigating the menu options until I got a live person on the phone.  My main concern with not to incur roaming charges on my iPhone while in Canada.  I make very few voice call but I do text.  My main concern is incurring a horrendous roaming charge by my e-mails automatically updating on my iPhone while I'm traipsing around in Canada with Pat.  The first customer service representative I talked to at Verizon only succeeded in confusing me more and I ended up with signing up for a $25.00 (first 100 MB) "Global Data Plan."  This would eliminate the .89 cent per call for voice and a .50 cent charge to send photos and a .25 cent charge to receive photos.  Confused?  Yes, I was too.  

"I made THAT many calls?"

I called Pat and told him that what I did.  He reminded me that I didn't need to do that, just turn off the roaming feature on my iPhone and use my MacBook Pro (which I'm taking with me) to check my e-mail.  He was right so I called Verizon again.  Back to navigating Menu Hell; finally got a live person and I cancelled the $25 charge.  How much to you want to bet it will still be on my Verizon bill next month?  Oh well, maybe they will surprise me and actually be efficient and competent.  At least the second Verizon representative acted like she didn't mind me asking her questions, unlike the first one who seemed annoyed every time I asked her a question. "What!?" was her standard response.  

So I think I'm ready folks.  Pat's concerned because he is afraid I will be uncomfortable in his minimalist house (or "hoose" as he says).  I think I'll be just find.  I never camped out before.  I'll just make believe I'm camping out.  

Pat's "hoose" 

Should be quite an adventure folks.  More to come.


Ur-spo said...

We turn off our phones for the week while in Canada; the roaming charges are too $$$. Pat would approve of our minimalist living of no nasty cellphones. Why, I walk around looking at people, and I read books !

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ron. You might want to check out , especially those points about being able to convince an immigration officer that you have ties that will take you back to your home country, and enough money for your stay. I'm not sure what they accept or look for, but things like a marriage license, mortgage, deed, car title, bank statements, paystubs, tax returns, etc. come to mind. I know that seems crazy, but I do know of another blogger who was turned away because he couldn't convince them he only planned to visit. His personal and financial situation was very different from yours, though. I'm not trying to freak you out, and others may have better information about this. I just want your trip to be hassle-free. ~~~ NB

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Whenever I move anywhere it is a major operation. Just ask Bill. By the way, I've already turned off my roaming feature on my iPhone. I'm not taking any chances.

Ron said...

These are all good points. However, I think I have enough in my wallet to convince the border guards that I will be returning to the state like my Medicare card, VA card, credit cards, driver's license. I don't think it's necessary to take my marriage license or car title or deed to my house. Yes indeed, the terrorists have won. We are all sufficiently terrorized. Thanks for your suggestions.