Monday, August 18, 2014

Canadian Adventure Day Two - Eat Indian

"Fresh Baked, every day" - Pat and I at the Aroma Cafe in downtown Toronto, Canada

My fabulous Canadian adventure continues folks! I have to admit, the days are starting to run into one another.  Now let's see if I can remember what we did yesterday.

I forget what we did in the morning (use your imagination) but we had lunch at Aroma in downtown Toronto.  Toronto is a huge city with many tall, impressive build
ngs.  Pat showed me one of the lofts he used to live in right in the center of downtown Toronto.

Pat used to live in that penthouse!

Talk about location, location, location . . . he had it with that loft plus he had parking in a below ground garage.  Pat's condo was on the very top floor with a balcony overlooking the street.  No water view folks, but a fabulous people watching view and easy access to all that Toronto has to offer.  I asked him why he moved, he said it was too hard to commute to work.  But he said it would be a fabulous place to live now that he's retired.

Entering downtown Toronto, Canada ("we're not in Rehoboth Kansas anymore Toto")

Pat took me to the new Toronto City hall which was right around the corner.  We went up to the Mayor's office (the famous or infamous Rob Ford) but he wasn't in.

The Mayor was out today - drat!

Then it was back to Pat's present pied tier here in "Tiny Town" Toronto.  Nap time for yours truly.  I didn't get much sleep since I was up 2:30 AM Friday morning for my ride to the Philly airport.  I needed to catch up on my shuteye.

After a very restful nap I was hungry again (Pat doesn't eat as much as I do).  Pat suggested an Inidan restaurant just down the street from where he lives.  We could walk there.

So we took a leisurely stroll down Craven Avenue, stopping along the way to talk to one of Pat's neighbors who had just returned from camping.  They were with their two small daughters.  I just couldn't resist asking them if I could take a photo of them with their lovely children.  See the adorable photos below:

As we neared Indian Town (Indians from India, not a reservation) which is only located three blocks from Pat's house) I could smell the curry wafting in the air.  Women in glittering sari's strolled the streets of Indian Town (not the name but I don't know what it is if there is one).  Swarthy men with casually walked by, engaging in a language that I could not make one word of.

We followed the curry aroma and entered a very plain, tiled floored, crowded, Indian family totally populated typical neighborhood restaurant.  Several of the naturally tanned faces turned to look at the two palefaces entering their restaurant.  All of a sudden I felt so out of place with my Going to the Leather and Western Gay Bar denim jacket and baseball cap.  An image of me wearing a white turban briefly flashed across my feeble mind but quickly disappeared when I realized these were Indians, not Sikhs.  I know some Americans can't tell the difference between a Sikh and a Muslim but I won't go to that rant on this beautiful, fall like, sunny morning as I type this blog posting in Pat's sun drenched living room while he's out doing the laundry (yes folks, Regular life continues while the Tour goes on.

A selfie of me and Pat at Udupi Palace- Indian vegetarian cuisine Toronto, Canada

We were seated and by a very swarthy man straight out of Bollywood and given menus.  Of course I didn't understand one thing on the menu other than the "V" (for vegatarian) next to many entrees.  I asked Pat for a suggestion.  He suggested a dish that was actually eight small dished.  Like a sampler.
IT.WAS.DELICIOUS.  Wow.  My vegan challenge continues with very little sacrifice from me.

Pat planning for tomorrow

Today we're meeting those hardy travelers Dr. Spo and Someone for lunch.  Of course I suggested this restaurant (Udupi Palace, 1460 Gerrard St. East, Toronto, Ontario).  Pat suggested that we try the other Indian restaurant today which is a buffet.  That's what we're going to do, this way we all have more choices to sample Indian cuisine, which we all like.  

I just got a text from Pat (he's at the laundry mat).  Dr. Spo and Someone just left their rented digs at Niagara and are on there way!

The adventure continues!

Later folks!


  1. Ron, it sounds like you're having a fantastic time in Canada and Pat is the perfect host. I'm enjoying the updates and photos. By the way, thanks for sending the article about the people who are taking care of 100 cats. They must be saints. I presently have ten abandoned cats and they're driving me crazy - - but I love them!

    1. Jon,
      Yes, I am having a fantastic time in Canada and Pat is the perfect host. My only problem is that I am afraid I'm wearing him out.

      To me, anybody who rescues animals and especially cats are saints. You are Jon and I thank you for your unselfishness. I know it is a burden to you both financially and the feeling of responsibility.


  2. Ron,
    Please continue blogging when you can. It doesn't matter if you miss the chronology, the important thing is that you continue to enlighten us with your Canadian adventure. I wish you many more good times and good weather.

    1. Jack,
      Yes, I'm afraid I will miss some of the chronology of my Canadian Adventure. Yesterday (and today) was pretty busy. I'll write a short blog before I go to bed tonight. I'll try to catch up tomorrow.

  3. I really think you are having a wonderful time! I can tell by the beautiful simile I see on all those photos. See you later!

    1. Nadge,
      Yesterday was spent with Dr. Spo and Someone at the Toronto Expo. You should have seen the smiles there.

  4. Anonymous7:53 PM

    So very cool! I know this is a grand adventure! Can't wait to see more.

    Peace <3

    1. Jay,
      There is a lot more to post. I hope I can keep up. Today was another full day. Yesterday was with Dr. Spo and Someone at the Toronto Expo, Great fun!

  5. Yes, Indian veggie is fabulous! Although my favourite food of all is Mexican, with Indian there is, in my experience, a much greater range of meat-less available, no doubt in part due to many Hindus (about a half, I think) being totally veggie.

    This Toronto adventure sounds like it's turning out to be the holiday of your life - and I'm hoping that that's what it turns out to have been when it's over (alas!).

    1. Ray,
      Yes Toronto is turning out to be perhaps my best holiday ever. Just fantastic. Every day full of different and interesting things to do. Pat is a gracious and generous host. However, I am wearing him out. Tonight I'm letting him go to bed at a decent hour.


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