Friday, August 01, 2014

Best Potato Salad Ever!

This yummy will please your tummy

Just finished making another batch of my famous Warm Red Potato salad.  Not to brag folks (actually I am), I have to admit I make the BEST potato salad.  I make several different versions of potato salad but this is my absolute FAV.

Ironically, growing up I hated potato salad.  Why? Seems I didn't like the versions that were available to me whilst I was in my knee high to a whipper snapper stage.  My Mom's potato salad, perhaps the worst (for me anyway) was full of onions, green peppers and way too much celery.  The few other potato salads I sampled were at family reunions and they were just about as bad.  God awful, to me anyway.

So here is my recipe.  If you try it, keep in mind that this is a very personal recipe, developed over years of experimentation, misfires, and disasters.

Red Potato Salad

Three large red potatoes 

One diced celery stalk
1/4 cup freshly minced flat leaf parsley
salt to taste
1 cup mayonaisse
2 hardboiled eggs, diced and minced
1 tablespoon French's yellow mustard 
1 tablespoon celery seed
1/3 cup cider vinegar

Cook the potatoes (leaving the skin on) until tender (about 15 minutes)


On a wood cutting board, halve, quarter and eighths the still hot potatoes

Place in aluminum bowl.  

Splash the cider vinegar over all and mix with metal spoon

Mixed in the chopped celery

Sprinkle the salt, celery seed over "vinegared" potatoes

Put a whole gob of mayo over all with about three "squirts" of French's yellow mustard and mix all

Mix in minced parsley and chopped eggs. 

Note:  measurements are estimates.  I usually go overboard with the measurements except for the salt and celery.  Too much celery and you have a "celery salad."  And definitely use French's yellow mustard but be care not to put too much or else you'll have a "Mustard Potato Salad."  You want just a hint of mustard that brings back memories of your childhood family picnic's potato salad.  You can put onions in but I prefer not to, although I like onions.  And definitely DO NOT PUT GREEN PEPPERS IN POTATO SALAD.  That's about as bad as putting shrimp in it.  Gawd awful.  



MAC said...

MMM! I'll have to try it, my son loves potato salad. Does it work well cold too?

Amanda said...

Finally THE recipe for your potato salad. I asked for it about 2 or 3 years ago. It looks delicious and I bookmarked this post.
I also love your banner photo with the gorgeous, colorful cosmos.

Ron said...

That's right, you DID ask for my potato salad recipe. Actually, this is a different one. The one I used to make was with baking potatoes but I prefer this one with red potatoes because it tastes good warm, room temperature or cold. I apologize for not providing you with a recipe sooner. And thanks for the compliment on the banner photo. Funny thing, I didn't plant the cosmos. They came up themselves. Just goes to show beautiful things happen on their own without planning.

Ron said...

What's good about this potato salad is that it is good warm or cold. Try it!

Anonymous said...

Copied and pasted into my recipe files! Yours looks so good! Mine up to this point has sucked. Too much of everything. I will try this one out!

Peace <3

Raybeard said...

Wow! This looks supremely 'divine' - and one of the few times I regret not being able to cook beyond frying or boiling the odd egg. (The fact that I've got zilch interest in expending effort on cooking doesn't help either).
But, out of interest, I'm pleased, and not a little surprised that this concoction seems to have no trace of a certain ingredient which we talked about recently. Not complaining - just keep it like that!

Ur-spo said...

alas with the strict no mayo rule at our house, I don't get to eat these types of potato salad.

Ron said...

I love celery but I tend to put too much in my potato salad. I lowered the amount of celery that I put in this recipe so I would have a "potato salad" instead of a "celery salad" and it came out perfect. On the other ingredients you can increase or lower as to the taste you prefer.

Ron said...

Potato salad is like a lot of recipes, a matter of individual taste. This recipe, that I have developed over time works best for me. I've always been interested in cooking since my earliest memory. I find a good meal very sensual.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
I think I mentioned before, Bill has mayo with every meal. When we shop he buys four jars of mayo. Personally I think he could cut back a bit on the mayo but he won't hear of it. That said, there is a LOT of mayo in this potato salad. Eating it would probably insure a visit to the ER for you and Someone.

Ur-spo said...

Every meal? I like it myself (guilty pleasure) but because it is not good for me, it is in small amounts, here and there.
When Someone is not looking I plan to make this salad.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Just about. He'll open a can of pees and put a couple dabs of mayo on it, stir it up and dig in. Same with a can of carrots. I gave up a long time ago slaving all afternoon, making something with subtle flavors only to have Bill slather it with mayo. He also like to put the salt on . . . . everything. Likes a lot of sugar too. LOTS. Hasn't seemed to harm his health though. Next month he'll be 86 and is apparently healthier than I am.