Tuesday, August 12, 2014

300,000 and Counting

Me on the roof (Mom's home) cleaning the drainage gutter - this photo has nothing to do with the subject of this blog but I thought it was a cool photo

Yesterday I hit a milestone with my blog.  I now have over 300,000 hits on my blog.  Now of course all of those "hits" aren't from folks who are genuinely interested in my blog or what I have to say but still, 300,000 is a lot of hits.  Not page views, but HITS.

I started my blog back in late 2005.  Right about the time I decided to sell our house in Pennsylvania.  I was hesitant at first to start a blog because I didn't know if I had enough to write about.  2,097 posts and nine years later apparently I've had a lot to write about.

During that time I've offended more people than I expected.  I've had to delete a few blogs because of offended sensibilities.  I've lost more than a few friends, including family, who were offended and took personal umbrage from certain blog postings.  

I still receive criticism from "Anonymous" (the latest today) because I dared to use "God" as in "God given talent" when in the same blog posting I reminded my readers that I don't believe in organized religion.  Yes folks, I'm still being monitored for political correctness.  There are those who feel that is their responsibility to try and control my freedom of expression.

During my nine year run of blog postings I've made some really good friends, one especially.  And during that time I've made some friends and then they have drifted away for unknown reasons. Maybe they lost interest in me or I offended them or they just found something more interesting than reading my blog.  Of course I'm saddened when I lose friends but what the hey?  It's their life and their loss, if you don't mind me saying so.

I've suggested to a few friends to start their own blog and I am proud to say that several of them have been quite successful and dare I say even better than my humble blog.  

So here we are today folks.  I'm still plugging along, making friends and offending others.  Hardly a day goes by that I don't blog.  Blogging is part of my life these days friends.  But there will be one day, and it will come, that I will blog no more.  I've already alerted one blogger friend to tell others when Ron is no longer "active."  So fear not friends (and former friends who can't stay away and still read my blog), when the "Retired in Delaware" blogger ceases, you all will know about it.  But in the meantime, I've just begun.  On to a million hits!


Ur-spo said...

congratulations! may there be 300,000 more and then some.

Jon said...

I like the photos but I'm afraid of heights. Really afraid. My roof needed a very minor repair a few months ago. I tired repeatedly to go up and do it myself but I was too scared. I finally hired someone else to do it. What a wimp.

Congratulations on 300,000 hits. I used to keep track of my blog hits but I've lost count. Fewer and fewer people are reading my blog lately - I suppose people can't tolerate too much of a good thing. Yours is one of the very few blogs that is interesting to read.. Just between you and me (*smile*) most blogs are boring.

I started blogging on AOL, probably about twelve years ago (I can't exactly remember). When AOL finally decided to disband their blogs, they recommended that we try Blogger. Blogger is a helluva lot better than AOL was.

Unfortunately, I've often had the same problem as you - - which is unintentionally offending people. I'm really astounded at how many SUPER SENSITIVE people there are. It seems that no matter what you write, someone will inevitably take offense. I recently deleted one of my blog posts because a reader got extremely offended and stopped following my blog. She initially offended me with a very caustic comment and I merely replied (indirectly) in my blog post. It really pissed her off. Well, hell, you can't please everyone.......

As usual, my comment is much too long. Sorry for the rant.

Geo. said...

Happy 300,000, Ron!

WARPed said...

Congrats on 300,000...can you come and clean my gutters, too?



Nadege said...

You shouldn't worry about offending people; it is your blog so don't ever hold back. I like the variety of your subjects. More than ever now, I don't leave comments because someone generally has already commented on my exact thoughts, or I just don't have time. I have so many favorites that I had to move on from some that are kind of boring and repetitive. It is always interesting to read about someone's opinion. (I was thinking of Pat yesterday. I worked on "Bones"; the director looked like Pat and is from Canada too).

Ron said...

Thank you Dr. Spo! Receiving congratulations from you, the premier blogger, I am indeed complimented. A little secret just between us, I use you and your interesting and informative posts as my standard to aspire. You blog with such ease and talent.

Ron said...

First, it is never necessary for you to apologize for a long comment. Never. Whatever you say I find interesting. You have so many facets to your personality, all interesting, even your "rants".

Heights didn't use to bother but much to my surprise they do now. That garage roof is about as high as I can get now. One of my uncles fell off a roof and had brain damage. He ended up in a nursing home for the remaining nine years of his life. I've never forgotten that accident when I'm climbing on a roof, which is (thankfully) very rare these days.

Isn't it interesting Jon how some people are so easily offended by things we say on our blog post? I swear there is a whole legion out there monitoring every frigging thing we say just waiting to pounce. By the way, I've never seen anything in your blog posts that would offend anyone except maybe the Obama rants but I understand your frustration with him and the Democrats. I used to feel the same way about that Dems but now with today's version of the Republican party, who aren't really Republicans in my opinion, they have my ire. I won't go into all the reasons I dislike the Republicans (not enough space) but the main reason is that they want to make me, as a gay man, a second class citizen. Until they get over that obsession I would never consider supporting any Republican.

Thank you Jon for your gracious compliment on my blog. Like you, I'm just myself. I know some find that boring but I'm glad I have friends like you who find me and my life interesting. Thanks again!


Ron said...

Thank you Geo.!

Ron said...

Thank you Andy. Clean your gutters? Sure! Name the time and place. :)


Ron said...

I know I shouldn't worry about offending people but I guess it's in my DNA to want everyone to like me. But at my age I should realize that no matter what, there are people who aren't going to like me for whatever reasons from snobbery to jealousy. I know what kind of person I am and if they can't see that, then it is their loss.
No problem with you not leaving many comments. I understand.

Say, I would really be very interested (and Pat is too) to know the name of the director of "Bones" that you worked with that looked like Pat. Pat is a real sweetheart. But I guess you know that already. :)

pat888 said...

Hey Ron - another late reply from yours truly. But yes - way to go on 300,000. That's amazing! A big number.
I have heard of Bones but not having a tv I haven't seen it. But speaking of films/tv and Toronto - I stopped by with a lot of other people on a downtown street in Toronto last Sunday to watch a bit of the filming of Pixels with Adam Sandler. All the flags on the boulevard were American and then I saw an ambulance which let us know we were supposed to be Washington DC.

TIFF Toronto International Film Festival is soon so there will be plenty of folks up from Hollywood. It takes place after you leave Ron but we could probably run into some of them that will already be here.


Ron said...

I am so looking forward to visiting Toronto and seeing where "Queer as Folk" was filmed (making believe Toronto was Pittsburgh, which I spotted the differene right away). Maybe we'll see some stars in addition to Dr. Spo and Someone.